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God is saying to you today my precious

children you cannot stroll and Faith

every so often faith is a habitual a way

you live your life usually you cannot

rely upon me sometimes however not

others ours must be a regular

relationship that involves continual

Communication in order to perfect your

religion and permit you to stroll in my

w for your Lifestyles I need you to be

dedicated to spending time with me

regularly I will use my spirit to work

in and through you as I rework your

wondering to fulfill my will the

handiest way I can use your life as if

you continually surrender to me

permitting me to empty you of yourself

filling you with my energy press

presence and peace in order for you to

be effective you will want to live and

breathe my word it may be your manual

when you need path your energy whilst

you are weak and your peace amid chaos

and uncertainty like the video if you

have truly faith in

Lord if you continuously are trying to

find me in all you say and do you will

more without difficulty walk through I

actually have prepared for you Faith

does not make things smooth however it

makes all things

feasible and your faith should be

grounded in my word if you will live out

your religion based on the guarantees

I’ve made you the effect your life will

have on others may be

incalculable God claims right WI yes if

you want to follow my will my infants in

moments of darkness when you sense

unworthy and doubt your own abilities

bear in mind what you are a treasured

introduction of mine you are specific

valuable and deeply

cherished your worth is not decided with

the aid of outside Majors or the

critiques of others but through the

infinite love and charm I actually have

bestowed upon you when self-doubt Creeps

in remind yourself of the wonderful

ability inside you you own items

abilities and strengths which can be

supposed to be shared with the sector

embrace your uniqueness T trust to your

competencies for I actually have

prepared you with the whole life lot you

need to satisfy your reason if you

really do watch this Divine message till

the end my child I want you to remember

that I will be with you

always know that the emotions of

worthlessness and self-doubt aren’t a

mirrored image of your authentic Essence

they are lies whispered by the animate

to hold you from realizing your full

potential reject the one lies and update

them with the truth of my unconditional

love and

popularity turn to me in prayer and

meditation pouring out your coronary

heart and concerns I am constantly

listening geared up to offer you with

the energy and Ste you want seek solace

in my

presence understanding that I see your

worth and agree with to your

capabilities surround yourself with a

supportive community hok and uplift and

inspire you throughout instances of

self-doubt lean on their love and

information for they may be my gadgets

of Grace to your life together you may

conquer those feelings and locate

strength and team spirit typ our man if

you believe in God and and please show

your support liking and share this


video in Bible verse Matthew always

says but are seeking first his country

and his righteousness and all these

things can be given to you as

properly cling to me beloved for my

right hand helps you when you keep onto

me in childlike dependence you are demon

demonstrating your commitment to me I

use hard times to refine your religion

and prove that it is

proper as you grasp to me in the midst

of adversity your religion grows more

potent and you’re comforted having

endured diverse trials you gain

confidence that you could deal with

Destiny hardships with my

assist you recognize increasing

that I will always be to be and that

will help you in the middle of the night

or in the midst of Hard Times consider

that my proper hand helps you this hand

that holds you up is robust and

righteous there may be no limit to how

lot it may offer so when you’re feeling

overwhelmed do not surrender instead

look to me and my strength de confident

that my powerful hand is also righteous

what it affords is good do you no longer

fear for I will enhance you and assist

you I will uphold you with my righteous


hand type if you

agree God claims you’re now not in this

on my own never neglect that I am with

you in good instances and in bad times

on mountaintops and and in valleys in

joy and in tears in blessings and in

Trials whatever you are going through I

am right there beside you two concure


Almighty declares don’t even suppos

see approximately giving up you are

going to make it no matter what it seems

like right now I recognize you’re

worried about your price range your fit

and your

family remember I continually paintings

and your choose I will bless you these

days with peace healing and victory if

you do not give up I am going to convey

something stunning out of this

unpleasant situation get ready for your

advantages everything will work out your

State of Affairs is in my hands things

may be hard now but know that I am

usually with you relax and let me finish

what I have started in your

existence type love you father now

listen up we all need a sparkling

beginning in reality God knew we would

want one so regularly he ensured his

mercies are new each morning if we did

not want Mercy on each and married day I

doubt God might waste his time making it

available to us for the ones of you

dwelling below the load of guilt

disgrace or condemnation I need to

remind you if we confess our sins he is

faithful and just to forgive us our sins

and cleanse us of all

unrighteousness it is a true Act of

religion to acquire and receive the


of God to consider you honestly can move

past your past and stroll into the

future with the confident Assurance your

records don’t Define your

future it’s simpler to accept as true

with which you’ve blown it for proper

and it’s all over than it is to get

again up and circulate ahead I need to

encourage you too consider the the

promise of God over the lies of the

enemy you are cherished you are

forgiven but the fruit of the spirit is

love joy or peace forbearance kindness

goodness faithfulness gentleness and

willpower Galatians

comment amen if you agree God says this

has been a difficult season you’ve been

handling multiply occasions and have

felt so a lot stress it seems as even

though before you could get through one

aspect another Factor happens don’t

surrender I am providing you with

strength we get through this together

keep praying everything could be

okay dear listeners join me in prayer.

Almighty one I humbly bow my head head

and coronary heart before you these days

I worship and honor you as my father and

Creator I thank you for Jesus I thank

you that his life death burial and

Resurrection love me to be referred to

as your

infant I understand that I might now not

have a right to declare the advantages

that belong to your youngsters without

his sacrif ice thank you for the

valuable gift of Salvation thank you to

your forgiveness and forgiving me each

time I

fail I praise you for selecting me up

and permitting me to attempt once more

when I come to you for forgiveness and

mercy today please forgive me as I ask

you to forgive me for any sins that I

even have devoted knowingly or unno fin

L please assist me do hire because El

choice to live in a manner that brings

you glory and honor when Jesus took my

sins away he offered many peace with his

sinless blood and as he rose he left me

his peace thank you that I can now

stroll in harmony with you with myself

and with others

unfortunately from time to time the

enemy succeeds at robbing me of my peace

I am learning that if I preserve my mind

stayed on you and no longer my

circumstances you will preserve me in

your perfect peace I resist any weapon

the enemy uses to disturb my god-given

peace I stand in religion believing your

word type

if you

affirm I ask you to assist me hold my

thoughts on your promises

individuality and voice hide me in your

mystery vinity filled with peace teach

me to rebuke the enemy’s negativity as I

draw award you please draw close to me I

Surrender my existence to your will I

believe you even in the chaos no count

number the problem that comes I position

all my religion in you when you speak to

my storms and Whisper peace benus the

winds will obey no count what comes

towards me I will claim victory joy and

peace as I pray in jesus’ name

amen please support our Channel our goal

is to bring happiness in your life and

to bring devotion and reverence

towards Lord Jesus and if you want you

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