🛑 SERIOUS!! “I’m trying to warn you” | God’s Advice Today।

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

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said my dear son I extend my sentiments

to you with a heart that not only

overflows but is perpetually immersed in

an abundance of love and gratitude as we

navigate through the intricacies and

vast expanses of the universe a universe

meticulously crafted by my Divine wisdom

I perceive you as a radiant and

invaluable light serving as a beacon

that illuminates the intricate path of

existence above all it is imperative for

you to be fully cognizant of the

profound reality that your very being is

enveloped in a love that transcends mere

quantification and with every rhythmic

beat of your heart a Celestial Symphony

resonates Ates in harmonious Accord with

my Divine ears in the meticulous and

deliberate creation of the cosmos I

intricately instilled every minuscule

particle of energy every singular atom

with an ethereal spark of divinity you

my beloved Son stand as the most

remarkable manifestation of this cosmic

energy with each stride you take and

every breath you draw you continue to

personify my creation and ever evolving

Masterpiece that unfolds in perpetuity

throughout the entirety of your Earthly

Journey you will undoubtedly encounter

Crossroads and formidable challenges yet

rest assured that each of these

experiences is a bespoke opportunity for

profound personal growth the burdens of

worldly matters May on occasion seem

insurmountable but in these moments it

is imperative for you to remember that

my divine presence is an unwavering

constant by your side embracing you in

the arms of unconditioned love in

moments of perceived desolation look

within for it is there that you shall

find the undying flame of divinity life

my precious gift to you is an

extraordinary tapestry woven with

threads of Joy sorrow Triumph and

challenge each experience meticulously

shapes the trajectory of your journey

contributing seamlessly to your

spiritual Evolution fear not the storms

that may assail you for it is within the

obscurity that the authentic Brilliance

within you often reveals itself be

mindful that even the densest clouds

Harbor a silver lining of Hope the gift

of Free Will bestowed upon you is a

cherished and invaluable offering every

choice you make resonates through the

intricate fabric of the universe reflect

deeply on the principles that guide the

Compass of your soul when confronted

with choices act with an abundance of

compassion love and empathy for these

virtues not only Elevate the very

essence of your existence but also

fortify the interconnected web that

binds all sensient beings in the Serene

hours of the night as your thoughts Echo

like ethereal size across the vastness

of time be assured that my divine

presence is attuned to every unspoken

word and resonates with every

unexpressed emotion during moments of

apparent Solitude allow the palpable

awareness of my presence to envelop you

recognizing that I reside not only

within sacred altars but also in the

profound recesses of your being the EB

and flow of Life May at times resemble a

chaotic dance of events yet understand

that beneath this apparent disarray

there exists an inherent Cosmic order

place your trust in the orchestration of

life’s Grand Symphony comprehending that

each challenge conceals within it the

veiled countenance of a disguised

opportunity what may initially present

itself as an obstacle often unravels as

a step on the ascending staircase of

your spiritual journey I implore you to

employ your bestowed gifts and talents

for the betterment of the world every

skill at your disposal is a unique

offering that when shared generously has

the potential to create a ripple effect

of positive transformation in the lives

of others through your generosity you

become a condt for my divine grace to

Cascade through you touching and

enkindling the hearts of humanity the

boundless beauty of nature a direct

reflection of my Divine Essence invites

contemplation Ponder upon The Verdant

Fields Majestic mountains Meandering

rivers and the resplendent tapestry of

star studded sky eyes each facet of

nature serves as a testament to my

boundless Beauty and wisdom by

reconnecting with the natural world you

in turn reconnect with the profound

Wellspring of your own Divine Essence

the Journey of Faith is often times

punctuated by inquiries and

uncertainties fear not the act of

questioning for it is through this

Pursuit Of Truth that you unearth a more

profound understanding Faith akin to a

seed tenderly planted in the soil of the

heart burgeons over time into a

resilient tree of trust nurture your

faith with unwavering diligence and

infinite patience in the grand tapestry

of existence Every Soul assumes the role

of a distinctive thread intricately

intertwining with others to form a

Sublime and intricate pattern cherish

the connections you forge with fellow

beings for it is through these

connections that the very essence of

your journey is endowed with meaning be

a beacon of love and compassion for in

every act of kindness you manifest my

divine presence upon the Earth even

amidst the Shadows Of Darkness you

remain a luminous star in the celestial

firmament of my creation the light that

radiates from your being serves as an

eloquent expression of my boundless and

inexhaustible love in moments where the

encroaching Darkness threatens to engulf

you cast your gaze upon the night sky

and be mindful that even the most

distant Stars cast the radiant glow in

the profound obscurity my beloved Son

let these words resonate as a gentle

Whisper of my Timeless and eternal love

for you as you continue your Earthly

sojourn recognize that my guiding hand

is everpresent leading you with every

step you a manifestation of my divine

grace stand as a precious and integr

peace within the Mosaic of the cosmic

puzzle with love God hope this message

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