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Supreme God is telling you now oh my

beloved child just due to the fact you

do not see something happening yet

doesn’t suggest that I am not running on

it one aspect you need to know is that

every and each second I am preparing you

for what you’re praying and ready for so

believe me what I began in your

existence I will end it in a way you

never assume

anxiety is a result of envisioning the

future without me so the great defense

and opposition the fear is staying in

communication with me when you switch

your mind closer to me you could assume

Lots greater

definitely remember to pay attention in

addition to talk making your thoughts a

dialogue with me if you need to recol

elct up coming occasions follow those

guidelines one do now not linger inside

the future because anxieties Sprout up

like mushrooms when you wander

there to remember the promise of my

chronic presence Encompass me in any

imagery that involves thoughts this

mental feel does not come without

difficulty due to the fact you are

acquainted with being God of your fan

taxes like this message if you believe


god in Bible verses Psalm to to five

always speak then I stated my sin to you

and did not cow up my iniquity I said I

will confess my transgressions to the

Lord and you forgave the guilt of my

sin my child I know that there are times

while you sense broken sick and in need


wholeness but I need to guarantee you

that I will always be by your side

bringing you the

recuperation and healing you are looking

for to your body thoughts soul and

relationships you are loved and

cherished extra than you may consider

and I believe in Your Capacity to

overcome any demanding situations you


face trust in my love for you and

realize that I will by no means provide

you with more than you can take care of

I will bring you the recovery and

Recovery you need giving you the peace

and comfort to Bear through all of

it Almighty says type yes if you’ve got

gotten the free

will remember that every second of

recuperation each step toward wholeness

and every example of perseverance is a

testament to your inner power and

resilience You Are by no means on my own

for your journey and I will usually be

right here to bring you the comfort and

guidance you

want may my love and healing carry you

peace and comfort to your journey trust

in me my child and recognize that I am

usually right here for you bringing you

the healing and wholeness you are trying

to find you are cherished loved and

deserving of Every

Blessing comment amen if you

agree there is peace and fullness of joy

in my loving presence look for me as you

undergo this day I am eager to be

discovered by you I never lose sight of

you I watch over you

continually however there R many methods

you may lose sight of me most of those

are simply temporary distractions which

abound within the global death remedy is

simple remind yourself that I am with


an awful lot more critical hassle is

forsaking your first love if you

recognize this has happened repent and

run back to me confess the idols which

have drawn you far away from me take

time to get hold of my forgiveness with

Thanksgiving collaborate with me and

rearranging your priorities making me

first to your Lifestyles as you spend

spend time in my presence think about

who I am King of the universe light of


Arena bask in this light of life so that

you can reflect me to others while you

are delighting in me I fill you up with

love joy and

peace I am the culmination of all your

hopes and desires I am the Alpha and the

Omega the first and and the closing

whose end became and is to return before

you knew me you expressed your craving

for me in harmful

methods you had been ever so susceptible

to the evil round you in the world but

now my presence properly Shields you and

folding you in my loving fingers I have

lifted you out of Darkness into my


light though I have added many Pleasures

into Lifestyles not considered one of

them as critical receive my blessings

with open Palms enjoy my good gifts

however do cling to

them turn your attention to the giver of

all excellent things and rest inside the

knowledge that you are whole in me the

one component you honestly want is the

one component

you can in no way lose my presence with

you if you agree God’s words then share

this video who is closest to your

heart cast your cares on the Lord and

he’s going to preserve you he’s going to

by no means permit the righteous be

shaken Psalm –

God says want once I said I will ship

my son to keep the sector he will die in

at the one day I will increase him from

useless when the time had come through

the signs and symptoms I said before had

proved and shown everybody regarding he

is my son only a few had

believed and others rejected him the

idea there is nevertheless time for him

to come back in the same way I even have

already advised you the signs and

symptoms regarding his second coming

through my

word don’t do as just like the human

beings had rejected the signs and

symptoms I had advised them as like

above through the signs and symptoms at

hay already prove that the time is near

make make sure you’re prepared for

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Channel attention listener join this

prayer with me and say it with me prayer

for expertise dearest father who is

wealthy in Mercy and charm thank you

that we care technique your presence

anytime or


I pray oh God that you put a preference

in our hearts to return into thy

presence daily for in you we will locate

all that we wished and whilst we are in

your presence I pray for our ears to

Incline unto they saying to pay

attention and analyze accurate

judgment thank you for your steering as

good and natural help us then not to

turn away from your commands to take

your words to the heart and comply with

your instructions for they lead to

existence give us the wisdom that we

need to increase right

judgment make thy words planted and

rooted in our hearts so they may undergo

culmination thank you for your words of

expertise that you impart to us so as to

protect and shield us in order that we

can no longer pass off

Target I pray that we will prize

understanding an embody her in order

that we can be commemorated thank you

that knowledge will position adorable

wreath on our heads and present us with


crowns father assist us to pay attention

to you and do as you say in order that

we will have a protracted life and our

desires may be met thank you for the

promise that you will train us

understandings way and lead us to


paths when we stroll we can now not be

held back when we run we are able to not

stumble. type if you

agree so I pray for each one to Reserve

directly to your instructions like its

miles our expensive Lifestyles and we

will shield them because they are key to


Everlasting how adorable it’s far father

that as we comply with you we can be

righteous like the first gleam of the

sunrise which shines ever brighter until

the overall mild of day thank you for

your words brains Lifestyles to to us

who locate them and recuperation for our

bodies let us protect our hearts above

all else for it determines the course of

Our Lives help us to avoid all perverse

communicate and to stay far away from

crap speech may we usually appearance

instantly in advance and fix our eyes on

what lies earlier than

us and that we will Mar Mark out a

instantly path for our feet and stay at

the safe route do not let us get

sidetracked and maintain our toes from

following evil I pray inside the

valuable name of Jesus

Amen type Lord is my strength if you

believe we will always encourage you to

move from negative emotions to positive

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