if I haven’t said it enough he’ll say it

again I’m nothing without Jesus he saved

me by his death and Resurrection I have

been redeemed I’m Sonic perfect but I’m

so fully forgiven I am praying tonight

for anyone who needs a miracle in their

life may God intervene I am praying

tonight for anyone who needs a miracle

in their life may God intervene the

older I yet the more grateful I am for

answered prayers always pray to have

eyes that see the best in people A Heart

That Forgives the worst am m i n d that

forgets the bad and a soul that never

loses faith in God if the devil can’t

defeat you he will try to distract you

be careful with anything that pulls your

attention away from Jesus even broken

crayons still color don’t give up God is

not done with you yet I don’t deserve



chances God has already given tone

nor do I deserve the next ones but here

he is always by my side thank you God

dear God tonight I’m praying for those

without a bed a roof above their head

clothing and food I pray you cover those

who are feeling the bitter cold you know

their needs please touch them with your

love and bless them with your mercy amen

the devil wants you to focus on your

struggle Jesus wants you to focus on

yourself ation dear Jesus please slow me

down so I can better hear your voice

thank God today for removing you from

the situations that you weren’t strong

enough to remove yourself from strong no

my friend I am far from it what you’re

seeing is simply a weak person with a

very strong God I like to listen to my

Jesus music loud enough too where I

can’t hear the enemy squawking at me

dear Lord please keep working on me I

know I’m still broken in a work in

progress booty trust you with my entire

life amen wait on God not because it’s

easy but because it will be worth it God

is never late we are just impatient no

person and nothing can prevent God from

doing what he is going to do in your

life stop overthinking if it’s God’s

will it’ll happen and nothing will stop

it if it’s not he has a better plan have

peace in knowing that someone else might

be praying tonight for things you take

for granted stay humble and pray for

them God can fix the broken parts of

your life you just need to give him all

the pieces if you really want to be like

Jesus be the one who stays when everyone

else walks away they the one who

forgives even when it’s undeserved be

the one who shows Grace when everyone

else is casting Stones be the one to

show love even when they betray you cuz

that’s who Jesus is this world feels

especially broken right now it needs

Jesus now am nor than ever if you are a

Christian know that in the dirtiest and

most embarrassing parts of your life you

are still loved by God he loves you more

than you love yours in he understands

you are too weak to fight it alone run

to him and repent of those things he

will love you through it Lord thank you

for putting me on the Tuesday wakeup

list today God’s mercies are new each

morning so rest easy tonight knowing

that tomorrow is another beginning Jesus

is still King even though the world acts

like he isn’t in my life I have learned

that there are blessings behind the

scenes every struggle there is pain with

every change there are dreams that turn

into you anwered prayers there is

sunshine after each storm there is

always a season for everything and a

breakthrough in every heartbreak run to

Jesus don’t walk run everything else in

this world will fail and disappoint you

Jesus never will you aren’t called to be

your child’s Savior Jesus is only one

capable of that job so our primary role

as parents is to point our kids to him

show them Jesus Through Your Love your

words and your example go to God’s word

for guidance and when you mess up

because we all do don’t run from God

instead run to him and rest in the power

of his promises and the beauty of his

grace May the one who loves you

infinitely light your path today dear

God I want to take a minute not to ask

for anything from y but simply say thank

you for all I have the safest pacy do be

at the end of the day is in the presence

of God pray each night before you Lord

prepare me for what I’m praying for

don’t worry everything is going to be

all right maybe not right this second

but God makes everything beautiful in

his time focus more on the future that

God has laid out for you than the past

that the devil had a hold of you in

don’t worry about the people God removed

from your life he heard heard

conversations you didn’t he saw things

you couldn’t he made Moves you wouldn’t

one day soon you’ll wake up in the

weight of the last few weeks months or

even years will be lifted off your

shoulders you can’t control when that

day will be all you can do is trust God

and have faith it is coming life is

short death is sure sin is the cause

Jesus is the cure what God knows about

you is more important than what others

think about you firmly believe that God

knows saved my life Lord please put a

shield around NY friends and family

today wrap them with love and protection

amen stop ignoring God talk to him

tonight before you go to sleep love the

people that God gave you because he will

need them back one day this morning put

down your phone and pick up your Bible

it makes


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