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today you have a strong message from

Lord my little one stop stressful I will

take care of you know what I will

paintings on the problems which have

induced you such tension I will make a

root for you I will open doorways for

need you to stay focused on me and

accept as true with you I me I need you

to be patient even as you wait on me I

love you more than you know and I will

take care of the entirety for

you l can change that scenario that

tears pain and sleepless nights you’re

experiencing are making you stronger I

am working at all collectively for the

suitable even though it does not feel

suitable hold directly to my unchanging

hand I am usually with you like this

video your faith is

determination in Bible verce Luke

always says but the crowds discovered

about it and followed him he welcomed

them and spoke to them about the kingdom

of God and healed folks that waste

recuperation my lovely kids forgiveness

is at the heart of my message to

humanity i s my son Jesus Christ to die

at the move for your sins so that you

can be forgiven and reconciled to me if

you confess your sins to me I am

trustworthy and simply to forgive you

and cleanse you from all

unrighteousness I do now not keep your

sins in opposition to you however I

offer you my grace and

mercy I additionally want you to realize

that I name you to forgive others as I I

have forgiven you forgiveness isn’t

always continually clean however it

Smiles necessary on your very own

well-being and for the properly being of

others so my infant I inspire you to

return to me with a humble and contrite

heart confess your sins and get hold of

my forgiveness and I additionally

encourage you to increase the that same

forgiveness to others just as I actually

have extended it to you God says right

why yes if you want my truthful

blessings dear God I just want to use

this moment to give you praise for who

you are you are a great God a good

father a merciful ruler thank you for

always looking out for me I am truly

grateful and jous name I pray

amen my child open your mind and

coronary heart your complete being to

receive my love in complete degree so

many of my kids limp via their lives

starved for love due to the fact they

haven’t discovered the art of receiving

this is basically an act of faith

believing that I love you with boundless

eternal love the artwork of receiving is

likewise a feel schooling your mind to

believe me coming near me with self

assurance remember that the evil one is

the father of Lies learn to understand

his misleading intrusions into your

thoughts one of his preferred deceptions

is to below mind your selief in my

unconditional love fight return against

those lies do now not allow them to move

unchallenged resist the Satan in my name

and he will sink far away from you draw

close to me and me presence will envelop

you in love let me anoint you with my

presence I am king of kings and Lord of

lords dwelling in unapproachable light

when you draw near to me I respond via

coming closer to you as my presence

envelops you you could sense overwhelm

by way of my power and

Glory this is a form of worship sensing

your smallness in contrast to my

greatness man has tended to make himself

the measure of all matters but man’s

measure is to Tiny to comper and my


vastness that is why most people do do

not see me in any respect despite the

fact that they stay and circulate and

feature there being in me enjoy the

radiant Splendor of my presence declare

my superb being to the

arena if you have confidence in Lord

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individual always keep in mind dear

child go gently through this day keeping

guys on me I will open up the way

earlier than you as you are taking steps

of accept as true with along your path

sometimes the way earlier than you

appears to be

blocked if you cognizance at the

obstacle or Lo for manner round it you

will probably burst off rout instead

Consciousness on me the shepherd who is

M you along Inside Your Life

Adventure before you know it the

obstacle can be in the back of you and

you will hardly ever recognize how you

surpassed through it that is the secret

of achievement in my state although you

continue to be privy to the scene

International around you your primary

awareness is of me when the road earlier

than you looks Rocky you can AP is true

with me to get you via that difficult

patch my presence enables you to stand

each day with

self-belief type if you

agree listen carefully you’ll

nevertheless have a few awful days weeks

perhaps and inside the worst case you

will have some horrific months but you

have to apprehend that happiness comes

in waves and there there has never been

an ocean completely

Frozen you’re making development and I

am extremely pleased with you for your

energy and perseverance it would

possibly get worse but I need you to

agree with that subsequently it’s going

to get higher it constantly

does your boom is not defined by your

bad days you are not described by your

bad days you are mild and because of

your Darkness you already know how to

shine even

brighter take all the time you need to

attempt from the area you are in now

everything is temporary and even then

darkest times will pass you’ll be

excellent do not forget that stay

faithful inside the Wilderness Beautiful

Soul there is a reward W past thebroken

season it might appearance unpleasant

but the God we serve can flip it round

in an on the spot don’t surrender

wish a mustard seed of faith is all you

need to flow the mountain o of Hope

can spark Miracle he’s the god of

Miracles your prayers and Silent Cries

are bottled in heaven and sealed with

soft love and care as he works it

out know that this is all a manner

healing doesn’t come overnight it’s K to

cry and fall apart you do not should act

like you evolve it collectively it hurts

see wa is

painful what took place to you wasn’t K

and you do not have to act find it

irresistible become fall apart and Let

Jesus have it all let him take your pain

and turn it into something high

quality type how man if you

believe God is saying great things are

coning for you things are breaking down

and aligning out in your labor to gain

your goals all of that is preparing you

for something

magical it is a brand new month I didn’t

convey you this sistance to depart you

forget about what befell remaining month

I’m doing a brand new aspect trust me

nowadays and continually I will guide

you through every scenario that you will

face you may not recognize what’s coming

but you could trust me be affected

person I’m doing extra for your life

than you can

see type Jesus’s Supreme King now

now and without faith it’s far not

possible to Thrill God due to the fact

all people who involves him must trust

that he exists and that he rewards

individuals who earnestly are seeking

for him Hebrews

dear listener join this prayer

with me and repeat after me oh dear lord

we are grateful for the breath of

Lifestyles you give us each day we are

espcially thankful for this new life in

our lives nowadays we pray these days

towards any generational ancestral

horbal birth

defects only you are nature and what you

are saying goes we put the life of this

toddler on your hands noways whatever


irregularity which could rise within

this life we burn it down in jesus’ name

whatever hereditary defect that may also

exist in the genes of this baby we bind

in Jesus

amen if this toddler picked up a illness

in the course of its beginning we

correct it in the coal of Jesus let all

this is bodally in crack with this child

be made spiritually proper via your

energy let your residing Spirit raise

any dead cells that can be on this


brain let the blood of Jesus fill the

veins of this perfect gift be the beat

of their heart be the air in their

nostrils keep depend of all the hairs on


body let your angels be their manual we

resist any evil switch from The

ancestral world to this infant within

the strong call of Jesus thank you Lord

for answering our prayer

amen type amen if you believe and we

will try to make you feel good for

always and possibly even click the super

thank button to make gift we would

really appreciate it

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