today God is speaking to you my beloved

child I understand that you have high

expectations of me my darling kid let me

tell you one thing though I have many

more blessings in store for you than you

could have imagined it can take time for

some of those

advantages it is not refused just

because there is a delay I’m getting you

ready for it simply review the events

that have transpired in your life you

may have cried at first over certain

things but you eventually thanked me for

the positive

outcome certain things did not turn out

the way you had hoped you could fall in

love with a girl or guy that you see and

then you might ask me to marry you you

to them you beg me to provide you a work

opportunity when you see one in a

newspaper or someplace else in the same

way you have high expectations of me

however you fail to mention that if it

is your will let it be carried out in my

life and lead to your glory have you

ever asked me for anything before saying

this this is the reason why every time

you do not get what you have requested

from me you invariably become my rate

and lose trust in me you never seem to

remember whether what you are asking for

or have requested is in accordance with

my will recall that I assured you that I

would provide the precise items you need

thus trust in me you are aware of Joseph

David Jacob Esther and Abraham they all

had faith in me and I never let them

down trust in me my little one I am

aware of what’s passed for you I’ll give

it to you when the moment is appropriate

you just need to have faith in me like

the video if you have truly faith in

Lord when you look for me you will find

me heart and my Endeavor I don’t

anticipate Perfection What pleases me is

the effort itself the perseverance one

faced with great difficulty actually you

are blessed by the quest your attention

is on me as you search for me in your

moment as you struggle towards me via

many detours your Consciousness becomes

Clos closer to me you fine you selfs

speaking with me even if you don’t feel

anything for me there’s a catch however

where your search for me will ultimately

succeed since I am abundantly present in


endeavors because of this while you are

actively seeking me you feel more real

alive and alert when you give me your

whole attention it’s not about that at

all it’s about you challenging me to

find me in your moments and your desire

to give this wonderful search your all

fills my heart with happiness the key to

this happy trip is

persistence the key to this happy trip

is persistence you are on the correct

track as long as you keep looking for me

additionally your success is guaranteed

you will locate me the core of the

Christian Life is having faith in God

whether in good Lord

circumstances right I love you father I

want to be engaged in every part of your

life because I am the Lord of all of

your situations you may establish a fast

connection with me by expressing your

faith in me right now my light shines

brilliantly through you even in the

darkest moments when you choose to trust

me that spiritual powers of evil are

weakened by your demonstration of

sublime faith and the people around you

are blessed and strengthened as my

superhuman light shines through you to

cling to me in the dark you must

continually use your

determination while you’re holding on to

me keep in mind that I have an

unbreakable hold on your hand and won’t

let go in addition my spirit encourages

you to persevere cry out for his help

when you feel like giving up by saying

Help Me holy spirit with one little

prayer you may access all of his

resources despite the appearance of

Darkness and Menace in your situation my

light continues to shine with

unsurpassed brightness the joy I give

you is not limited by your

situations this implies that you can

find Delight in me regardless of what is

going on in your life the prophet habach

said yet I will Lord I will be joyful in

God my savior after in numeration ating

a number of terrible events that he was

expecting this is transcending Joy I

hope as you perceive that I am teaching

you to see your life Through The Eyes of

Faith as if it were a Celestial

perspective when you don’t get what you

expected from me look for my faith and

my wisdom I’ll assist you with it you

may train yourself to say I can still

rejoice in Jesus in any casee this

little expression of Faith which

expresses your trust in me will

significantly alter your Viewpoint your

joy will grow the more you practice

doing this whether you need to try to

make the situation better or just learn

to embrace who you are additionally this

training equips you to deal with the

challenges that lie ahead on your the

root to Paradise always rejoice in me

hold items with loose hands but always

pling firmly to Mo’s hand you cannot be

unduly connected to your belongings in

ordered to have a healthy spiritual life

except these benefits with thankfulness

because they are all from Amy but keep

in mind that in the end I am the owner


everything you additionally it’s

critical to extend an open hand to

others treasure your friends and family

but avoid elevating them to the status

of Idols if someone else is the center

of your life instead of me you need to

change your ways and repent come back to

me my dear put your desire to serve me

above everything else else and make me

your first love I having lose control

over your circumstances is another thing

it’s easy to feel in control when things

are going well in your life cherish

these moments of Tranquility but don’t

hold on to them or assume that they are

the norm type bom if you believe in

Jesus Christ rather hold onto my hand at

all times through good times and bad

when you believe me the good times come

more easily and the bad ones are easier

to endure your Eternal chair is my

enduring presence the one who perfects

your faith as me the

champion it is more crucial to be

focused on me the more difficulties you

encounter in life you will lose lose

hope if you stare at your issues or the

problems in the world for an extended

period of time you may overcome any

sense of Oppression or discouragement by

turning to me since I’m always here for

you you may talk to me about anything

anytime anywhere instead of allowing

your mind to wander aimlessly focus it

on me this helps you think more clearly

and gets you closer to me take a moment

to relax In My Embrace and Basket in the

loving safety of my

presence celebrate the fact that nothing

can keep you and my love apart as you

take in the sights of this damaged world

this assurance is valid for whatever you


across even if it seems hopeless to you

right now I am still in charge your

Champion the one who battles for you

mocks those who believe they can beat me

recall my unwavering love is all around

you share this powerful message is

people who is closest to your heart my

dear child then every moment of your

life whether it fills you with joy or

presents you with ch challenges know

theirs a reason behind it believ that

nothing happens by chance in the journey

I have laid out for you every situation

you encounter is a chance for you too

grow to learn and to awaken to new

realities trust in my guidance for I am

carefully crafting you into the person

you’re meant to be if you believe in

this message express your agreement in

the comments and share your

thankfulness today let’s Embrace

gratitude gratitude is a key virtue I

wish for you to develop recognize that

every blessing in your life no matter

how big or small is a gift from my

NeverEnding love and care for you being

grateful opens your heart to welcome

even more blessings and teaches you

humility by acknowledging me as the

source of all good things my son Jesus

walked among you to show the depth of my

love and to spread this truth he invites

you to carry this message to others to

be a source of Hope and encouragement by

recognizing their value embracing their

purpose and understanding in the power

of gratitude you join in my grand design

to Enlighten and change Hearts remember

how dearly I hold you in my heart accept

yourself as you are seen through my eyes

and by doing so you will realize the

full potential of the life I have

planned for you have faith in my love

pursue your dreams and share this

message of hope and love with everyone

you meet if you have faith in the

Archangel enter

it says in the passage he restores

my soul this lovely statement serves as

a gentle reminder that God is able and

compassionate enough to heal our souls

when they are in need he is there to

resurrect us whether we have

wandered from his path and need to be

led back to righteousness or if we are

worn out and about to give up God’s

compassionate kindness reaches out to

heal us and guide us back to the correct

path when we stray and are tormented by


waywardness what is shattered in our

hearts may be repaired by his kindness

and forgiveness he renews us with his

love the promises of his word and the

consoling presence of his Spirit when we

feel exhausted and on the verge of

giving up he gives us the courage and

Solace we need to continue he guides us

along the correct path these roads are

trickery or

complicated even if they sometimes seem

difficult to find follow they direct us

directly to our

Everlasting residence these are good

roots in and of themselves they follow

the Lord’s instructions and mandates

Christ encourages us to live in his

righteousness by Leading Us by faith he

asks us to turn to him for the source of

everlasting life is

righteousness he leads us along the

straight road roads of Purity in truth

making sure we never Veer off course and

end up in ruin it’s critical to keep in

mind that God does all of this to

Showcase his grace and to further his

own Glory it has nothing to do with our

deservingness or Merit his desire to

uphold his name and his love for us are

the driving forces behind his act

activities he uses your life to

demonstrate his Perfection and character

all in an effort to exalt himself the

Apostle Paul exorts Us in these passages

to carefully consider our own acts and

reasons rather than to think too highly


ourselves he serves as a reminder that

there is a greater Authority that sees

and understands all and that we are not

the best Arbiters of our own value and

worth Paul stresses that each of us must


responsibility for the results of our

own actions this verse exhorts you as to

think modestly and

introspectively it serves as a reminder

of how human nature leans Tor conceit

arrogance and an exaggerated feeling of

significance but we are expected to live

by a different standard as Christ’s

disciples we are burdens without God’s

favor we are unable to save ourselves

and cannot escape the Hopeless God’s

grace and Jesus Christ’s atoning act on

the cross are the only things that can

save us realizing this fact ought to

Humble us and make us realize that we

have nothing to be proud of about

ourselves but rather we have everything

for which we are thankful in God’s favor

these passages serve as a helpful

reminder of the value of holding tight

to our faith dodging a rical doctrines

and following Christ’s path of Truth

Paul at admits that the galatian church

was previously on the correct road but

that the genuine gospel was trampled

upon by someone or something similar to

this we could find ourselves on a

spiritual path growing in our faith

until someone or something throws us off

course this scripture teaches you as the

value of being steadfast and the message

M of God’s word and resisting the

influence of indirect Doctrine or other

influences type thank you God if you

love God because of how very personal

our connection with Christ is it is

imperative that we protect ourselves

from anything that may make it more

difficult for us to obey the truth this

involves being aware of the message is

we let into our lives via the media

literature and even other people’s

beliefs and teachings it’s critical to

see everything through the prism of

God’s word and ask for his Direction and

prayer a little leaven leaves a whole

lump Paul adds in encouragement to the

Galatians Galatians to ESV he

Compares it to Le

which stands for erroneous Doctrine and

influences that have the capacity to

spread swiftly and take the whole body


Believers I develop a way to ensure that

whoever drinks the water I offer him

will never experience thirst again the

water I give him will turn into a spring

inside him that will give rise to

everlasting life

this is so accurate that I like reading

it again and again when Jesus says put

that it’s welling up too eternal light

is not only gratifying but also very

fulfilling under any condition and

everywhere Joy Serenity and life are all

achievable if you have Christ in your

heart why did Jesus say it to the lady

from Samaria he did it because he wanted

to provide that water which is the holy

spirit he even claimed to be Christ and

it seems that the Samaritan lady

accepted this thinking he was the long

awaited savior they had been waiting

for we are all aware that the holy

spirit is the one who awakens our mind

and heart when we accept Christ as

our personal Lord and Savior and turn

from our

sins without the holy spirit’s activity

inside us we are unable to receive

Christ therefore since we already have

the Holy Spirit it will always be with

us we will always be rescued the phrase

spring of water welling up to eternal

life refers to this this is just for

sincere Believers we are sure that the

spirit of Christ is with us that he owns

Us and nobody will be able to pull us

out of his control and we shall never

again experience thirst for him Lord

says typ pal and if you’re looking for

my guidance listen carefully you are

completely and utterly adored and you

were selected Before Time time and space


fiance Jesus is pursuing hoting and

deeply in love with you your ability to

give life and your beauty make you

deadly you are also required you may be

delicate and Powerful as a lady who has

been redeemed and

ransomed you talk of God’s kindness

Enigma Beauty and longing for close

personal connection because you are

secure in God’s love you are asking

others to risk being vulnerable and

surrendering the burden of your life

along with your desire for

more together with God you told to bring

out life and others in your job and in

creation you approach Jesus feet with an

aching aroused heart and you wait on him


wait for him his heart’s eyes are always

on you your beauty has captured the king

you are necessary to us in order for you

to come alive to God and the rule that

is meant for you we need you to awaken

to him more completely and to the

desires of the heart that he set within

you maybe you were destined to be a

teacher or a concert pianist maybe you

should become a horse trainer or a

neurologist you could be called to

advocate for the environment the

underprivileged the elderly or the sick

no matter where else he takes you you

are unquestionably called to be a woman

and that’s really important my love

regardless of your specific calling you

you are intended to bless the world with

your dancing an to follow Jesus wherever

he leads he will guide you first insai

himself and then together with him into

the world that he created a world that

he loves and that he depends on you to

Love by invitation only there comes a

point at which you have had enough I

know every hardship and grief you have

experienced indeed there are moments

when I let them stay in order to

strengthen your trust in me and provide

answers to your prayers I have heard you

scream how long will you look on O Lord

additionally I want you to understand

that your suffering has an end I can

take it down send it or not I am able to

give and receive however I am requesting

that you bear with your problems until I

say no more please know that until the

afflictions fulfill their intended

function I will not remove them out of

love for you it’s the fire Purify Me if

the purpose of the Affliction is to test

you then it is to make my glory and


visible I want your troubles to be

eclipsed by your admiration be certain

that I can instantly bring about the

exact same level of delight that you are

presently experiencing in sadness I have

no trouble turning Darkness into day if

I’m allowing it to go

on type

if you believe

Lord it makes sense continue to go by

faith this is a journey not a place to

go sadness and hardships pass after a

certain time the storms will blow over

your little ailment is just

temporary I am showing a remarkable

level of patience in letting your

hardship continue if I am over observing

it every aspect of your life and I have

vowed to never abandon you I am taking

this action because I am certain that it

will result in an even greater and

enduring weight of

Glory nothing that occurs in your light

is not

predetermined by my tender and loving

forethought and your troubles but your

trust in me God declares your acceptance

many of us put a lot of effort tend to

fitting in with others because we base

our sense of confidence on their

opinions all we do is purchase where

andjoy things in an attempt to fit in

with our friends family co-workers and

peers does God suggest that you must

Merit acceptance no as the Bible States

you are accepted by God if you consider

yourself to be a believer you have given

your life to

Jesus but do you realize that you are

accepted by God he Embraces you for who

you are and loves you without conditions

some of you had unpleasant parents while

you were growing up you could never ever

do anything well enough you’re are still

attempting to win their affection n

acceptance today if that’s the case you

should be aware of two things about your

parents or anybody else you’ve been

trying to win

over first of all it’s quite unlikely

that you will ever get that acceptance

or approval not due to your identity but

rather based on theirs secondly you are

acceptable to

God therefore you don’t need their

approval two be happy you don’t need

their approval God declares that you are

acceptable therefore all you really need

is his love and

acceptance type PS if you think God is

my savior dear listener join this prayer

with me and repeat after me

oh God according to your word you are

the mighty one who rescues and you are

among us you sing and exalt over us

calming us with your

love you are pleased over us please

imagine yourself doing it this evening

please calm our racing Minds please

allow us to hear the tune you sing to us

and the quiet little voice that talks to

answer soothes us I am grateful for your

boundless love and tranquil which

neither the world nor death can take

away from you we appreciate your

attentive attention to us and your

listening ear we appreciate all that you

do and you are we are extremely

appreciative that you never change in a

world where things change all the time

we are appreciative that your promises

and word remain the same for all

eternity we’re not sure what tomorrow

will bring but we to know that you do we

know you see a root where we do not

before we even have the questions you

already know the

answers knowing that you have gone

before us and that you have us and every

day of our lives and you’re capable

hands is very reassuring I am grateful

for what you do and who you are Lord it

pleases us to be able to pray in jesus’


indeed it is foremost that you continue

to support our Channel and we will try

to make you feel good for always and you

can consider donating to us through

super thanks

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