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now hear what the God is saying to you

dear child as opposed to judging conduct

and weaknesses of others ask me what I

am attempting to reveal

you my love you are called to see

matters deeper after they seem most

effective on the floor to others so when

you are in a stormy surroundings pray


discernment sometimes I will ask you to

hope for them other instances I will

train you how to take care of those

battles but other instances I will reval

developments that during a positive

shape dwell in you this is why my

selected one by no means

decide bring the case to me and I will

monitor you the truth I love

you like the video if you have faith


god my son your yearning for reality

Echo via the cosmos and I a benevolent

deity pay attention your prayer Dot and

the giant expanse of existence the

hunger for awareness is a sacred plea

know that even inment of satiation or

Veil perception your earnest pursuit of

God God’s phrase is

identified the tapestry of fact is woven

with threads of divine knowhow and your

starvation that testimoni to your Noble

quest in The Labyrinth of existence be

steadfast and in search of fact for it’s

far the compass that Publications

through Illusions and

deceptions type I love dearly you you

father as a God I impart unto you the

guarantee that your true preference for

enlightenment does no longer go left out

let the flame of Interest burn brightly

within you dispelling Shadows of


information embrace the starvation for

God’s word and let or not it’s a lantern

Illuminating the course to profound


in your adventure take into account that

the pursuit of fact is a sacred

pilgrimage as the deity who hears your

prayer I watch over you with unwavering

benevolence guiding your steps in the

direction of the boundless reservoir of


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for always says blessed be the God

and father of our Lord Jesus Christ the

father of mercies and God of all

consolation who comforts Us in all our

Affliction the supreme god claims I am

always available to you once you’ve got

relied on me as your Savio I never

distance myself from you sometimes you

may sense remote from me recognize that

is feeling do no longer confuse it with

fact the Bible is complete of my

guarantees to be with you constantly as

I confident Jacob when he was traveling

far from domestic into unknown locations

I am with you and could watch over you

anywhere you cross

after my resurrection I made this

promise to my fans surely I Am With You

Always to the very cease of the age let

those assurances of my persistent

presence fill you with joy and peace no

count what you may lose in this

Lifestyles you may in no way lose your

relationship with

me thankfulness opens the door to my

presence though I am constantly with you

I even have long passed to Extraordinary

Measures to keep your freedom of choice

I have positioned a door between you and

me and I even have empowered you to open

or close that

door there are many approaches to open

it but a thankful attitude is certainly

one of the simplest thankfulness is

built on a substructure of trust when

grateful phrases stick for your throat

you need to check up in your foundation

of accept is true

with when thankfulness flows freely from

your heart and lips allow your gratitude

draw you in the direction of me I want

you to analyze the artwork of giving

thank you in all

circumstances see how often times you

can thank me every day this will awaken

your cognizance to a large number of

benefits it will even cushion the effect

of Trials when they come towards you

practice my presence with the aid of

practicing the subject of

thankfulness our prayer for today father

thank you for the gift of partnership

thank you that we will stand together

stronger and extra very effective in

constructing your

country your word says that after we

live together in cohesion you command

blessing today I get hold of that

blessing as I observe your instructions

in jesus’ name

amen type amen if you receive

this the scripture says when you receive

Jesus as your lord and savior you have

get admission to everything he is peace

provision safety and greater that way no

matter what is taking place inside the

global today as you obey God’s word your

needs will be met

no no matter what is going on with the

economic system fuel expenses or housing

market God is still your source and if

if your source is okay then you

definitely are K too rest assured There

Is No Lack in heaven not simplest is God

able to meet your wishes he desires to

meet your

desires it offers him Splendid

satisfaction to bless and prosper you

expect that God is working in the back

of the scams to your behalf look for his

hand of provision for your Lifestyles

and praise him for his faithfulness do

whatever he says to do and watch him

open the windows of

Heaven typ how man if you believe in


Christ g d said you belong to me and my

spirit lives in you my spirit is like an

incredible power for you he’s not magic

you honestly have to to let go and allow

my spirit to guide you when you’re

uncertain my spirit gives no

how when you battle with worry and

tension my spirit ushers in peace and

love when you start to drift and or

tempt it to follow your very own way my

spirit will lead you into my

will you have not anything to fear

because you have got entrusted your

Lifestyles to me my spirit will comfort

you intercede for you and suggest for

you we all face conditions and

Lifestyles that experience out of manage

during Times Like These it is easy to

get discourage and permit worry to creep

in however

alternatively why don’t you attention on

the truth that God is conserving you

inside the palm of his

hand there is nothing to hard for him

nothing’s not possible not anything is

past his capacity when god holds you in

his hand you are safe you are cared for

in his hand there is victory in his hand

there is energy in his hand there’s

provision in his hand is the whole lot

you want no depend what you will be

going through these days you can believe

that God is for you instead of having

down and depressed over your occasions

look up and get a vision of God turning

that situation

round let Faith get up to your coronary

heart and focus on his choose

merchandizing and

blessing as you maintain your heart and


focused on him and select to obey his

word you may see the On’s Supernatural

breaks to be able to release you

similarly ahead than you ever notion

feasible due to the fact he hold you

with his Victorious proper

hand typa man if you believe in


Lord why my soul are you downcast why so

Disturbed within me put your hope in God

for I will but praise him my savior and

my God Psalm

– dear listeners let’s join our

prayers together dearest Father in

Heaven creator of Heaven and Earth dot

thank you for the brand new day that you

are giving to us new wish new

possibilities to do something for you

and others

we would possibly come upon difficulties

Lord though I pray that those challenges

will no longer rub us the joy our hearts

and our faith in you no be counted what

allow us to be content knowing that you

will offer for something we want in

fighting our daily

battles guide us Lord and Deliver Us

Clarity to remedy any give

problems calm our hearts and fill us

with your peace remove any doubts in US

Lord and allow us to have the faith that

movements mountains that construct

Bridges and crosses the Raging

seas that surpasses all information help

us to be continually clothed with

humility and love lead us within the

manner Everlasting to forgive as we’re

forgiven to look for your light whilst

we are beaten by way of

Darkness to be comforted when in

Melancholy by means of the restoration

strength from your words thank you that

paying attention to you is well worth

every minute it will make us wiser and

greater ready to defeat our enemies

walking in faith with you as a oneof a

type Journey

it is in no way boring it makes us

develop and more potent thank you for

the help to triumph over any mind which

might be now not in step with yours not

to be Mastered by this world but with

Thy word I pray in jesus’ name

amen I appreciate you if you are still

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