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God is speaking to you right

now my beloved kids your Miracle is

nearer than you think there’s

approximately to be a shift from

suffering to ease from barely making it

to abundance from combating that

addiction to freedom and from managing

that illness to Fitness and

wholeness you are going shift from

nothing working out to matters telling

into region

meeting the proper human beings

receiving the contracts and having all

the resources you want what I promised

you already as a set time it’s no longer

going to be second overdue trust my

timing like the video of assurance and


Lord dear child I understand the weight

that bitterness can carry in one’s heart

heart and I want to assure you that

you’re not alone in this

struggle it takes great strength and

courage to recognize the pain caused by

others and to seek forgiveness for them

I am proud of you for taking this step


healing remember that forgiveness is not

about excusing the actions of others but

rather about freeing yourself from the

burden of anger and

bitterness I am here to guide you

through this process and I promise to

provide you with the strength and

support you need to let go of any

resentment that is holding you

back you are worthy of peace love and

happiness and I will help you find it

let us work together to release any

negative emotions and replace place them

with love and compassion remember that

forgiveness is a journey and it takes

time and effort but with my help you can

overcome any obstacle and find the peace


deserve Jesus says type yes if you’ve

aced the Free

Will in the Bible versus Matthew

– always says come to me all you

who were weary and stressed and I will

come up with

relaxation take my yoke upon you and

research from me for I am mild and

humble and a coronary heart and you will

locate relaxation for your

souls a firm L entire every fragment of

my soul has been deeply healed the empty

areas in my coronary heart have been

filled with divine

light I am extra thankful on this

chapter then another chapter I’ve ever

lived through I am in a steady state of

bliss understanding that the Universe

protects my

adventure Every Blessing enters my life

and ideal time with my growth I am on

agenda that become cured just for me by

self-confidence continues to rise as I

stay genuine to the voice of my

spirit I am the wire that connects me to

my desires all that flows from me is

love and all that methods me is

abundance right am man if you believe in


Christ always keep in mind beloved child

follow me one step at a time that is all

I require of you in truth this is the

the best way to pass through this space

time world you see huge mountains loing

and you start thinking how you will

scale the On’s

Heights meanwhile because you’re no

longer searching wherein you’re going

you stumble on the smooth course wherein

I am M you currently as I assist you get

lower back to your feet you inform me

how worried you are approximately The

Cliffs up in

advance but she don’t know what is going

to show up nowadays much much last the

following day our course may take an

Abrupt flip M you far away from those

mountains there can be a simpler way up

the mountains than is visible from this

distance if I do lead you up the cliffs

I will equip you thoroughly for that

strenuous climb I will even Supply my

angel’s rate over you to maintain you in

all your

ways keep your thoughts on the existing

Adventure playing my presence walk by

means of Faith no longer via sight

trusting me open up the manner before

you trust me with every fiber of your

being what an accomplish in and through

you is proportional to how much you

depend upon me one thing of that is the

degree to which you consider me in a

disaster or fundamental

Choice some human beings fail miserably

right here even as others are at their

best in hard instances another aspect is

even extra telling the constancy of your

agree within

me people who depend upon me in the

midst of adversity may also Overlook

about me while existence is Flowing

easily difficult times can jolt you into

focus of your want for me whereas easy

cruising can law you into the stuper of

self-sufficiency I Care As Lots

approximately you’re tiny accept as true

with steps through each day existence is

approximately your dramatic leaps of Rel

religion you might imagine that nobody

notices however the one who is usually

beside you sees the whole thing and

rejoices consistently trusting in me is

crucial to flourishing in my

presence if you have faith in God typa

men the scripture says it’s easy to be

tempted to undergo a existence competing

with everybody around us

when we see someone who is more talented

better looking or has more

items instead of strolling our race and

being snug with who we are often times

we experience inferior and suppose I’ve

got to seize as much as them the hassle

with this dangerous opposition is that

it is a No Way ending

cycle there will usually be someone

ahead folks but it is a very freeing

thing whilst you realize I’m not

competing with you I don’t have to have

this huge a house as my neighbor too

okay with myself I do not ought to

maintain up with my Co-op I do not have

to be a positive length I don’t need to

have as many Christmas lighting outside

no I apprehend that I’m not in

competition with my friend my neighbor

or my co- worker instead I’m going to be

the high quality me that I can in all

likelihood be contentment is an attitude

God can paintings with when you focus on

being who God made you to be and

Consciousness on running your own race

it truly is whil you may see things take

place that’s whilst you will upward

thrust up higher and position yourself

for every spiritual blessing he has in

store for you receiving it by typing

God claims I know lots of factors

are not going nicely on your life proper

now there seems to be nobody there that

will help you hold on I’m approximately

to meet my promises to you hold tight to

me and I will take take you in which you

want to move I will take you similarly

than you can ever consider I did not

carry you this far to fail you now it

can be rough however I still have a plan

don’t give up I realize you are under

attack that is only a signal which you

are near your breakthrough the enemy has

declared Warfare towards you and your

own family but I ask actually have

declared peace Victory Healing and

blessings over your Lifestyles and my

word is very last so be encourage this

Saturday morning because the blessing

you’ve got been praying for her is at

the doorstep just open the

door upon my mind is brilliant worry and

tension as I fear about the destiny in

advance of me Lord I pray to you for

steering and putting my consider in you

once I position my agree within you

completely I will not fear because I

recognize the whole thing may be in your


hands I pray that I can discover ways to

accept as true within you and your plan

for me I recognize that you are

knowledgeable and that no matter what

takes place you will will be with me

each step of the

way I pray that I locate peace in your

guidance and your presence and an ease

of thoughts as I cognizant at the plan

that you have already created for me

rather than my very own because your

plan is always

more I pray that no be counted what I

will endure in my future that I will

always flip to you for each steering and

thank you God thank you for guiding the

manner for me dot in Jesus goal I pray

amen please support our Channel our work

is to remove your mental stories and

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