today God wants to say something to you from the heart to loveed children don’t

dwell on the past or feel sorry for it by considering the resentment you are

now feeling you are where you should be according to my

will the Israelites complained against me and expressed sorrow for leaving

Egypt when they saw the Crimson sea it would be better they reason to remain in

Egypt however they overlooked the fact that the one who guided them to the Red

Sea was also the one who created it which made them lament their current

situation when they saw what was in front of them they forgot what I had

promised remorse for the past May sometimes arise from the

present it might lead you to believe that things would have turned out

differently if you had done that or gone through that process you could worry

about the things I already reserved for you which might make you regret the

past you are aware that I have a reason and a plan for everything I will lead

you to your blessing just as I led the Israelites over the Red Sea and into to

the promised Lan thus begin to trust me rather than fretting an dwelling on your

circumstances and regrets from the past like the video of assurance in

supreme god in Bible verses Psalm always

speak surely Lord you bless the righteous you surround them along with

your desire as with a shield the almighty God declares teach

your mind to imagine only positive things about me by concentrating

primarily on things that are less significant than news Etc many

Christians are defeated you will undoubtedly encounter

difficulties in this world but try not to let them consume all of your

attention remember that you and I have conquered the world and that I am their

own concern the weather the economy and the difficulties of loved ones are all

their own even though I am closer to you than the air is I am an infinite God the King

of Kings and the Lord of lords in addition I am your devoted friend and

loving savior worship sh shiing me as one of the finest methods to increase

awareness of my magnificence this establishes a

magnificent connection between you and the godhead father son and spirit true

worship drives back darkness and increases my rign of light throughout

the globe reading or singing the Psalms is a beautiful way to praise

me you may avoid being discouraged by allowing biblical truth to fill your

thoughts when problems arise force yourself to remember that I the almighty

God am am your savior and friend when you start a day or a work day feeling

unworthy keep in mind that my grace is enough for

you the verb as refers to my marvelous Grace is ongoing

availability in the present tense therefore don’t regret feeling so

helpless rather accept this my grace reveals the inadequacy rejects it and

makes you joyful because it makes you see how much you need from me and

rejoice in my boundless sufficiency me myself visit power where weakness makes

perfect proceeded with a job and joyous Reliance on me and you will

succeed plus working with me will improve the quality of your work far

more than you could have imagined think about the incredible honor of coexisting

and working with me the king of kings and Lord of

odds make aive sacrifice to God by attempting to align yourself with his

will it pleases me that you practice this kind of worship it also adds

pleasure and significance to your life type I love dearly you

father this is just a little taste of the boundless unfathomably beautiful joy

that is yours in Paradise I want you to unwind and appreciate this time

dedicated to achieving the objectives you set for yourself every

day you might easily get so focused on your work that you forget to take breaks

you often evaluate yourself based on your accomplishments there is

undoubtedly a time and a place for both no no I want you to be able to

enjoy who you are both when you’re a succeeding and when you’re a real relaxing so please take advantage of the

possibilities and skills I provide the foundation for showing

prota however petrol you are a child of God rescued by grace through trust in me

so rest in that Assurance this is your fundamental and ultimate idor you are a

member of my Everlasting Kingdom’s Royal Court recall your

identity you are a member of my Everlasting kingdoms Royal Court recall

your identity you are more productive in My Kingdom when you feel at ease in your

own identity too strike a balance between work and play A Renewed mind May

reason more logically and biblically when a soul is regenerated it

interacts with others in a more charming and loving way

so spend some time with me and allow me to guide you beside tranquil Rivers joy

and strength are where I reside you will thus be stronger and happier the closer

you are to me in life allow me to fill your moments with

my presence which will assist you in adopting a more optimistic outlook on

people avoid focusing on someone who bothers you at all times rather look at

me with your heart and those feelings will flow over you without causing you

any pain or harm to others it is a sinful trap that pulls

you away from my presence to judge others this is your reflection of that

person’s shortcomings of oh how much better it is to find Delight in me your

Redeemer Al I can strengthen you more the more you Center your attention on

me I am in actuality your strength you have the ability to teach your mind to

remain focused on me even in the face of distractions I gave you an incredible

brain that allows you to be aware of several things at once make room in your thoughts for me

and my light will shine through every moment of your life me for Success dear

I am aware of your desperate desire particularly while you’re planning and

making judgments ask in spectacular so trust me to supply you

with whatever you need when you come to me for it when kit Solomon asked for a

perceptive heart he was granted knowledge and dancing this pricess gift

is equally vital for you part of knowledge is realizing that you always

need my assistance it’s easy to forget about me

and just get stuck in your chores and activities when your head is

foggy but then a roadblock appears at that point you must make a crucial

decision to go on at full speed or to pause and seek my wisdom comprehension

and Direction you will ask for my assistance more easily and often the closer you are

to me the source of knowledge is the fear of the Lord remember who I am in my

immense power and Glory even though I am your enemy the finest basis for

intelligence is a state of Godly and reverent adoration typ palman to make it

happen my dearest child of mine I sense the heavy burden your carrying filled

with doubt and struggle much like a sailor caught an a Relentless storm each

challenge seems to hit harder than the last leaving you feeling lost L

questioning the very purpose of it all yet in these turbulent times I want

to reassure you you are not walking this path alone just as the Israelites

wandered through the desert facing what appeared to be unbeatable challenges you

two are navigating through your own set of Trials however it’s crucial to remember

that there Journey was not solely defined by the obstacles in their path but also by

their firm trust in a higher power in The Quiet Moments When the

weight of the world feels unbearable I encourage you to find solace in your

faith it’s all too easy to lose sight of this aner amidst the chaos that life

throws our way your belief has the power to change

your current circumstances acting as a light that pierces through the darkness guiding you

forward take comfort in knowing that every hardship presents an opportunity

for growth and every setback a chance to demonstrate

resilience reflect on the story of Jericho where the Israelites unified

voices and Faith brought down the city walls in the same way your steadfast

belief can overcome the obstacles you face let your heart be filled with the

knowledge that you are never alone guidance is always near celebrating both

your significant and minor victories trust in the strength of your faith for

it stands as a testament to your resilience against formidable

challenges it’s vital to maintain a strong resolve and

unshakeable faith not allowing these trials to overpower your spirit

recognize their presence but do not let them control your

mindset take a moment to ground yourself reaffirming your belief and your ability

to overcome these hurdles instead of focusing on the vastness of the challenges ahead Channel

your energy into affirming your Readiness to reclaim what is rightfully

yours with conviction in your heart face these challenges headon and declare

enough I am ready to take back what is mine as you tap into the power of the

Holy Spirit within you let it Empower you to face the future with

confidence I refuse to be held back any longer this is my time as ordained by a

higher power Embrace this truth with your whole heart knowing that no force

can stand against the Divine will as you confront your challenges know that you

do so with support from forces is far greater than any

opposition believe in your inherent strength and resilience for it is

through unwavering faith that true Victory is achieved amidst life’s

uncertainties let not doubt Cloud your vision instead allow the certainty of

your purpose to guide you forward with confidence in moments of introspection

you may question your path such doubts are natural

yet it’s important to remember that your destiny is not merely to survive but to

Triumph despite the adversities you possess the spirit of a conqueror

destined for victory see yourself through the lens of Divine Purpose a

masterpiece crafted with resilience and Grace Victory is not just a distant goal

but a birth Birthright your Triumph is intertwined with the Divine a mark of

Destiny know that you are not alone as you step forward in faith angels are

ready to protect and guide you a testament to the power of belief and

divine love typ palman if you accept God

blessings in history the victory of the Israelites was more than a story of

battle it was a story of faith and unity today we may be physically apart but our

Spirits are united by a Common Thread in this Unity Promises of breakthrough and

fulfillment await your faith and actions are keys to unlocking the treasures

destined for you embrace the call to venture into New Beginning

whether it’s starting a business engaging in spiritual practices or

participating and Community worship Every Act of Faith is a

declaration of Readiness echoing through Destiny Readiness is not about feeling

prepared but about choosing to step forward in faith in moments of Doubt remember that

Divine strength shines bright brightest illuminating your path Victory awaits

those who choose Faith over hesitation Unity over division Embrace this truth and let it

guide you towards fulfilling your destiny knowing that with faith all

things are possible feeling uncertain or insecure

is part of The Human Experience especially when trusting in something

Beyond ourselves recognize these feelings as opportunities for growth not

weaknesses adopting a mindset of Readiness means trusting in the journey

even if it leads into the unknown declare your Readiness not because you

feel prepared but because you choose to trust in a greater

plan as you reflect on the story of the Israelites and their journey to

fulfillment consider your own desires for Change and resolution now might be

the time for those longings to be realized if you are concer comment

hman today’s message never have faith in your own abilities no matter how well

prepared you are for a fight the Lord is the the rightful winner never rely just

on your own comprehension never place all of your trust on

Jesus the outside environment encourages us to have confidence in our abilities

face challenges headon and think we can do anything however my dear buddy we are

powerless without God as Christians we need to always

depend on God rather than on ourselves God’s blessing on your work is

diminished to the extent that you put your Reliance in the horse as far as you can minimize your

Reliance on natural methods and place your faith in the Lord the Triumph of

the fight rests only in God’s Providence which bestows the victory when never and

and to whoever he pleases often on those who have the least cause to hope for it

it is not dependent on human might or skill despite the fact that we each have

a role to play in winning we must be ready our bodies and minds must be

ready however we must understand that God not our level of preparation is

ultimately responsible for our Triumph inside oneself the reality that those

who are holy are God’s chosen ones who are by Grace set aside and

unique for his own glory and service to accomplish everything that he desires

not that someone is special to God or selected because of their purity or

goodness because they are selected by the sanctification of the spirit not because

they were already holy or because it was anticipated that they would be the

election produces Holiness Faith godliness and Good Deeds typs if you

trust God they are not its sources however the term Godly meant to deod and

merciful denotes that God is kind and gracious and merciful to those who are

the recipient of his unmerited favor and Grace as a result he selects and sets

them aside according to his Sovereign will and pleasure and with his own love

and compassion and that for himself that is to the glory of his grace for his his

own use and Service as well as for his honor and

acclaim this is his ultimate goal for election predestination and all spiritual rewards

Elegance in the exercise of his will he brought us forth by the word of

Truth this suggests that the gospel was communicated to us Christians by God all

good blessings like regeneration come from God Alone miraculous Act of the

Holy Spirit giving lifeless Sinners spiritual life this is entirely God’s creation

rather than anything to which we as humans contribute of his own will as the

primary reason he did it out of pure Joe rather than being motivated by any Merit

on our part God is is the source of all good gifts including our new birth and all of

its bias Joy outcomes a sincere Christian experiences a transformation

that makes him seem as if he has undergone a complete transformation from

his pre-christian State the state of regeneration experienced by a Believer is the purest

illustration of God’s wonderful works the phrase look carefully suggests that

we should spend our lives with intention and caution our activities need to be

motivated by a desire to serve God rather than just our own will power or

worldly desires through discernment in assessing our courses we Endeavor to

live lives that are in harmony with his will living not as foolish put as wife

sets us apart from the rest of the world as Christ followers we are expected to

base our choices on the wisdom of God rather than fleeting human

whms it entails reading God’s word seeking wise guidance and letting the

Holy Spirit mold th attitudes and deeds as we manage the intricacies of life we

made Endeavor to be wise examples because of Christ’s redeeming work in

us the Apostle Paul does however also warn us that having knowledge is not

enough we also need to actively use it by making the best use of the time God

has given us the gift of time and it is our duty to manage it well there is a

special chance to plant the gospel build connections and give generously to

others every minute given the fleeting nature of life we should give Eternal

values precedence over Temple ones Comet lord always protect

me this poem emphasizes the value of having an open mind to new information

and guidance it suggests that that intelligent people are always looking to

learn new things and develop into better versions of

themselves it also suggests that those who are currently righteous have room to

grow and become even more so a sensible guy has modesty he doesn’t feel arrogant

he isn’t afraid to acknowledge that he still has a lot to learn and isn’t an

Authority on anything he enjoys making Corrections he

is a voracious learner he does not adhere to his comfort zone he thus gains

wisdom after wisdom his knowledge grew the Lord is feared by the thoughtful man

he is cautious and everything that he does he multiplies his days by doing

this and his life will be extended by years a wise man leans on and trusts in Jesus

he acknowledges his weakness he depends on Jesus s he is aware that he is

powerless without him he never considered cutting himself off from him

since doing so would leave him sad and Powerless let us emulate The Prudent man

who trusts in Jesus rather than in himself there is never a time for a Christian to

be fully content with their knowledge or comprehension the Bible exorts

Christians to grow in their knowledge of God and in their relationship with him

and intelligent God gains benefit from anything you offer him one day he will

hear his master say Well done good and faithful servant let us strive to be as

intelligent as he was Brethren and to hear the words well done

good and faithful servant from our Lord to receive it type

then send this Divine video to seven people who believe in Lord for the whole

lot that became written within the past turned into written to educate us so

that via the patience taught inside the scriptures and the encouragement the

offer we might have wish Romans to Dear listeners let’s join our prayers

together oh God we are very appreciative of the fact that you are our champion

that you speak up for us that you are the writer and perfectionist of our

faith and that you never abandon us instead promising to finish the

excellent job you have started in us we are grateful to you for being the bread

of life and the living water for providing for all of our needs and

fulfilling Us in ways that nothing else can we are also grateful for your

unceasing pouring of Love support and belief in us we are thankful that you

are our comforter that no tear we should elude your careful observation and that

you record every tear in your book that you always have ear to listen to us that

you are our deliverer our Rock our refuge our

Fortress and our constant source of support during difficult times thank you

for being Our Shepherd who leads Lo out for protects and go guides us we are

thankful that you are the bright and Morning Star who dispels Darkness with

your radiant light we are also thankful that you are our counselor who gives

wisdom and guidance to all who ask we are also thankful that you offer to show

us Great and Mighty things that we are unaware of when we ask it is very

wonderful to be adored by you you the mountains before us crumble the

struggles and suffering of this life seem smaller and lighter and we remember

who we are in you we remember your power

amen it is foremost that you continue to support our Channel and we will try to

make you feel good for always an you can consider donating to us through super








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