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God says

my expensive child there is a motive on

your pain suffering waiting

always don’t forget I have a plan for

you to bless you more than your

expectancies some of the matters which

can be occurring on your life may have

made you suspect there are blessings


this might have made use of poos that

you are made for sufferings loneliness

pain sorrow waiting remember you’ve got

a promise from me to make you blessed

and prosper when I gave the promisceto

the Israelites I became forever devoted

top pleasurable my promise to them I am

nonetheless identical God who is for all

time faithful to fulfilling his promise

for everything I have a plan pray and

believe in me listen the complete

message if you trust in God’s protection

dear child I am right here with you

paying attention to your heartfelt

prayer for the achievement of Justice

and equality for everyone your

compassion and empathy touch modifying

heart and I guarantee you that your

issues have not gone unheard

know that I stand as a beacon of Desire

guiding individuals who attempt for

justice and equality you’re fervent wish

aligns with the very essence of my being

and I am committed to supporting and

nurturing those values inside the global

write our man if you believe your voice

subjects and your determination to a

world in which each individual is

treated with parents and recognizes

that your efforts alongside the walls of

infinite elderly

will be invaded

will change regularly starts it’s a

small Ripple but it could go right into

the effective wave that transforms

societies as you continue to recommend

the justice and the quality constantly

realize that I am right here status

beside you together we will paintings in

the direction of a global where

everybody’s rights are mentioned

keep your heart complete of Hope and

permit your moves be guided with the aid

of the ideas you keep expensive your

commitment as a source of incredible

pride and thought and I am venerated to

witness your adventure closer to a

brighter future if this message is

encouraging you to move forward in your

life then you can in it to support our

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today’s message the only reason God is

taking see you later and having you wait

is due to the fact hey us something

honestly special unique top-notch and

incredible for you hold on your

faithfulness and your obedience have not

long gone neglected

so many instructed you to offer up or

take topics into your personal Palms but

you chose to believe God and stay

affected person although it’s tough keep

urgent keep believing your littered days

might be so much more sweeter than the


Lord says type on man if you’re looking

for my guidance

dear heavenly Lord I humbly kneel before

you in this moment please illuminate

what is shadowed in me fortify what is

frail in me repair what is fractured in

me restore what is ailing in me and

rekindle any peace and love that might

have faded in me this is my prayer for

myself my family friends my adversaries

and even those who hold their will

towards me

man if you have faith in God for Bible

verse things I want you to know every

day Thord thinks of you Psalm to .

every hour Lord looks after you to

Thessalonians to .

because every second he loves you

Jeremiah –

every minute Lord cares for you dot

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loving child I’ve heard your prayers I

can sense your pain I understand that

you might not grasp a white permit but I

remain fully in control through your

hardships and letdowns I will bring

abundant joy and blessings

I ask you to hold on during these trying

times everything will be all right put

your trust in me more deeply than ever

be calm and recognize that I am God

May will be a big month for you you will

receive sudden benefits accurate

information and miracles all month long

you might be satisfied again you will

heal you will develop you will flourish

into the tractor your destined to be you

will in the end be at peace you deserve

it listen carefully be kind to yourself

you did your best with what you had

where you were

hand what you knew of that time tastes

easy to reflect from your current

standpoint and assume you would have

acted differently but you can’t truly


yesterday is behind you focus on today

and tomorrow the past can’t be changed

that you can entrust your regrets errors

failures and frustrations to a

compassionate forgiving God

constantly dwelling on what could have

been won’t alter reality God offers

Redemption restoration and a fresh

Beginnings his mercies are renewed daily

don’t let your past shape your future

allow only Jesus to guide your destiny

man and share if you believe in God

Jesus declares God goes to do something

top notch on your life this week I do

not know what you have been praying

about or what has had your pillows

soaked with tears however I am right

here these days to inform you that God

hashered your prayers

his angels had been dispatched and you

may see your Miracle quickly I declare

you may see your health turn around for

a thackeract you will Marvel the medical

doctors and you may get the process your

job is to behave and talk like it’s

going Tasha up walk via religion no

longer through sight in Bible verse Luke

. then Jesus calling out with a

loud voice stated father into your

fingers I dedicate my spirit and having

stated this he breathed his ultimate

subscriber to the channel if you truly

believe in God heavenly father it’s time

for me to release the past let go of

mistakes and concentrate on what you’re

accomplishing in my life today I realize

you’re bringing new positive influences

into my life and guiding me away from

negative ones

you’re shutting all doors and getting me

ready for fresh chances the process of

refinement might be uneasy and tough but

I understand it’s for my benefit I have

faith in you in Jesus name

God declares if you want my blessings

type yes God permits challenges not to

Revel in our suffering but to prompt our

recognition of our dependence on him

every experience contributes to our

growth fortifying us cultivating

endurance and forging a Godly character

these encounters Aid in self-discovery

honest dealings with God and tending to

matters leading us towards spiritual

maturity God is pronouncing to you

nowadays do not not permit worry hold

you lower back I actually have not given

you a spirit or fear however a power

love and a sound thoughts

step out in faith knowing that I am by

your aspect even in the face of

uncertainty hang to the truth that I am

with you and I will in no way forsake


Sweet Child keep pushing forward trust

in your heart’s calling and dismiss the

doubts that creep in overcome the

negative thoughts resist the temptation

to quit your job or give up on your

relationships believe my words even

though it’s tough know that a time of

reward is approaching blessings

tranquility and abundance are on the

horizon all your hopes tears quests and

prayers are about to materialize just

stay strong don’t lose hope persevere my


Improvement is on the horizon you’ve

shed tears and waited Patiently I am

dispatching Aid Solutions recovery

blessings and wonders in your direction

type thank you God and if you believe in

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