Lord is speaking to you right

now I recognize you have been struggling

for a protracted time financially

spiritually and emotionally you have

accurate coronary heart and people have

abused you in lots of methods the devil

has attempted to make you lose your mind


times you have been betrayed in lots of

methods but you stand within the midst

of your storms you are nevertheless

right here due to the fact I am with you

I will no longer allow any weapon that

is formed in opposition to you to

prosper fear no longer I am going to

show things around and bless you in the

presence of your enemies hold on in your

faith in Bible verses John

– always says I even have informed

you of this stuff so that in me you can

have peace in this world you will have

trouble but take heart I have conquered


sector if you are feeling a positive

vibe then like this

video Sweet Child I understand that you

are thirsting for my spirit and energy

to your body and movements even when you

are quenched or hindered with the the

aid of other

matters know that I am always with you

guiding you and assisting you in the

whole lot that you

do my spirit is within you giving you

the energy and courage to stand any

obstacle that comes your way you are

never on my own and I will continually

be there to help you through any

assignment that you can face

I see your heart’s preference to be

filled with my love and strength and I

guarantee you that I am running for your

life to result in the modifications that

you need trust in me and realize that I

actually have a plan for your life this

is more than something you may ever

believe remember that my energy isn’t

limited with the aid of your Circ

circumstances or your weaknesses I am

able to paintings fire you in ways which

you can’t even believe so do not be

discouraged while you feel weak or

inadequate instead flip to me and allow

me to fill you with my spirit and

Power share this powerful messages six

individual who is closest to your

heart here are six things presently Lord

desires you to recognize this

today one believe in yourself you can

obtain anything if you put your mind


it two don’t forget to continually have

amusing regardless of how difficult you

are running toward your

goals three if you need to gain

something you will must work difficult


it four life gets hard but in no way

Overlook that you can make it through so

long as you have

wish five you’re more potent and you

suspect no matter what takes place do


surrender six even if you don’t succeed

the first time that does not imply you

might not subsequently be triumphant so


attempting type if you

agree always keep in mind beloved child

you are ready for anything and equal to

something through your residing dating

with me rest in my presence even as I

Infuse internal energy into you because

you are a baby of the king of kings you

are capable of so much more than you

recognize to benefit absolutely out of

your privileged role however you need to

spend ample time with me as you relax in

my presence delighting in me and opening

your heart to me I fill you with

internal power this time spent together

isn’t always only enjoyable it’s far

empowering when there may be a good deal

to do it’s tempting to rush through some

time with me and dive into the

activities of the day but just as

consuming a wholesome breakfast

facilitates you function that you’re

fine so does feeding your soul a healthy

food regimen of

me bask in my word asking my spirit to

make it come alive to you Savor those

phrases of love life your living

relationship with me helps you approach

every new day a self assurance geared up

for anything that CS your

manner thankfulness opens the door to my

presence though I am always with you I

have long gone to Exquisite measures to

maintain your freedom of Desire I

actually have located a door among you

and me and I actually have empowered you

to open or close that

door there are many ways to open it but

a thankful mindset is certainly one of

the only thankfulness is built on a

substructure of accept as true with when

thankful phrases stick to your throat

you need to check up for your foundation


consider when thankfulness flows freely

out of your Cor AR heart and lips allow

your gratitude draw you towards me I

want you to analyze the artwork of

giving thanks in all

circumstances see how usually you may

thank me daily this can awaken your

attention to a multitude of

benefits it can even cushion the impact

of Trials when they arrive against you

practice my presence through working

towards the discipline of

thankfulness enter

if you believe in the

Archangel listen carefully it’s smooth

to get so targeted on our goals our

goals and what we want that it consumes

us we can get to the factor in which

we’re not going to be happy until it


place but I have discovered that if we

ought to to have some things so that it

will be satisfy our lives are out of

balance when our desires and dreams

began to frustrate us while we lose our

peace and aren’t playing Lifestyles it’s

a positive signal that we are

maintaining on to

tightly what’s the solution you’ve were

given to release it Freedom comes while

you say God I’m turning it throughout to

you you realize my desires and you know

what is exceptional for me I’m choosing

to agree with you and your

timing when we discover ways to be

content regardless of the

circumstances it takes away the energy

of the enemy it takes away his

capability to frustrate us not simplest

that however by our movements we show

our faith in

God choose to consider in his timing

pick out to stay in peace and joy and

locate Ras understanding that he is good

matters in store on your

future typ how man if you believe in


Christ God is saying stop worrying I

will take care of you today I will

paintings on the issues that have

triggered you such tension I will make a

course for you I will open doors for you

I need you to live centered on me and


me I want you to be affected person

while you wait on me I love you extra

then and I will deal with whole thing


you you need to agree with me even


you do not apprehend what I am doing my

manner are better than your methods just

agree with that all matters are running

together for your

proper your faithfulness in me and the

way I select to get it accomplished

might be rewarded live a life of faith

in my grace for you trust me even now

I’m with you

always you the these days what are you


approximately why are you dropping sleep

you won’t see how it can exercise but

what you can’t see is me your heavenly

father maneuvering matters to your

choose transferring the wrong human

beings out of the way lining up proper

breakes and turning bad conditions

round type I love you God

consider it Pure Pleasure my brothers

and sisters every time you face Trials

of many sorts due to the fact that the

trying out of your religion produces

perseverance James –


– dear listeners join me in prayer

holy God thank you for giving me any

other morning I am fortunate to be alive

for your your stunning Planet so full of

spectacular matters and the stunning

plants and animals and all the humans

you have got created on your

image fill me with your Holy Spirit now

and all day long until I go to sleep

because I need to stay with you every

minute of at the present time the time


opportunities I actually have proper now

will never go back so help me make the

nice of it Lord and let me remember the


element you recognize what you’re doing

whether I can see it or not so I will

try and remember today that you are in

fee which you position me here for cause

and that by your grace matters will turn

out together with your Triumph and the

kingdom of

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