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Lord is telling you right

now my little child you were through a

lot to your life if people handiest knew

the half of of it you had been there for

others through thick and thin you loved

them through CH worst of instances you

best requested for honesty and loyalty


return you have been hurt so generally

because of your loving and worrying cour

ordinary heart you even opened your

doors and took on responsibilities that

belong to others yet you maintain reward

and worship me I recognize your pain I

will by no means leave you nor forsake

you you’re now not going through you are

popping out in the month of December

your complete family is going to be

touched by using my hand and blessings

are coming your

manner like this video if you follow up


Jesus in the Bible verce Isaiah

– always says you will Preserve in

perfect peace those whose minds are

steadfast because they agree with

you my kids you are meant to reflect my

glory and like to others and to use your

strength and have an impact on for

precise I want you to know that I am

usually with you even when you can feel

remote or unworthy I see your heart and

your intentions and I recognize that you

preference to honor and serve

me remember that your reverence and

worry of me have to now not be based on

fear of punishment or rejection instead

it need to be BAS based totally on a

deep admire and offer my man or woman


nature share this messages nine

individual who is closest to your

heart as you seek to Encompass my

greatness and Holiness do now not be

afraid to acknowledge your weaknesses

and errors I am no longer seeking out

Perfection from you however rather a

humble and honest heart that seeks to

follow my

methods so do now not be discouraged

through your boundaries or failures

instead agree within me and depend upon

my grace and mercy I am continually

ready to forgive and restore you and to

empower you to live a life that


me Lord says type on man if you believe

in me

the almighty God declares I have

promised to fulfill all your wishes and

keeping with my superb riches your inner

the maximum steady want is for my peace

I have planted peace in the lawn of your

coronary heart where I live but there

are weeds developing there

too pleasure fear selfishness unbelief I

am the gardener and I am working to rid

your heart of these weeds I do my work

in diverse ways when you sit quietly

with me I shine the light of my presence

immmediately into your coronary

heart and this have only light peace

grows abundantly and weeds shrivel up I

additionally send trials Into Your

Existence when you accept as true with

me in the midst of trouble peace peace

flourishes and weeds die

away thank me for tough situations the

peace they could produce some distance

out ways the pains you

endure write Jesus’s Supreme

King don’t be so hard on yourself I can

deliver correct demon out of your errors

your finite mind tends to look backward

longing to undo dechy sense you have

come to remorse this is a waste of time

and power leading handiest do

frustration instead of floundering

inside the Beyond release your

erors look to me and Trust watching for

that my Limitless creactivity can weave

each proper chores and terrible into a

lovable layout because you’re human

you’ll maintain to make mistakes

thinking what you have to stay

blunderous loose life is symptomatic of

delight your failures can be a supply of

blessing humbling you and giving you

empathy for different people in their

weaknesses best of all failure

highlights your dependence on

me L am able to deliver Splendor out of

the morass of your mistakes trust me and

watch to see what what I will

do to accept it with belief please type

listen carefully one component we

need to recognize is that God isn’t

going to Deliver Us from every problem

he is not going to keep us from each

assignment if he did we might in no way

develop the scripture says our faith is

attempted inside the Hearth of

Sor when you are in a tough time it

really is and possibility on your

religion to polish anybody can get bad

and sour blame God or lose their aror

that’s smooth but in case you want to

skip the check in case you need God to

take you to a new level you cannot be a

weakling you need to be a warrior dig

your heel

and an say as the Apostle Paul I can

cope with it I’m geared up for it I’m

equal to it I understand God continues

to be at the throne he is preventing my

battles and on the alternative side of

this trouble is a brand new level of my

destiny cck men to make it

happen God claims as you embark in this

ultimate month of

seek me in prayer and allow my word

be a lamp to manual your path trust that

I am the god of recent beginnings and in

me you may locate the power to stand

anything lies

ahead let this month be in possibility

to deepen your relationship with me to

find out new truths in my word

and to enjoy the fullness of my presence

surrender your plans to me and watch as

spread possibilities and blessings

beyond your

imagination dear beloved In This Moment

know that you’re seen and cherished

you’ve traversed a path and seen by many

enduring trials known only to your heart

your kindness your unwavering support

for others and your resilience in the

face of pain have it gone and

noticed despite the hurt and sacrifices

your faithfulness remains unwavering

remember in your moments of Despair I am

by your side holding you through every

trial your December holds Promises of

blessings your household will feel the

touch of my

grace you’re not merely going through

you’re emerging stronger hold on to hope

for brighter says await Trust In the

Journey For The Love you’ve given will

be returned in

abundance if you have faith and Lord


amen for I am satisfied that neither

demise nor life neither angels nor

demons neither the present nor the

destiny nor any powers neither Peak nor

depth nor anything else in all creation

will be able to separate us from the

love of God that is in Christ Jesus our

lord Romans

dear listener join this prayer

with me and repeat after me oh mighty

one I recall the instances that I had

fallen whilst Darkness hovered over over

me times I failed

to understand if or how I became going

to make it Beauty held on knowing you

had been my mild within darkness and one


or the other you’ll pull me out you will

restore me despite the fact that I could

listen the enemy mocking me and telling

me it turned into over even then I knew

I turned into going to rise up I knew

that my God changed into preventing from

me and that Darkness was no longer going


win the enemy is after our minds he

ought to care less about our stuff he

wishes our peace he wants our pleasure

he wishes what we adore must but I

Proclaim that he’ll not have them I

claim every promise you have spoken over

me and I come inside of call of Lord and

I will establish my

territory I will now not cower all the

way down to the works of the evil one

he’s no match for the stunning name of

Jesus to confirm right I am

thankful there’s no longer enough devils

in Hell the face towards you our God is

a notable God and he fights for us he

choose uses us every unmarried time

Victory is in your fingers father we

lift up the ones whose minds are full of

Darkness remind them of your love and

shinier mild to manual them out

oh do not allow the enemy to devour them

remind them that there are higher days

in advance we communicate wish over them

nowadays we speak peace we speak joy in

the name of Jesus father pull away the

ones who have strayed from your loving

Embrace speak to their hearts and

purpose their hearts to be melt by using

the loving voice of Our Shepherd we ask

you to steer us to folks that V lost

their way and allow us to shower them

along with your

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