???? The Devil Don’t Even Think About Watching This Child Of God…‼️| God Says

God says

my precious children I apprehend what

you are going via I realize that your

occasions struggles

and disappointments Scouts borrow your

happiness listen to me though adversity

can knock you down it can maintain you

down handiest in case you allowed

it knocks you down because it takes you

via Wonder whenever you stay in

unhappiness it’s for due to the fact you

permit the adversary to keep your heart

targeted for your instances you permit

him to magnify the adversity blinding

you to everything my father and I even

have given you

you permit the mole mentoring raindrops

of your occasions to Blind you to the

extensive ocean of everlasting

advantages that we have given you if you

have faith in God please watch this


your salvation and your dating with me

are Eternal you stay in sadness most

effective because you close your eyes to

the father and to me and to everything

we have given you

get back into my words and allow them to

continually refresh your coronary heart

and remind you of all you have been

given then cross and tell others of the

awesome things I actually have completed

for you

Lord says type why yes if you seek my


my little one I want you to realize what

you are never by myself on this journey

known as Lifestyles I am constantly

through your aspect looking over you and

guiding you toward the paths that will

bring you the maximum pleasure and


trust in my love for you for its miles

unconditional and done wavering life is

packed with infinite picks and

selections some of which can also seem

overwhelming or confusing

but fear now not my toddler for I am

right here too illuminate your course

and show you the manners seek Solace

inside the expertise that I will

constantly guy you closer to what’s

first class to your increase and


remember know how comes now not only

from making the right selections to

additionally from Gaining knowledge of

from the wrong ones embrace the training

that every decision brings for they form

your person and Lead You towards

non-public boom

trust for your intuition for it is often

a mirror damage of my divine presence

within you

type thank you God and if you believe in

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instances of Doubt or uncertainty pause

and connect to your internal self listen

carefully to The Whispers of your

coronary heart for their regularly my

voice guiding you and the direction of

the proper direction

trust for your capacity to make sound

judgments for I even have bestowed upon

you the present of discernment

above all my infant trust in yourself

and in my divine plan for you trust that

every selection you’re making is an

opportunity for increase and mastering

know that I am here to capture you if

you fall and to celebrate with you

whilst you be successful

rest assured my beloved child that your

prayer for divine stewards has been

heard I am here to walk beside you

supplying the understanding and support

had to make clever decisions and picks

in existence

embrace the journey and Advance with

self-belief for I am constantly right

here lovingly watching over you

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here are four things presently Lord

desires you to recognize this today

one you can do all things through Christ

two no weapons shaped against you will


three wherever you pass and whatever you

do you will be blessed

four all matters will paintings together

for your correct

remember Romans to says do not

comply with the pattern of this

International but be converted by way of

the renewing of your thoughts then you

will be capable to test and prove what

God’s will is is accurate pleasing and

perfect will

type if you agree

let’s pray dear Lord we pray for the

leaders of the church we ask that you

whole to bless and guide them let them

continue to see your mild let them don’t

forget there calling every day and now

not take it for granted teach them to

lead the flock and care for each one of


make them lead exemplary lives and order

that they do now not lead anybody off

track lest their lives and their family

let their work by no means recognize

failure and let them acquire all the

rewards of their sacrifice amen

affirm May the Holy Spirit detoxify your

soul may ye show you what desires to go

so he can give a boost to you for the

road in advance may you get a glimpse of

his plan for you just enough to inspire

you to make the essential changes

take the important steps and clutch a

company hold of his promises may you be

willing to do something special so you

will be prepared and geared up for the

subsequent vicinity of Promise he’s got

a new chapter beforehand for you

may you care sufficient approximately

your tail to depart the Lesser things in

the back of you’re so valuable and

important to him blessings for your day


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people who is closest to your heart

Lord speak to you the next doorways

commencing up while positioned you in a

role where you will in no way should

borrow bag or conflict for anything you

are on the verge of your step forward

and your greatest comeback

every voice that speaks in our position

to you and your destiny will be silenced

I recognize you are going through a hard

time for your life proper now and you’re

managing multiple occasions

and lots of emotional pain it seems as

though earlier than you could get

through one thing one aspect every other

matters take place

I do not constantly nonetheless the

typhoon round you every so often I still

the storm raging and you do not not

faint am strengthening you in areas that

you cannot see properly now you and I

will get through this together like we

always do everything may be okay

God says I actually have heard your

prayers and Senior tears that economic

situation assume a miracle sacrifying

prognosis assume a miracle that broken

dating assume a miracle I will make a

way for you this weekend

if you have faith in God right amen

listen carefully the more deeply we

allow God to heal us the more he seems

to be able to use us for his glory God’s

love for us and others is boundless

preventing premature answers to our

prayers for increased influence and



we despise the forging process which

must occur in anonymity and obscurity

yet in that very Place God has

meticulously preparing us for what he

has already ordained

attempting to bypass or evade this

process would be a mistake as it is

during this time that we develop

essential spiritual muscles these

spiritual muscles and necessary when

facing critical moments in the future

enabling us to cling to God’s promises

when all the forces of adversity


failure to trust God in the dark leads

to self-reliance and the light often

without us realizing it until Darkness


it is often through keeping us hidden

that Jesus teaches us to walk by faith

and not by sight God’s intention is not

to frustrate us but to safeguard and

equip us for the path ahead

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dear listener join this prayer with me

and repeat after me

oh Lord Jesus I come humbly before you

in prayer thanking you for all my many

blessings I’ll ask that you forgive me

for my sins forgive me for something

that I can also have said or performedly

or unknowingly that changed tend to no

longer write

please improve me and assist me no

longer to keep doing anything that does

not please you God I comprehend that I

actually have stumbled inside the

vicinity of in search of popularity from

others I confess it and ask for


I recognize that I am your infant due to

the fact I’ve established you into my

heart as my Lord and Savior only your

opinion and the approval of me subjects

however I even have needlessly involved

approximately what others think

God I am asking you to assist me in this

place due to the fact it is robbing me

of my peace and pleasure you have given

me power and your call to rebuke the

enemy and all the poor thoughts that

attempt to persuade me that I am now not

properly sufficient

I resist tension and despair and I

declare freedom from looking for

attractiveness from others as I lift my

head from this prayer I raise it with

renewed thoughts and joy understanding

that I am a born once more flower of


I elevate my Lifestyles to you God

maintain to mold me as you notice suit

thank you for listening to me when I

pray I pray this prayer in Jesus name

amen thank you for watching this video

and sending your precious time with me I

hope this message cheers you up and if

you want you can donate us through super



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