my dear child I know you are getting

disappointment from everywhere but don’t

be afraid I am with you in all situation

I am around you and I will make

everything right please listen to my

messages carefully and share it with

each other don’t give up when you face

obstacles like failures

disappointments opposition from others

or a bad Health Report these are indic

cators that you’re getting closer to

your goal the adversary was okay when

you first started but as you gained

momentum and his attention he started to

provide some difficulties and

hurdles you bewildered him since he

assumed you would give up after the

first round of challenges he anticipated

that you would give up when that buddy

betrayed you when you lost that customer

or when your kid had difficulties but

you persisted giving thanks to me for

having the

power I’m grateful that I fought your

fight no weapon formed against me will

prosper I say to myself every morning I

will thus go before you open doors that

no one can close and bestow upon you

blessings healing and breakthroughs the

best is not yet upon us please type

if you agree in the Bible verses

Romans always says for in it the

righteousness of God is found out from

faith for Faith as it is written the

righteous shall stay by way of

religion type yes to

affirm my dear child as you navigate the

path I’ve laid out before you keep this

truth closed to your heart every step

you Embark upon is imbued with

purpose Your Existence isn’t a mere

coincidence it’s a narrative

meticulously crafted and cherished amid

the tumult of your everyday lifely the

unique coordinates that Define your

essence yet many of my cherished

creations Overlook these Precious

Moments preoccupied with the future or

longing for something

different they often lose sight of me

their creator who is with them here and

now forgetting that I have placed them

within the Realms of time and space each

moment shines with the Luminous essence

of my being a gift to those whose Hearts

resonate with

mine by embracing a life filled with my

presence you will discover that

anxieties lose their grip over you

surrender and find Liberation my spirit

will guide you with Grace along the

pathways of Serenity I the almighty am

am your source of strength and

recognizing your

vulnerabilities and

limitations is ended to blessing

this awareness draws you closer to me

for in your Frailty my strength is made

perfect sometimes I might fill you with

Boundless Energy while at other times I

provide just enough to press forward the

Allure of demonstrating your might is

strong yet do not feel disheartened when

I allowed only sufficient strength for

the moment it is in this manner that I

remain intimately connected with you

Whispering messages of Love reminding

you of my unending

affection loving baby share this video

and bless others to hear my Whispers

clearly you must trust that I The

Sovereign Lord steer your life’s course

and even amidst adversity countless


abound I am a fortress all all who seek

refuge in me draw near and my protective

Embrace will shield you

vulnerability and

insurmountable challenges emerge when

you Stray From My Shelter attempting to

navigate the world

alone such discomfort signals a need for

my presence the solution is simple seek

my protection as your Shepherd I promise

safety the journey ahead May Twist and

Turn yet I possess the wisdom to guide

you through safely the journey ahead May

Twist and Turn yet I possess the wisdom

to guide you through safely under the

Vigilant care of a true Shepherd the

flock remains blissfully unaware of


dangers therefore be Discerning in your

choice of leadership I am the most

compass passionate Shepherd follow me

and I will safeguard you from harm and

dispel all

fears clasp onto me with parental

tenderness and the warmth of a friend

you belong to me and I to you let the

strength of our connection Infuse your

heart and let the Assurance of my

constant presence light your way if you

watch the whole video with without

skipping it God bless you

abundantly dear child of mine always

rejoice in me whatever is happening you

may be happy in your love connection

with me this is the key to finding

contentment in any

situation many individuals look forward

to the day when they will be completely

content whether it be when their debt is

paid off when their kids are no longer

in trouble when they have more free time

Etc their minutes are dribbling into the

earthlike pre-bomb pouring wastefully

from caps as they Daydream wishing for

happiness in the future is

unrealistic and will never come true I

am considerably more real than the world

you see around you despite the fact that

I am invisible

my world is timeless and unchangeable

give me your moments and I will envelop

them and radiant Joy this is the moment

to celebrate my

presence only worship me standing in

unapproachable light I am the king of

kings and the Lord of lords I’m looking

after you not only am I dedicated to

taking care of you but I can also

accomplish it

flawlessly Rest in Me My tired one this

is a kind of prayer despite the lack of

fashion for it my children still drive

themselves like Rass horses they ignore

how tired they are and forced themselves

to perform they fail to recognize my

sovereignty and the superiority of my

methods over

theirs they may be motivated to serve me

but behind that they may have a grudge

since I’m a strict

Taskmaster I always extend the same

invitation come to me all you who are

tired and I will give you rest to honor

me have a pleasant nap in my company

type I love dearly you

father seek in the warmth of my presence

bathing you in light enjoy the thrill of

my love light as it covers your face

more than you may ever know I adore you

I see you clothed in my light and

adorned in my righteousness thus I

continually approve of you for those

wear me there is no condemnation for

this reason I detest Christians using

guilt as a source of

motivation between some pastors attempt

to incite guilt tripping sermons and an

attempt to Galvanize their flock

although many individuals may be

motivated to work more by this process

the methods may not justify the

ends messages that instill guilt may

damage a believer’s faith in Grace

itself when his people accomplish more a

pastor can feel successful but I

consider their hearts when I see grace

fading and anxious Works sneaking in I

weep I want you to unwind in the

knowledge that you’re are my Flawless

love you are no longer bound by the laws

of sin and death because of the law of

my spirit of life it is imperative that

you spend time alone with me for your

own wellbe it is a must not a luxury or

a choice as a result don’t feel bad

about spending time with me recall that

Christians are Accused by Satan he

enjoys making you feel guilty

particularly while you’re basking in my

presence if you sense the accusing

arrows of Satan you are most likely

headed in the correct direction put your

faith as a barrier to keep him away from

you discuss your problems with with me

and ask me to guide you in the right

direction the devil will fly from you if

you resist him approach me and I will

approach you typ our men if you

believe sweet kids listen carefully

there is absolutely nothing that Satan

brings that is not intriguing right you

can’t take your gaze off of them it’s

that enthralling and it has a special

place in your

heart that is exactly how the Devil May

tempt us he has a lot of excellent

things in store for us nothing that may

draw us closer to him but also pull us

further from God there is a way that

seems right to a man but its end is the

way of death that is why the passage

States as much even if we’ve been

waiting a long time for a chance it’s

not from God of seizing it can cause us

to reject

Jesus surely we are aware that Satan’s

goal is our downfall and the loss of all

wonderful that God has bestowed upon us

thief and liar is what he is the reality

is that he is against us enjoying a life


Plenty for that reason Satan is against

our knowing Jesus Jesus Jesus came so

that we can have light and have it

abundantly John and he is aware of

this even Satan is aware of our

weaknesses he will provide us with just

what we want it will look great and

magnificent also the Bible might lead us

astray if we aren’t careful my friends

let us not fall for Satan’s Turks let us

have our Focus only on Jesus everything

wet originates in our hearts therefore

let us defend

them please like and share this video

with seven others if you believe in

God the Lord claims it is difficult to

encourage one another apart from Christ

there is a lot of rivalry in this world

humans are inherent

competitive and egocentric we aim to

outdo one another to the best of our

abilities however if we claim to be


Offspring we should be modest encourage

one another and build one another up as

what Jesus says in his word we ought to

think of ourselves as

compassionate Christ should be the

Cornerstone of our m Mutual support and

encouragement we can only be edified by

our interactions with them Jesus Christ

is the Cornerstone and our first

priority should be to build ourselves up

while also aiding others if you want to

build yourself up on Jesus you have to

work at it constantly no way can we

construct a home in

minutes no way

an unwavering commitment to challenging

and rewarding Endeavor is essential a

guy does not become a character

overnight character development is an

ongoing process that culminates in

becoming more like him it is important

to prioritize

self-improvement before attempting to

lift others up after all lifting oneself

up is the only way to lift another

person up stability ought to be our

first goal nothing we don’t have can be

given therefore in order to contribute

we must ensure that we are

full type our man if you accept God

blessings so that Christ May

additionally live for your hearts

through religion and I pray with you

being rooted and hooked up in love can

also have

electricity together with all the Lord’s

holy human beings to comprehend how

extensive and long and excessive and

deep is the love of Christ Ephesians

hey there tune in let us join in

this prayer together and say it again

please almighty God I am really

suffering right now therefore I pray to

you I worry a lot about the future I

have ahead of me which fills me with

Dread and the

anxiety Lord I ask you to lead me as I

place my confidence in you I won’t be

afraid once I fully put my confidence in

you because I know that everything will

be in your capable

hands I ask that you help me to come to

trust you and your purpose for my life I

am certain that you are all knowing and

that you will support me at every turn

no matter what since your plan is always

better than mine I hope that I may find

Serenity in your presence Direction and

rest of Mind as I concentrate on the

plan you’ve already made for me in the

name of Jesus I hope that no matter what

I go through in the future fut I will

always come to you for direction and

thankfulness thank you God for Paving

the road for me thank

you I pray to you father and declare

your word over my family in the name of

Jesus I acknowledge and acknowledge that

the Deeds of Jesus have taken

unbelieving family members under your

protection I pray that labor will come

across their way to share your message

and Usher them into the kingdom I’m

grateful that you have stopped the

adversary from speaking to them and that

you would provide them life and a long

life for Jesus the crucifixion was

sufficient I swear by all

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