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says Jesus Proclaim my beloved child I

Never Promised You an easy existence

Beauty did promise you a fulfilled life

there is certainly a destiny desire for

you and your desire will not be reduced

off so have a good time always pray all

the time and thank me regardless of what

happens because I form formed you so

something Seasons your in it will likely

be as per my plan and as consistent with

my will so don’t be

demanding sometimes you may now not

recognize a few things however what you

want to apprehend and understand is who

I am and is there something impossible

to me so you have got a

preference if you have faith in God

please please watch this

video either you could Awareness on what

you failed to apprehend or you may

discover pleasure in what you probably

did understand so start looking for the

goodness of Mind dot in spite of the

circumstance maybe the door receives

closed on one possibility due to the

fact I even have something better in

shop that you have to walk VI

exceptional door in order to get right

of Entry to it when something doesn’t

pass your manner remind yourself of my

song record and start looking for the

subsequent possibility with a purpose to

uncover My ultimate plan through the

process I am all the time faithful and

may be depended

on always keep in mind you have got the

promise of my changeless SU omnipotence


faithfulness so do not be anxious as a

substitute simply agree with me share

this video with seven individuals who

believe and Lord by typing Jesus as Lord

in the comment box in Bible verse


– says for I know the plans I even

have for you announces the Lord plans to

prosper you and no longer to damage you

plans to offer you desire and a destiny

here are six things presently Lord

desires you too recognize this

today one A Change Is Coming two God

will re on opportunities to find you

three unexpected blessings are coming

your way

four you will suddenly meet proper

individual five suddenly you may have

sufficient to pay off all your payments

and do something extra for your loved

ones six God is moving things in your

prefer God declares if you want my


typs affirm I am status Neto of

readability I am emulating my first

class self and attracting Bings in

reaction my slate is clean my canvas is

blank my spirit is fresh I am geared up

for this

alteration I am walking in the course

that feels right to my soul my internal

manual knows where to move I am coming

into a brighter area and embracing every

second d of my growth I observed the key

to my happiness it turned into me all

along typa man if you agree Sweet Child

I Your Divine determine am am here too

embody you with unconditional love and

knowledge I actually have heard your

heartfelt prayer for energy to triumph

over dependency and negative

behavior and I I need you to recognize

that I am by using your facet guiding

you every step of the manner you are not

by myself on this journey for I am here

to uplift and Empower you I apprehend

the struggles you face the battles

within yourself that appear

insurmountable but bear in mind my

infant I have bestowed upon you the gift

of resilience and internal energy

you own the strength to conquer any

obstacle that stands to your

direction type God is alongside me and

send it to your love once while watching


video Dear child know that I See Your

Capacity your innate goodness and the

light that shines inside you I agree

within you

wholeheartedly even when you could doubt

yourself trust in my unwavering religion

for your capacity to heal and

transform in times of weak spot or

Temptation call upon me and I shall

provide you with the fortitude to

withstand negative urges seek solace in

prayer meditation or any practice that

connects you in your internal

Divinity allow my Divine energy to glide

through through you filling each cell of

your being with courage and backbone

receive it by typing

remember my infant that setbacks are

a part of the adventure do no longer be

disheartened in case you stumble along

the manor I am right here to provide

forgiveness and sparkling begin each

time you need it Embrace every day as an

opportunity for boom and renewal I love

you unconditionally without judgment

together we shall conquer addiction and

adverse conduct trust in yourself

believe in me and trust in the Limitless

energy of love you are stronger than you

recognize my child and victory is within

your grasp type how man if you have

faith in God for my thoughts are not

your thoughts neither are your

approaches my ways proclaims the Lord as

the heavens are higher than the earth so

are my approaches better than your ways

and my thoughts more than your thoughts

Isaiah –

God claims hold yourself to a better

widespread each day your circle of

relatives friends and co-workers all

look to you for their cues be aware to

boost cration in every room you input

trust me and La Cross greatness is in

your DNA each day you have got a brand

new threat to broaden new thoughts

attain for brand new goals and overcome

new mountains you have something unique

you have greatness within

you you faced much this year I

understand many thoughts occupy your

mind right now your family your Serenity

your finances and your career it seems

like the worlds burdens are on your

shoulders always know you’re not alone

share your concerns with me through

prayer I’ll supply for you I’ll pave a

path for you Heaven’s support is with

you don’t fret I’ve got your back if you

desire Miracles watch this video all way

through to the end today God wants to

talk to you you must daily be prepared

to combat for faith in these perilous

times no one will accidentally complete

their race and course uni purpose

tenacity resilience courage and focus

believing God’s truth trth over the

enemies lies requires effort

prioritizing your god-given purpose over

preferences demands strength holding on

to God’s promises when your world

crumbles takes Faith standing firm in

solitude requires conviction fulfilling

your calling even if

unappreciated necessitates radical

commitment to please God be willing to

be misunderstood or misrepresented with

humility stay on course Jesus is

deserving join this prayer with me and

repeat after me heavenly father I ask

what you blessed veran watching this

video right now protect them vicinity

prefer in their lives increase their

price range menend their Broken Hearts

and Spirits heal any troubles they may

have of their

Fitness Lord allow them to understand

that you may bring them through any

State of Affairs because you’re an

awesome God and if you carry us to it

you may convey us through it forgive us

for our sins we thank you in

advance enter

to if you agree Almighty father I pray

one Thessalonians over my existence

simply as Paul prayed it over the

Thessalonians Lord permit me to grow and

Excel in your items of Grace religion

desire Holiness humility

information spiritual joy and energy as

only you could

do father please open my coronary heart

so I may overflow in love for everyone

norly but body or full I desire to grow

and Excel in tenderness warm temperature

intimacy and attachment towards all Lord

fill me with your heart help me see the

ones around me that want your love the

most and use me to polish your light

into their lives in jesus’ name

amen Jesus has spoken I noticed what

they did to you I felt you handling it

in silence and hurt I watched how they

hated and tried to spoil you I realize

it allall but I kept you in watch over

you I even have prepared a table within

the presence of your enemies this is

your season for blessings favor and

breakthroughs life’s journey is often

full of unexpected twists and

turns sometimes smooth sailing and other

times detours but know this I’m by your

side through every path supporting you

during Rocky times and celebrating with

you in moments of Joy wherever you go

remember I am with you through it all it

is necessary that you become a

subscriber of our Channel because our

work is to bring happiness in your life

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