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God is speaking to you right now sweet

kids the quit of each scenario may not

be what you watch or what others say in


existence when the Israelites got here

in front of the Red Sea the notion that

is their quit they thought there isn’t

any manner of escaping from Pharaoh’s

hand but I

said I said to Moses to enhance his


and stretch out his hand over the sea to

divide the water so that the Israelites

can go through the sea on dry

ground in the same manner the whole

thing will occur on your life Styles as

what I says it will simply give you the

blessing have religion in

me like the video if you have faith
Have Faith


Lord in the Bible verses say Galatians

– always says but the fruit of the

spirit is love pleasure peace

forbearance kindness goodness

faithfulness gentleness and strength of

mind my child as you walk your religion

Journey realize that I am usually with

you even while you experience lost or

unsure I am right here to guide you and

show you the way trust in my love and

recognize that I will in no way abandon

you hope is a powerful pressure that

permits you to conquer any impediment it

is the light that shines within the

darkness and the power that continues


going keep your religion robust and let

wish be your anchor with way wish you

may face something that comes your

way remember that your adventure isn’t

always just about accomplishing your

destination however also approximately

the experiences and lessons you learn

alongside the

way Embrace each second and believe that

the whole lot occurs for a purpose with

hope and religion to your heart you may

constantly find your

way I love you my toddler and I am

pleased with the character you are

becoming keep taking walk your faith

Journey with desire on your heart and

realize that I am usually right here for

you God says enter y if you want to

experience my

peace a firm I am calm and comfortable I

launch all pent up anger and anxiety

from my being I am secure I am loved I

am valued I am

appreciated I am satisfy I breathe in

love and exhale anxiety I am in an

amazing place and my life styles right

now and I am glad with the course

wherein I’m going I am at peace with who

I am and in which I

am supreme claims when we live in peace

and solidarity it pleases God when we

love and serve others putting their

needs above our own we’re honoring

him when we carry each difference

burdens we’re pleasurable the regulation

of Christ that’s to like others what

does it mean to hold each difference

burdens there are many methods to attain

out to human beings and help shoulder

their load so to talk just by using

giving an encouraging word or smile you

can help light in the load for a

person when you pray and intercede for
Light in the Load

others of their day of issue you’re

assisting to carry their burdens maybe

their other approaches to assist the

people around you maybe you could pay

for a person’s groceries or give a

person corns on the fuel

pump anytime you assist others and reach

out to the ones in want scripture says

you’re immediately lending a hand to God

himself today search for methods to

lighten the burden for the human beings


you be a burden lifter remember in God’s

country what you sow you shall reap when

you assist others God promises to repay

you heal poor out his victory and

blessing on you all the days of your

existence typ I love you
I Love You

father every time you method my throne

of grace my heart overflows with love

that pours out over your existence I

have not withheld my kindness

from you for even a second come close

and flavor my fresh Mercy

again let your heart unfold in the light

of my glory and goodness my faithfulness

has marked every piece of your story and

it’s for nonetheless at

work when you sense discouragement set

in draw close to and let me raise it

like a veil you will see that my truth

brings a refreshing attitude to even the


cruestv vage my want turn to me and I

will show you that I am already as proud

as I’ll ever be you’re inclined and

pliant heart is a sworn statement of my

existence in yours every look my way and

every consideration of my word brings me

first straight

Joy even while you doubt your personal

goodness I do now not you reflect me

inside the ways you reach out and love


self-sacrifice I am usually molding you
I Do Now

to my picture child and your freedom is

increasing as you spot my kindness knit

into your being drink deeply of my

delight these

days to receive it WR then send

this Divine message to nine people who

believe in

Lord listen carefully in the herbal it

does not make sense that you may have

more if you give more but God’s kingdom

operates on the principle of sewing and

reaping this is one among the first

matters he mounted with Adam and even

the Book of

Genesis he said as lengthy because the
Seed Time

Earth stays there could be seed time and

harvests we ought

to understand that the entirety we want

in this Lifestyles has been given to us

in seed shape we set the blessing of God

into Motion in our lives when we plant

the one of seeds and deliver what we’ve

got Galatians tells us that something we

sow we will gain seeds produce after

their personal type if you sow apple

seeds you obain apple trees if you sow

kindness and blessings you achieve

kindness and blessing in the

future if you seow economic seeds you’ll

acquire a monetary Harvest today no

matter what you need you’ve got it and

Seed form ask the Holy Spirit to reveal

you how to plant and water that seed

trust him because he is faithful to his

word know that while you give it’s going

to come back to you an extra degree when

you supply extra you have greater so so

a seed and watch what God will

do I encourage you to subscribe to this
Tension Fears

Channel and became a part of this

community of

Believers God says my valuable little

heart it is not really worth your tears

these concerns tension fears they may be

simplest clouds that try to disguise

your radiant

mild remember toddler all those problems

are already solved

in time I will display you the way it

turns out however for now don’t forget

its stormy

Journey move in the direction of knowing
I Am With You

which you can pass the mountains and

stroll on water for I am with you I will

fortify you and I will assist you I will

usually uphold You by way my proper hand

I love you my little

sunshine I will explain them what they

did and said incorrect you do not need

to justify yourself neither do you want

to judge them if they preserve hurting

you Proclaim your confidence in me and

that I will take care of

it by doing so you gain back the peace

enemy tried to steal from you and

witness my Powers at work trust me

toddler I am with you and I will not

allow anybody to put a hand on you doubt

you receiving it by typing

in the equal manner allow your light

shine before others that they may see

your excellent deeds and glorify your

father in Heaven Matthew

– Dear Lester join this prayer with

me and repeat after after me dear God I

humbly recognize and honor you as the

perfect ruler of all Advent all matters

are below your

ft please eliminate the spiritual Veil

that has hindered my capacity to fully

exercising The Authority you have

entrusted to me I ask for religious

insight and Revelation to triumph over

all dark Ness and schemes from the

enemy teach me to perceive and put off

any hindrances and pleasant your motive

for my life I pray for knowhow and

discernment to apprehend the lies of the

enemy and update them with your

fact guide and wreck me as I confront

the darkish religious forces that have

impacted my lifestyles

and people I love I rebuke Satan and all

his demons within the name of Jesus

affirming that he has no power over me

my family my thoughts my emotions or my

will as I develop in my prayer existence

I pray for energy and braveness to

reclaim the whole lot that the enemy has

stolen from me starting with my joy God

please protect me and send angels to

protect me at all times as I stay in my


authority thank you for your unfailing

love faithfulness and the victory that

is already mine via Jesus Christ

amen thank you for watching this

powerful message and sending your

precious time with me I hope this divine

message cheers you up and if you want

you can donate us through super


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