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today Lord is speaking you I am keeping

a file of everything that needs to been

yours I recognize what you fail to get I

saw you running tough raising your kids

and making

sacrifices I noticed you taking the

remedy keeping an amazing mindset

praising me while it wasn’t enhancing

Don’t Fear the answers are coming I am

going to repair the years that you’ve

misplaced an unbelievable and

unexplainable blessing is coming your

manner I am settling the score I am

giving you again the whole thing the

enemy has stolen remember I have the

very last say don’t

surrender remember John

says peace I go away with you my

peace I give you you I do not give it to

you as the sector gives do know longer

allow your hearts to be concerned and do

not be

afraid Jesus says type yes if you’ve ACR

the free

will my pricey child I understand that

trade is a constant and vital a part of

life however I additionally know that

alternate may be hard and

unsettling but do not worry for I am

here to consolation and guarantee you

that your desire and my love will remain

unwavering my love for you is

Everlasting and unchanging and it’ll

constantly be a supply of power and

luxury for you in instances of

uncertainty remember that even inside

the midst of Exchange change I am with

you continually you are never alone and

my love will continually manual you

through any demanding situations that

come your

manner type I love you

father so preserve on in your hope my

baby and agree within my love with me by

using your aspect you can face any

alternate with self assurance and

braveness and always recall that I am

being attentive to your prayers and I

will always be right here to Aid and


you may my love fill your coronary heart

with peace and hope and can you usually

locate Comfort inside the knowledge that

I am with

you I encourage you to subscribe to this

Channel and became a part of this

community of believers

according to God trust me in the depths

of your being it is there that I stay

and study communion with you when you

feel flustered and frazzled at the

outdoor do not get disappointed with

yourself you are best human and the

swirl of occasions occurring all around

you once in a while feel overwhelming

rather than scolding yourself on your

humanness remind yourself that I am each

with you and within you I am with you

always encouraging and sub effective in

preference to

condemning I recognize that deep inside

you where I stay my peace is your

persistent Revel in slow down your pace

of dwelling for a Time Quiet your mind

in my presence then you will be capable

of listen me bestowing the resurrection

blessing peace be with

you typow man if you believe in Jesus

Christ as you sit quietly in my presence

do not forget that I am a god of

abundance I will by no means run out of

assets my capacity to bless you is

unlimited you stay in a global of supply

and call for we in a essential things

are regularly

scarce even in case you for my part have

sufficient you spot poverty inside the

international around you it is

impossible so one can comprehend the

lavishness of my Provisions the fullness

of my superb riches through spending

time in my presence you are advantage

glimpses of my overflowing

vastness these glimpses are tiny

forecasts of what you will en jooy Adali

in heaven even now you have cut get

right of Entry to two as plenty of me as

you have got religion to acquire rejoice

in my abundance dwelling with the aid of

religion now not by

sight to accept it with belief please


here are five things presently

desires you to recognize

this one the time has come to take

Lifestyles at a slower pace and that’s

exactly what you allave to do enjoy the

employer of these you adore and always

remember the appropriate

instances two you’ve had an excellent

run and that’s something to be happy

with good luck in your future endeavors

you’re going to do just

satisfactory three retirement is an

interesting time for you just ensure

your pleasure does not get the quality

of you and you get bored sitting at the

sofa all day get available and enjoy


retirement four it has been a real honor

serving with you you’ve constantly been

a person that I’ve looked as as much as

and I will always take into account the

time we spent together here at the

station five you have served this

organization for many years and now it’s

time to Revel in your properly earned

retirement may you find the peace you

deserve please write

if you agree and hit the like

button if you truly believe in Lord

the God Jesus are keeping watch I sense

strongly to encourage you all to truly

pay attention this week don’t be

ignorant of the enemy’s devices don’t

let the accuser of the Brethren have

greater real property in your mind than

your Advocate

Jesus the enemy as a deceiver mendacity

is his local tongue he simplest involv

theve killan damage don’t permit worry

to sabotage your faith don’t permit what

you don’t know about the future to

eclipse what you do recognize about

God don’t permit a temporary setback to

weaken your remedy to finish don’t allow

someone else’s schedule to thwart God’s

motive in your existence don’t allow

every person else’s phrases to have more

energy to your existence than God’s word

does you are who God says you’re you can

do what God says you can do you may be

who God says you can

be to frequently is easy to get stuck in

a rut doing the equal aspect the same

manner again and again each day but if

we’re going to live at our absolute best

we must continuously be growing and

sharpening our

abilities we need to strive to learn and

develop each unmarried day due to the

fact when you stop studying you stop

developing when you prevent growing you

forestone dwelling what are you doing

too stretch yourself what are you doing

to improve your

competencies you have been created for

greater than Simply Having verage today

is a new day and there are new heights

on the way to climb pursue what you like

and keep growing that place of your

existence take a class or find a mentor

in order to assist you live

skillfully as you do you will upward

push up higher and better you will stand

earlier than leaders and rulers and

you’ll stay the Blessed Lifestyles God

has and keep for

you comment amen if you

agree say to people who are fearful

hearted be robust do you no longer fear

behold your God will include Vengeance

but the recompense of God he will come

and save you Isaiah

attention listener join this prayer

with me and say it with me

oh mighty one I bow my head and coronary

heart earlier than you I Praise You In

Your Everlasting Love and goodness you

are affected person and your mercy is

eternal I realize that I make errors as

I try and stay for you and but you

lovingly show me wherein I need to

develop thank you for extending

forgiveness when I ask God L am sorry

that my prayer life has on occasion been

one-sided please forgive me for not


intently I confess that I need to do

better and I ask you to help me God I

come to you with prayer request for

myself my family and my friends I ask

you to preserve all and Sury secure and


as I quiet my thoughts now teach me to

listen your

voice sometimes I permit the hustle and

bustle of Lifestyles or the nose of the

enemy take my interest away from you and

your word I pray that you help me to

hear you more really when I listen you

speak I am comforted Dan lifted Speak

Lord I open my heart to Handy’s youw

like a sheep I want my shepherd as I

observe your word these days permit your

words feed me calm me and shed light on

my course I give up on your will in

Jesus call pray

amen we sincerely thank you for your

time we would be really grateful if you

like our videos and would want to

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