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God says

my precious child I know you are facing

a lot of challenges in your life but

don’t worry I’m with you that you cannot

even give a minute Tome but I promise

you your day will be brightened up and

you will soon be financially and

mentally satisfied after this message

dear child your heartfelt prayer for the

strength of these grappling with

intellectual Fitness troubles has

reached my Divine ears

know that your compassion and empathy

touch my very essence and I am here to

provide comfort and guarantee I see the

ache that many endure and I embody your

choice to uplift them I understand the

burden that mental challenges can bring

and I need you to understand that you’re

worrying intentions are a beacon of

light on this world

through your kindness you’re making a

difference I shall bestow my Divine

strength upon folks that are struggling

providing them resilience and the

courage to stand their battles type yes

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nine people who trust God

remember my toddler that the adventure

closure to recovery is mostly a winding

route however your prayers are a

powerful supply of Solace

your love and empathy have a profound

impact and I stand to side you for your

Noble Enterprise to relieve the

suffering of others together we will

remove Darkness from the darkness with

wish and your determination will be a

testament to the goodness that exists

within Humanity

Lord says type on man if you’re looking

for my guidance

by his divine power we have been given

everything we need for life and

godliness through our knowledge of him

who has called us to his own glory and

goodness minus one Peter –

God claims when the Islanders witnessed

the snake dangling from his hand they

immediately assumed this man must be a

murderer his survival from the sea means

Justice goddess denies him life

however Paul calmly cast The Snake Into

the Fire unharmed similarly modern times

Harbor individuals embracing

superstitious Notions predicting

outcomes based on actions disregard

these Notions trust your beliefs and


just as the Islanders Judgment of Paul

was baseless so are negative opinions

directed at you

State Resolute your identity and purpose

are clear shrug off skepticism for you

know your essence and belonging

embrace the assurance that only my words

will manifest in your life remember I

crafted you for a purpose which shall

unfold at the opportune moment

if you believe

God desires you to recognize those seven

things these days

one he will repair the whole lot you


two you will get better


you will bounce back for

better days are coming

five blessings are coming your manner

six what’s approximately to show up next

will purpose you to have fun

seven God is as much as something high


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Super Chat Almighty one I’m new at this

trusting factor and I’m not positive if

he’ll be very accurate at it I really

don’t know a way to ask for help but I

will attempt right now I want to take a

stand towards my pain and confusion I

deliver it to you God

I will agree with what you care about me

and what you need me to own the battles

one day at a time through you my victory

will come and you may maintain me from

destruction I promise to pray to will

let you and add to accept is true with

that you will manual me steadily through

all of it if you are a great comment how

men listen carefully now the key to

remaining on courses The Continuous

decision to stay the course you must

reaffirm this Choice every hour of every

day to avoid drifting

numerous challenges will attempt to

divert distract

disillusion disappoint or degrade you

your resolve must Shield your destiny

embrace the Battle of Faith to fulfill

your purpose






to maintain


you will open a Better Door


willing to adjust money existence



of Jesus name

Lord says



on the burdens of the world


waiting to carry them inside too I am

your sanctuary your fortitude and your

constant Aid and moments of adversity

and trust your concerns and the needs to

me and discover Solace my Tranquility

static seeds all comprehension dear

child today have reached into the depths

of your soul extending a message of Hope

and rebirth I observe the obstacles you

confront the lingering inquiries


relentlessly challenges

about three

questioning God’s character promises and


you might feel the insignificant and

Love burdened by mistakes and limited by

your past yet countering these lies

demands proactive engagement

meditating on God’s word day and

nighttime Powers you to combat

falsehoods trust in his promises isn’t

automatic you must choose it defy the

adversaries narrative by embracing

Divine truths your journey involves

overcoming hurdles embracing purpose and

realizing potential reject the notion of

Perpetual stagnation

is attainable remember faith is a

consistent effort requiring resilience

and dedication God reassures I will

rescue you keep praying and never lose


experiencing pain doesn’t mean I’ve

abandoned you I am by your sigh and I

love you

type yes to claim this blessing

the god of the not possible set Tom eat

your situation last night as I became in

prayer I heard the spirit of fellowed

say what I cannot do does no longer

exist the Lord said that your faith and

worship are the keys in this season

because the walls are eventually coming

down every blockage and barrier is

falling as you praise the way has been

made don’t prevent now you’re nearer

than you realize

the Lord will protect you from all harm

he will watch over your life the Lord

will watch over your coming and going

both nigh and forevermore Psalms


God is telling you now always remember I

am by your side during joy and sorrow

higher’s Aunt Loaves and blessings and

challenges tears and smiles no matter

the journey you’re on I’m there holding

you close every moment day and night God

trust me to guide and protect my

faithfulness your constant light through

every season I’ll Stand True by love

forever embracing you

God says type yes if you praise my name

August holds great promise for you a

month of triumphs healing and Grace and

new blessings unexpected freedom and

finance spiritual growth in every

circumstance a declaration that change

will be your guy nothing the same life’s

currents will collide

prayers and patience soon to be met

desires fulfilled all your worries set

as obedient child do not yield the

wicked desires you once had when you

lived in ignorance just as the one who

called you is Holy be holy in everything

you do

I hope this message must have brought

something positive in your life if yes

then right our man and share this video

who is closest to your heart


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