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God is saying my beloved child you are

fearfully and splendidly made in my

picture embrace your specialty for I

even have proficienced you with

abilities and competencies to make a

superb effect in the world

let your mild shine brightly and do now

not be afraid to proportion the love and

style that I actually have poured into

your heart please pay attention to the

next eight minutes as they have the

power to transform your life watch this

video Until the End and don’t skip it

trust me dear child your heartfelt

prayer for strength and support has

reached my Divine ears I want you to

know that your compassion and dedication

to caring for your loved ones with

special needs is truly remarkable

your selfless efforts do not go

unnoticed and I am here to guide and

comfort you on this journey I understand

the challenges you face and the weight

that rests upon your shoulders

in times of exhaustion and doubt

remember that I Am with You granting you

the inner strengths to carry on your

love and care bring light to their lives

and your resilience inspires those

around you

Lord says type y-e-s if you want to be a

light in the Darkness

know that your sacrifices are

acknowledged and celebrated in the

heavens just as a caregiver nurtures

their charges I to watch over and

nurture you embrace the moments of Joy

No matter how small and find solace in

the connections you forge

You Are Not Alone on this path reach out

to others who share your journey and

together you can create a web of support

that sustains and uplifts and your

moments of solitude feel my presence as

a soothing presence reminding you that

your efforts are making a profound


if you agree God’s words then share this

video who is closest to your heart

continue to ask for strength when you

need it and remember that you are

cherished your love and care radiate

like a beacon and your prayers have been

answered with a Divine embrace you are a

beacon of light and your dedication

brings blessings beyond measure

if you have faith in God right amen

Jesus claims remember forgetting certain

events in life isn’t always simple just

like Naomi and Ruth who mourned their

husbands loss felt solitude

choose not to let adversity Define them

instead they entrusted their paths to me

and forged ahead


instances in your own Journey May linger

involving people or other experiences

consider Ruth’s example her ability to

move forward shaped her Destiny

preventing her from forfeiting thy

blessings I had in store understand the

trials I permit aren’t fueled by disdain

but by Deep affection as your Divine

parent my desire is for your ultimate

fulfillment even your past was part of

my intricate blueprint

guiding you toward the blessings and

purpose I’ve woven in tour


Embrace trust over self-reproach and

apprehension let go just as Ruth did and

confidently stride into the destiny of

artfully orchestrated for you your

journey forward hinges on unwavering

faith in me dispelling blame and worry

if you desire Miracles watch this video

all the way through to the end type amen

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dear child I’m giving you Adorn to run

the race and end properly starting the

race as the smooth element however

persevering with is the challenge with

me you can do all things I am with you


speak five lines every morning loudly


I am worthy of Love success and


two I embrace change and Trust In the

Journey of Life three I am confident

capable and resilient in all that I do

four I attract abundance and

opportunities into my life

five I am grateful for every moment and

look forward to the future with


type yes if you think God is my savior

heavenly father I wish to express my

gratitude to you thank you for blessing

me with my family dot thank you for the

valuable lessons I’ve received thank you

for the opportunities that have come my


thank you for the gift of Life you’ve

given me I acknowledge that I might not

always show enough gratitude and for

that I apologize

please guide me to remain mindful of my

blessings amidst the distractions of

this world dot in the name of Jesus I

pray amen

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believe in God listen carefully at times

we might feel overlooked despite our

efforts wondering why recognition eludes

us yet such instances could signify

God’s purposeful concealment Embrace

these phases trusting and divine timing

and wisdom

God readies us for unique role through

these hidden periods shaping us

profoundly trials fortify our spirit for

future tasks refining our intentions and


have faith in this process for it molds

us for how better Matan God’s glory

ultimately when breakthrough arrives our

inner growth will anchor us we’re ragged


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oh Lord Jesus bless the upcoming week as

I enter this week with faith I trust

that regardless of the challenges of the

past week your mercies are renewed each


while things might not unfold exactly as

expected remind me that the joy of the

Lord empowers me with strength peace and

hope even amidst uncertainty in Jesus

name amen

attention please remain patient my

timing is flawlessly orchestrated and

I’ve prepared something special for you

rest assured your admiration for it is


take a step back and watch those around

you not everyone has your success in

mind guard your aspiration plans and

next steps closely revealing too much

about yourself could be used against you

hindering your potential for greatness

to cater to their own happiness

God declares if you want my blessings

type yes

the Divine message conveys the need for

Preparation as the current situation is

not lasting anticipate blessings and

breakthroughs with an assurance of

increased Prosperity beyond your salary

and normal income expect sudden positive

changes in your life

in Bible verse John says such was

the depth of God’s love for the world

that he bestowed his unique son upon it

whoever places their faith in him will

not face destruction but instead will

gain everlasting life

type yes if you think God is my savior

I have a wonderful plan for your life I

am guiding your path and even if you

don’t always grasp the how rest assured

your circumstances are not unexpected to

me I will range every aspect to your

benefit my timing is Flawless everything

will be okay

type thank you God and if you believe in

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