God is telling you today you have the next minutes to entirely switch lives

if you attemped to skip this video I will be denying you a couple very

important benefits thus I implore you to watch this film through to the very

conclusion please forward this video to those in need my child I know you’re exhausted

anxious and overwhelmed everything will be well your back is in

my hands no matter how lonely you feel no that I am here for you rely on me no

problem at all restorative justice is on the way get ready to chuckle once again you

will regain Faith once again you will be smiling I am capable of doing much more

than you could ever imagine or ask for you’re stuck in the thick of a storm

with no clear path to safety allow me to direct your path and give you orders

remember that I am orchestrating your every move so that they will ultimately

benefit you I am here for you allow me to console you relax I’ll make sure of

it keep trying remain determined your breakthrough is just around the corner

pay eat to your prayers look at you crying I hold on to a strategy that it

is suggested that you forever by your side I stand in the Bible verses John to to

always says beloved I pray that all may go nicely with you and that you will be

in properly health because it is going properly together with your soul lord

says press the amen button to accept his grace sweet kid I’ve seen your tears and

I need you to understand that your sorrow echoes in my heart too your

struggles are mine and it’s my deepest desire for you to find Solace and the

resilience to move forward remember I’m always here waiting

to lend a hand or stand by your side during challenging times my heavenly

hosts keep a Vigilant watch over you guarding you against unseen dangers and

guiding you through hardships even when you feel overwhelmed

know that my Celestial Warriors are fiercely defending you ensuring your

safety from potential disasters diseases criminals and those who wish to harm

your Spirit my love for you is unchanging and boundless you’re forever

embraced in my care I urge you not to lose heart when faced with life’s trials

you once placed your trust in me bound to stay above The Fray of harsh words

and actions my affection for you is unwavering and I assure you the

negativity of others cannot touch the sanctity where I have placed you high above the

fry and a realm of faith and wisdom Strife slander and Discord aim to

disturb your peace resist giving them power over your emotions seek

Tranquility immerse yourself in my words whether spoken aloud or silently for

they hold the key to Breaking Free from the chains that bind you cast a inside

your anxieties hand in their place I’ll bring Liberation confront adversity with

courage and Clarity knowing that I am always by your side having whispered to

your soul to not be swayed by those who claim you stand

unprotected their intentions are to WAND you guard your heart against deceit and

Malice for I will Empower you to to overcome these adversities should you

stumble I am here to listen with endless compassion and to lift you from

despair keep faith for steering clear of falsehood and malevolence will lead you

to Joy and Abundant Blessings remember choosing whom to

believe is within your power I have posed this question to remind you of

your Humanity and now you recognize my Divinity your

belief fuels my ability to act on your behalf even in moments of weakness I am

your Pillar of Strength having safeguarded your loved ones from Peril

and promising continued protection but I implore you and yours to seek me out to

trust in my word and embrace my divine assurances should they feel lost be it of

possessions friendships employment or thwarted Ambitions I urge you not to

dwell in sorrow instead affirm that everything unfolds under Divine guidance

where even seemingly Adverse Events are part of a greater plan for

good Embrace gratitude in all circumstances for in doing so you open

the door to wondrous Miracles and an outpouring of blessings type I trust the divine plan

to agree convey my message reassure them of

my unwavering support and remind them of the invisible workings of my hand in

their lives the obstacles you face or not insurmountable with faith and

perseverance Victory is assured you are never alone in every

moment support surround you ready to uplift and console whenever you seek

assistance turn to me I am your refuge and together we can overcome any

challenge hold fast to my promises my child for my love is unfailing with me

by your sight you’re equipped to face whatever lies ahead trust in yourself in

my omnipotence and believe in the bright future that

awaits your faith is the key to unlocking a life filled with hope and

immeasurable blessings release your burdens onto me and rest assured I will

provide for you abundantly open your heart to the Limitless

possibilities and blessings I have in store for my love knows no bounds and my

desire is to Lavish you with all that is good type to

if you agree always keep in mind beloved child in your pursuit of safety

make me the center point still deep down you’re attempting to range your reality

in a way that makes you feel comfortable and secure not only is it unrealistic to

expect to achieve but it will also start your Spiritual Development you are

living in conscious dependence on me when you grasp my hand for support when

your private world seems shaky Rejoice that difficulties might bring you closer

to my presence rather than wishing for a life without them when you’re down and

out the light of my face shines brighter recognize the worth of life’s challenges

and see them as opportunities for growth keep in mind that there is an

everlasting Paradise waiting for you greetings I am the Prince of Peace I say

to you the same thing I said to my disciples may peace be with you my peace

remains with you always because I am your permanent companion my peace peace and presence

are yours when you fix your attention on me I am the Prince of Peace the King of

Kings and the Lord of lords dot at all times you must have my peace in order to

carry out the tasks I have for you there will be moments when you want to cut

Corners in order to get where you’re going faster the shorter path may seem

appealing but you must always take the longer one if it means

ignoring my tranquil presence join me as we travel the roads of tranquility and

enjoy the ride in me presence right I trust the divine plan

to agree upon this glorious light I dwell the King of Kings and the Lord of

lords along with being the one who holds your hand no matter what I am also your

companion friend and Shepherd pray to me in the midst of my

Holiness get near to me so that you may relax in my presence God and man you

can’t do without me you would have been satisfied in your longing if I had not

become flesh and lived on that first long ago

Christmas if I was willing to go to such lengths to redeem you from your sins

then I would gladly provide for all your needs Dot may your faith in me your

savior Lord and friend flourish if I was willing to go to such

lengths to redeem you from your since then I would gladly provide for all your

needs Dot may your faith in me your savior Lord and friend flourish

regarding my provision for you I have spared no expense

I have even begrudgingly chosen to live inside you my light will radiate through

you to illuminate the world so rejoice in all that I have done for

you typs to claim this blessing the day ahead seems convoluted

with forks in the road leading in every way getting lost in that Labyrinth is

something you can’t even began to Fathom as a result you keep in mind the

one who never leaves your side who guides you with an unwavering hand

relaxation sets and when you remember my vow to lead you with my

guidance a Serene fog has settled over the trail ahead blocking your vision as

you glance at it once again such you can only see a short distance ahead of you

you focus more intently on me and start to enjoy being in my

presence the fog is there to Shield you from harm and bring you back to the here

and now you can only speak with me at this very now even though I am here in

every place and in every time you will learn to keep your eyes on me and the

road ahead of you so the fog will be unnecessary

someday deliver yourself to Holiness meaning set apart for sacred use the

term holy is more than just a nice word it is during these times of Stillness in

my presence that you are achieving that when you surrender your will and

place your trust in me I will reshape you into the person I always intended

you to be blocks designated for communion with others rather than with

me are necessary for this process this exercise has many

advantages soaking in the light of my presence sades in both emotional and

physical healing feeling close to me deepens your faith and brings you

peace by doing this you make room in your heart to accept the gifts I have in

store for you through your regeneration you are prepared to receive my Holy

Spirit who can do through you much more than all your wildest dreams being quiet

in my presence has many advantages including

these to accept it with belief please type

the scripture says as the agent of creation Jesus Christ created the cosmos

including all material Realms and living things demonstrating his deity and

equality with God additionally it demonstrates his

deity and existence prior to his human Incarnation not only a tool but the

effective cause of creation he collaborates with the father and the

spirit nothing was created without his influence or power demonstrating his

absolute power this highlights the fact that he is the creator of everything and

confirms that he is God his Creations bear witness to his

Divine Essence and he is acknowledged as being on par with God the Father Jes

Jesus created all things and creatures he was a part in the creation of

everything and is still maintaining and supporting

everything this serves as a reminder of his Heavenly might and dominion over the

cosmos not only is he a historical person or a religious figure from the

past but he is also the source of all creation and

life this greatest creative ability demonstrates to us his Divine Essence

and proves his absolute control over everything this knowledge may intill all

and respect for Jesus in our hearts it serves as a reminder that he

is unaffected by limitations imposed by others or the limits of our

comprehension and that he is capable of transforming our life in ways that are

beyond our comprehension type if you

agree first of all these phrases serve as a reminder of the terrible effects of

sin sin is fundamentally a revolt against God’s pure and righteous

character it causes spiritual ual death and upsets the balance for which we were

meant to be formed physical death is one of the consequences of sin is everyone

born after Adam is and snared by its all encompassing

hold it serves as a sobering reminder that the only thing we have gained by

our disobedience is an everlasting estrangement from our creator

nevertheless those lovely words the free gift of God as eternal life in Christ

Jesus your lord provide hope here we see the magnificence of

God’s love and grace shown in Jesus Christ through trust in Christ Jesus our

lord and savior God freely provides us everlasting life despite our total

inability to close the gap produced by sin the only thing that saved us is

God’s omnipotent Grace we cannot meritoriously acquire or

get anything on our own rather it is a gift that we have received as a result

of Jesus Christ’s atoning act on the cross the words in Christ Jesus our lord

have great significance in this text which is often disre

our relationship with Christ is inextricably related to our Salvation we

are made one with him be faith and we get his righteousness only in Christ can

one receive atonement forgiveness and everlasting

life as Christians we are humbled by the knowledge of our sins and filled with

wonder at God’s atoning love we acknowledge that our depravity renders

his powerless without God’s assistance the good news is that we have a free

gift of everlasting lefu Jesus Christ given by God and His

kindness right I trust the divine plan to agree it is emphasized in this chapter

that those who follow the spirit are sons of God this fact

emphasizes that we are our Heavenly father’s Chosen and adopted children as

followers of Jesus Christ we enjoy the honor of having made peace with God and

being a member of his family we have been given the Holy

Spirit to lead us in our life that really represents who we are and as a

result we are no longer cap Happ to sin in verse it

reads for if you live according to the less you will die but if by the spirit

you put to death the Deeds of the body you will live living according to the

flesh is of wicked self-serving way of living that is controlled by our own

wants we are naturally driven towards immorality and self gratification since

we are Fallen human beings often times our sensual Cravings must lead us and

push us to seek fleeting Joys that ultimately result in spiritual

demise but as Christians we have been given a means to overcome the immoral

impulses of nature via the power of God’s love and the activity of the Holy

Spirit In addition into helping us towards repentance and a life that

pleases God the Holy Spirit convicts us of

sin we are prepared to put to dead the acts of the body that is to withstand

Temptation and turn away from the Cravings that would keep us from doing what is right because of the work that

the spirit does inside us thus

let us acknowledge the importance of these passages in our day-to-day

relationship with Christ as followers of Christ we need to constantly submit to

the direction of the Holy Spirit and ask for his advice in all areas of our

life type thank you God if you believe the Apostle Peter exhorts us as

Christians to refrain from the desires of the body which wage war against our

souls in this chapter Teeter wrote it with inspiration from the holy

spirit this exhortation provides us with a deep understanding of the flawed

nature of humans which tries to sway us from God’s ideal plan for our life the

urge to refrain from giving into one’s fleshly pulses goes beyond morality or

self-control it implores us to give our life over to the lordship of Christ so

that his Spirit might purify us and mold our desires the gospel’s power causes a

craving for Purity righteousness and alignment with Gods will to take the

place of the fleshly wants this job is a result result of the

spirit working inside us it is not something we achieve on our own the holy

spirit gives us the ability to overcome the passions and desires that formerly

held us captive as we yield to his indwelling

power we are free from the shackles of sin and able to walk in the newness of

life because of our redeemed nature and Union with Christ Teeter also

exhorts us to behave honorably among the Gentile so that on the day of

visitation despite their accusations that we are evildoers they may observe

our good acts and exalt God this exhortation to moral Behavior serves as

a reminder to live up to high standards tying our personal salvation

to our responsibility to share the message and goals of our religion with

the rest of the [Music] world type how man if you trust in

Lord it is our duty as Christ’s disciples to pursue righteousness and

all we do we make an effort to bring our attitudes behaviors and ideas into line

with with God’s Flawless standards but when anger takes over our

emotions it makes it harder for us to live as examples of God’s holiness the

wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God the Apostle James

warns us anger often originates from a

position of self-centeredness and personal offense due to our f human nature it drives us

away from love compassion and humility all of which are essential elements of

righteousness rather it blinds us making it difficult for us to see things

clearly and leading us to act against God’s purpose Christians ought to

continually give our emotions up to the holy spirit’s

Authority instead of letting our emotions dictate who we are we should work on developing

qualities like self-control forgiveness and patience it is

imperative that we recognize that a heart that is receptive to God’s

instruction and Grace is what leads to righteousness rather than human

Fury the chapter reminds us that anger is is often a roadblock to righteousness

dot it creates resentment Rifts and heartbreak but we may react with love

forgiveness and understanding if we follow the holy spirit’s guidance and

Leadership May disagreements and incitements be approached with God’s

righteousness in mind seeking his wisdom let us let it direct our actions words

and choices by doing this we may turn our

rage into chances for development react to reconciliation constantly and show

others how much Christ loves us type I Adore You Almighty

Jesus listen carefully now stay focused on what you wish God had done already

rather than what he is really doing and you will miss what he is doing because

we are preoccupied with the closed doors we might Overlook a great deal of open

ones our focus on the individuals who have departed from us causes us to

overlook a great deal of people who are standing in front of us when we get

fixated on missed chances we may Overlook fresh ones because we get fixated on previous

pain we might Overlook Del light in the present if we just focus on the negative

we risk missing the positive when we just focus on

disappointment we risk missing out on Hope let’s decide the focus on Jesus our

religion is written and completed by him alone don’t let them this or that cause

you to miss him maintaining a faith filled the

attitude in the face of disappointment discouragement UNC certainty is spared

or disillusionment requires a tremendous deal of

intentionality you will typically be taken by surprise by at least some of

these factors if not all of them when you are about to make a breakthrough the

enemy wants you to lose confidence in God by undermining your belief in his

kindness and Fidelity he wants you to give up and

accept something much less than what God has in store for you recognize it for

what it is and choose to continue moving forward on faith rather than

sight recall that faith is based on trust rather than comprehension Jesus is

trustworthy because he keeps his promises type P ask if you think God is

my savior give and it is going to be given to you a proper degree pressed down

shaken together and strolling over may be poured into your lap Luke

dear viewer join me in this prayer and

then repeat it after me oh Almighty father the architect of all who demands

that we follow your instructions out of love for you I hope that you would look

mercifully upon the sins I have done today and that you will also help me

feel them thoroughly so that my repentance is real and my resolve to

stop doing them is unwavering help me to see my own hearts in

Purity to the annoyance of my fellow beings and the Peril of my own soul

bring to my attention every transgression and bad habit I have

engaged in I pray that I will reflect on how I have spent my time my thoughts

words and deeds and how I might click clear my name of wrongdoing today and

every day have I given you any consideration

at all have I broken your rules ignored a responsibility I knew I had or

knowingly cause suffering to someone else Lord encourage me to ask these

questions of my heart and keep me from fooling myself with arrogance or

conceit Heavenly Lord you have instructed us to love one another yet

sometimes my kindness isn’t genuine even if I try to be kind to other people I

beseech you to grant me the sincerity to choose right over wrong please do not

let my care and compassion for others be fake type

if you needed this please give me your holy spirit so

that I will be devoted to and excited about serving you as I work for you

permit me to dwell in your presence so that I won’t forget about you when I get

to busy with my life and may I have the patience to face

challenges head un rather than giving into annoyance and rage always

remembering that the end Pro product is yours allow me to be thick skinned and

not take offense at others instead let your spirit protect

me from harms and tensions so that I may ignore even the most malicious insults I

pray this in the Name of Christ we are grateful that you continue

to see our videos I hope the message you received has given you hope and improve

rooved your spirits please click the super thanks button to let us know that

you appreciate what we’ve done

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