my dear child don’t skip this I am

sitting right next to you and I am

watching you I know you very worried I

will soon put an end to all your worries

just keep faith in me keep going keep

trying it’s almost time for your

breakthrough your prayer Was Heard help

is on the way from my guardian

angels you are on the verge of receiving

leing healing financial assistance and

new prospects your time of scarcity is

over the season of Plenty and surplus

has arrived for you take heart today

have faith in me keep holding on to Hope

like a brilliant unbreakable thread when

circumstances seem

gloomy I’m softly murmuring better days

are ahead even in the darkest of places

your optimism and faith will shine a

light keep in mind that I am always at

work in your life transforming the

tiniest Sparks of optimism into blazing

fires of happiness and contentment never

give up hope I am by your side helping

you make dreams a

reality in the Bible verses Romans

always speak for in it the righteousness

of God is found out from faith for Faith

as it is written the righteous shall

stay by way of religion if you accept my

love and amen then my blessings will

come to you today just put Amen in the


section Beloved the dawn of each day

brings with it a promise a renewal of my

grace upon your life let not the shadows

of yesterday Den the light of today look

forward for ahead lies a tapestry of new

blessings woven with threads of Hope and

joy just for you I feel the weight in

your heart The Echoes of past Sorrows

that cloud your present it pains me to

witness your struggle to see the

remnants of Old Wounds reopen know that

I am here enveloping you in my love

ready to mend the fragments of your

spirit hear me when I say your worries

have not fallen on deaf ears I am ever

present a constant companion in your

journey Let The Fears let haunt you be

released offer them to me through the

Whispers of prayer it is my desire to

lift these burdens from you to replace

your and anguish with peace today I am

with you allow these words to be a bomb

for your soul a gentle reminder that in

the grand tapestry of life my designs

are Beyond understanding yet always aim

towards your growth your

flourishing typ how man if you

believe my love for you is boundless of

Beacon of Hope and the Tom of life I am

not a distant hope but a present reality

your steadfast guide through every trial

and every moment feel my presence my

peace permeating through the depths of


being as your Divine Guardian I watch

over you tirelessly guiding your steps

illuminating your path even in moments

of Despair when the way forward see

dreams obscured trust that I am here

listening responding to your calls in

ways that will unfold in your best

interest and trust me with your fears

your anxieties I am your Sanctuary your

Shield your joy your well-being are of

utmost importance to me and I am

committed to seeing you through your

aspiration to see you reach the Pinnacle

of your dream

in the face of adversity remember with

me by your sigh there is no obstacle to

daunting no challenge to Great hold

Faith close to your heart hope as your

compass for I am laying the groundwork

for your future a future filled with

promise and when you reflect on your

journey you’ll see that every hardship

every tear was a step closure to me to

the Fulfillment of your true happiness

embrace my blessings my peace and no

always that my love protection and care

for you are

Everlasting type if you accept my

love and grace airm relaxed and at peace

I am all of my pentop frustration and

worry has been released here I am

completely secure everything is well

with me I am cherished you cherish me

you have my gratitude I am delighted

feelings of anxiousness fill my lungs as

I inhale

love at the moment I am content with my

life and the path it is on because of

who I am and where I am I am

content type yes to confirm child of

mine keep in mind that Joy is

independent of your situation even among

the seemingly fortunate there are others

who are utterly wretched when people

finally reach the Pinnacle of their

careers they frequently discover that

there is nothing waiting for them on the

other side when you dwell in my presence

you will experience genuine Joy hence

that may be experienced anywhere even in

jails and

palaces just because a day as challenges

doesn’t mean it’s without Joy pay

attention instead to maintaining contact

with me a lot of the issues that are

bothering you will go away on their own

I will assist you with the other things

that you need to address even on the

worst of days you may find Joy if you

put your focus on being near to me and

not on fixing

problems value is everything my personal

proximity I Am With You Always and that

is a miracle that will Astound you no

one no matter how much they love you can

be there for you for S also no one

else can understand you on a spiritual

mental or emotional level even down to

the amount of hairs on your head I know

all there is to know about you I don’t

need any effort from you to disclose who

you are finding someone who gets them

may be an expensive ordeal for many

still anybody who wants to accept me as

Savior and calls on my name may do so no

cost to

themselves this one Leap of trust marks

the start of a love tale that will last

a lifetime you are completely understood

and love forever by me the lover of your

soul typing yes if you respect my name

powerful blessing sat calmly in my

presence to show that you trust in me

set aside anything that needs doing and

refuse to be concerned about anything

spending this precious time with with

one another will fortify you and make

you ready for the challenges that lie

ahead you testify to the truth of my

alive presence when you wait with me

before you start your day’s activities

your display of trust weakens

principalities and forces of evil in the

spiritual realm where this act of

waiting before operating is seen drawing

close to me is the shest method to Ward

against evil my spirit and my word will

show you the way when it’s time to act

because everything is so complicated and

exciting in our world it’s easy to get

disoriented you may save energy by

cutting out pointless tasks you will get

your bearings when you spend time in my

presence when you seek my will I will

allow you to perform less work but more

effectively come to me and listen attune

yourself to my voice and receive my

richest blessings Marvel at The Wonder

of communing with the creator of the

universe all sitting in the comfort of


home Kings who Reign on Earth tend to

make themselves inaccessible Ordinary

People Almost Never never gain an

audience with them even dignitaries must

plow through red tape and protocol and

order to speak with

royalty though I am King of the Universe

I am totally accessible to you I am with

you wherever you are nothing can

separate you from my presence when I

cried out from the cross it is

finished the curtain of the temple was

torn into from top to bottom this opened

the way for you to meet me face to face

with no need of protocal or priests I

the king of kings am Conant

companion Comet lord always with

me so that Christ May additionally live

for your hearts through religion and I

pray with you being rooted and hooked up

in love

can also have electricity together with

all the Lord’s holy human beings to

comprehend how extensive and L hand

excessive and deep is the love of

Christ today words Jesus often departed

from the

multitudes and retreated to pray and

rest according to today’s scripture even

though enormous throngs flock to hint to

hear him and get

healing that must have meant that

sometimes after prayer many destitute

individuals were still upset that their

needs hadn’t been addressed while Jesus

was tending to his own needs he did not

ignore theirs he had to go somewhere

peaceful and quiet to pray in order to

recharge and Revitalize himself you

should follow Jesus example

and not allow other people to control

your life somebody out there needs

saving or lifting up and you can be sure

that they will always be in your corner

you will tire and experience burnau if

you always strive to attend to other

people’s needs and make sure they are

taken care of there’s no need to put

yourself through activities that will

drain you just as Jesus separated

himself from others in order to preserve

his peace you must also learn to

separate yourself from things that take


Serenity changing your attitude to its

all good will help you stop resisting

things you don’t like God is on top even

if you don’t like the way things have


out this is true whether you’re coping

with a grumpy job a ser ious disease or

a dream that seems to be taking an

eternity to come true what has befallen

me he said will be turned around for my

good everything is interdependent and

for your benefit by the time we finish

them they may not have been great going

through a loss is hard when others

mistreat us it

hurts if an aspiration fails to

materialize it may be disheartening they

may not be great on their own but the

issue is that you’re treating them as


occurrences it will everything be

resolved according to God’s promise even

though it seemed like a setback God was

setting you up for a breakthrough when

you look back you’ll see that it was

worth it share this video to help us

spread the

message at least one person has thought

of you this week and over this holiday

season you’re are not forgotten by God

every word made in your peaceful spot he

whispered each syllable God as

remembrance every wish that was offered

to him during this season he will bring

it to you even though you felt abandoned

and shattered the Lord is going to

return to prove that he kept his word to

you your designated time has arrived for

someone this morning you made many

variant attempts in the past but nothing

came of it it wasn’t at the perfect time

but I know it was

tough the point is God wants someone to

realize that your appointed hour has

arrived even more so it’s going to flow

without any effort efor at all any

second now everything will fall into

place in due

course his assurances are genuine and

they are in root to you at this very

moment I felt the Lord’s hand upon me

while I slept let us Begin by praising

God three Witnesses have come forward

since yesterday’s

message confirmation of the message came

to three signif ific an breakthroughs

and many lovely people there is a Divine

movement hooray he’s on the go his

movements are Swift and forceful the

winds are coming at me from all

directions Celestial

Breeze you articulated the vision and

writing and now it will be

fulfilled write down Jesus’s God Hand

forward this video to others to share

your faith let’s pray with me do You Are

Holy Father Who Art in Heaven inviting

me to be your own is a fantastic idea

thank you for the obvious Direction

you’re giving me as I go forward in my

life nevertheless I am terrify I believe

that you God have prompted me to perform

this risky

action and places where I I am weak you

have commanded me to follow and Obey I

beg you God to let me accept your will

despite how terrifying this is please

strengthen my faith so that I can

continue to rely on the fact that you

have already overcome sin my biggest

obstacle because Jesus died on the cross

for my sins I I am no longer condemned

and may have eternal life with you as my

judge God I ask that you embrace me and

N may experience your presence as a

result of Christ’s

atonement I am saved by you when I’m

afraid I hope I can rely on these

realities strong support as I Surrender

Your terrifying will we pray in the name

of Jesus Christ remember if you are

still watching this video then thank you

and I will pray to God that your life

remains prosperous and healthy remember

if you want you can donate to us through

super thanks

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