? Jesus Died For Our Sins And You Can’t Take 2 Minute To Fellowship With God

heavenly father is saying to you today

as my child my voice you have identified

my still your voice in The Quiet of your

soul my words laced in love have led you

further into Freedom every step of the

manner do you forget that I am a great

father I am now not silent daughter lean

into my loving heart and pay attention

the phrases of Lifestyles that fill you

with The Bravery you

need my steering is continually with

your gain and thoughts if you pick to

listen you’ll not be

disappointed my information is the

treasure you are seeking for therefore

don’t be fooled into questioning that

the world’s ways are

higher they will depart you disillusion

in the end when you wore to choose love

allow me wash over you with my kindness

and remind you that my heart is complete

of generosity and

goodness I am now not a dictator but a

loving counselor my unswerving fans will

locate authentic achievement in

following the recommendation I freely

give I will never force you to OB serve

me and I may not take away my Mercy out

of your Lifestyles if you pick


manner I see how your heart longs for

fulfillment daughter and you may locate

that during

me align your existence with mine and

discover the liberty and pleasure that

heeding my knowhow

brings like this video If you follow

through in

God in Bible verse Jeremiah

– always for I recognize the plans I

have for you pronounces the Lord plans

for welfare and now not for evil to

provide you a Destiny and a

desire My Sweet kids even when it is

able to look like your for your very own

recollect but you are a part of my

circle of relatives a community of

believers who were connected through our

faith and love for each

other I recognize the importance of

feeling related and supported within the

church and I assure you that I am

working to carry you towards other who

percentage your beliefs and

values you are a cherished member of my

family and your presence is valued in

the church

Community even if you can feel isolated

at times recognize that I am running to

bring human beings into your life who

will help and uplift you to your faith

Adventure Lord says right yes if you

want my

blessings dear son I encourage you to to

attain out to others to are looking for

fellowship and connection within the

church be open to forming new

relationships and deepening existing

ones for it is through those connections

that you will discover the support and

companionship you

Choice remember that I am with you

always guiding and comforting you you

are a liked part of my my circle of

relatives and I will make certain which

you are in no way really

alone trust in my love for you and find

comfort in the knowhow that you are a

cherished member of our

network if you’re prepared type amen and

send this video to nine believes in

Lord God claims I am the Firm Foundation

on which you could dance and sing and

have a good time my presence this is my

high and holy calling for you get hold

of it as a precious gift glorifying and

taking part in me is a higher precedence

then preserving a tidy structured life

give up your striving to hold to hold

thing below manage and not possible

under taking and a waste of precious

strength my steerage for every of my

youngsters is specific that’s why being

attentive to me is so vital for your

well-being let me put together you for

the day that await you and Factor you

inside the right route I am with you

usually so don’t be intimidated through

fear though it stalk you it cannot harm

you as long as you hang to my hand keep

your eyes on me playing peace in my

presence to confirm type to

make friends with the problems in

your life though many things feel random

and wrong recollect that I am Sovereign

over the whole

lot I can fit the whole lot right into a

pattern for true but only to the

quantity which you believe me every

problem can teach you something

remodeling you little by little into the

Masterpiece I created you to

be the very equal hassle can come too

the a stumbling block over which you

fall in case you react with mistrust and

Defiance the Cho is as much as you and

you ought to

select many instances each day whether

to accept as true with me or defy

me the nice way to befriend your

problems is to thank me for them this

simple act opens your mind to the

possibility of benefits flowing out of


difficulties you may even give chronic

troubles Nick helping you to approach

them with familiarity as an Al

alternative than with

Dread the subsequent step is to

introduce them to me permitting me to

embrace them in my loving

presence I will no longer always dispose

of your issues however my knowledge is

enough to carry suitable out of everyone

and all them type thank you Father

prayer for today father thank you that

my life may be constructed on the rock

that you are and I can live to honor you

thank you for your promise that

regardless of what comes my way wow the

typhoon is over I nonetheless past

status I accept as true with that yah

will bring me

through type yes to

affirm listen up while Lifestyles bring

its percentage of physical scars from

injuries there also are internal scars

that come from what someone said from a

breakup from a failure we made from the

loss of a cherished

one so frequently we try to cover our

scars for the one’s wounds they remind

us of the hurt but you want to peer your

scars and a new light God allowed that

scar to remind you of what he delivered

you via don’t think about the think

about the grace of God the scar means

the wound has healed the pain is over

and your transferring ahead you can be

at peace together with your scars those

scars inform your

tail no one inside the scripture fulfill

their Destiny with outw scars we all get

wounded the scar is evidence that God

healed you the scar reminds you of the

greatness of God sure you have got a

scar however you’ve come through healed

restored Vindicated blessed and pleasant

your purpose being assured of this that

he who began and amazing paintings and

you may bring it on to Final Touch till

the day of Christ Jesus Philippians

to typ how man if you believe in Jesus

Christ dear listener join this prayer

with me and repeat after me dear father

I come earlier than you with a bode head

and a humble heart I recognize that

you’re the creator of This Global and

you have all the strength in your

hand I praise and thanks because I

recognize which you lack not anything

but you love me and need a dating with

me my my heart is heavy because I know

that in spite of your goodness to me I

have gotten off track I even have made

some in cracked turns and people pics

have taken me away from you I want to be

in a proper relationship with you I

understand that you are faithful to

forgive me when I ask I am asking for

your forgiveness proper now God and I

ask with you repair my courting with you

please help me so that I do not retain

to make errors that pull me away from

your love and safety God every now and

then I get off course because I permit

the enemy to lure me with this

deception he temps me with worldly

possessions that haven’t any Everlasting

fee he tempts me via looking to make me

assume that his way ways higher I post

to you as my father I want you to be my

savior leader company protector and

counselor as my father I recognize you

want me to obey and trust you please

assist me to do this I do no longer want

to follow absolutely everyone but you

please reinforce me so that I can face

up to the enemy and motive him to

flee please fill me together with your

spirit and permit it manual me every day

I trust that Jesus died on the pass and

Rose from the grave to offer me eternal

life thank you for the gift of

Salvation the plans which you have for

me are two Make Me Greater like Jesus so

that I can spend Eternal existence with

you lead me and display me the way to

stay for you and how to will let you

live through me in Jesus call I pray

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