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God is speaking to you right

now my beloved ones you can be dealing

with something that is bigger than what

you notion you ought to take care of

this is the struggle of

Lifestyles sometimes you feel more

potent than other

days never forget that even while you

are susceptible I am sturdy through each

hard time I will take you via toe other

facet you you are a great deal stronger

than you watch you are don’t give

up watch the full video to witness

Miracle my lovely child in your pursuit

of creating my presence known rest

assure that I stand beside you guiding

your steps and illuminating your roote

through each Triumph and trial I am here

infusing you with the power and

awareness you are looking

for my child apprehend that the essence

of my energy is living inside you it’s

inside the compassion you show the

kindness you enlarge and the resilience

you showcase your ministry is a

reflection of my divine presence running

through you touching lives and spreading

desire in moments of Doubt or weariness

recognize that your prayers do no longer

fall upon deaf ears I am gift inside the

silent Whispers of encouragement at Echo

for your soul urging you onward trust in

the Unseen for my power manifest itself

in methods past

comprehension as you navigate existences

complex tapestry don’t forget that your

connection to me transcends the bounds

of mere words it’s a bond woven with

faith reinforced through devotion and

fortify by means of your unwavering

perception in my presence for your life


Ministry Lord claims enter amen if you

believe in

me in verse John to – always says

do you no longer allow your hearts be

troubled you accept as true within God

accept as

true with additionally in me my father’s

house has many

rooms if that had been now not so might

I even have instructed you that I am

going there to put together an area for

you and if I pass and prepare an area

for you I will come lower back and take

you to be with me which you additionally

may be where I

am always keep in mind my child you can

live as close to me as you choose I

installation no obstacles between us

neither doing tear down barriers which

you eract people have a tendency to

suppose their circumstances determine

the best in their

lives so they pour their energy into

seeking to manage those conditions they

feel glad when things are going well and

unhappy or frustrated whilst matters

don’t turn out as that they had was

hoping they hardly ever question this

correlation between their occasions and

emotions yet it miles feasible to be

content in any and every scenario put

extra power into trusting me and

enjoying my presence don’t let your

well-being depend upon your instances

instead connect your joy to to my


guarantees I am with you and could watch

over you wherever you cross I will meet

all of your needs in keeping with my

superb riches nothing in all

introduction might be able to separate

you from my

love receive my

pce it is my chronic present to you the

highquality way to acquire this present

is to sit down quietly in my presence

trusting me in every vicinity of your

Lifestyles quietness and consider

accomplish some distance extra than you

can believe now not simplest in you

however additionally in the world and in

heaven when you agree with me in a given

area you release that hassle or person

into my vehicle spending time by myself

with me may be a hard subject because it

goes towards the interest addiction of


age Comet lord always protect

me you may additionally look like doing

not anything but really you’re taking

part in battles occurring within

religious Realms you are waging conflict

not with the weapons of the

Arena but with Heavenly weapons which

have divine power to demolish robust HS

living near me is a certain defense


evil Focus your entire being on my

residing presence I am most assuredly

with you enveloping in my love and peace

while you relax in my presence I am

molding your thoughts and cleaning your

heart I am recreating you into the one I

designed you to be as you pass from

Stillness into the sports of your day do

now not relinquish your attentiveness to

me is something issues you talked over

with me if you become bored with what

you’re doing fill the time with prayers


reward repeat after me I am

approximately to stroll into the most

considerable balanced wealthy and a

success period of my

life life that I naturally appeal to

Accurate fortune and I am raage in

Greater methods than one I provide

myself permission to prosper and even

have the electricity to construct

Lifestyles at our

preference share this graceful video to

help us spread the

message listen carefully for all of us

hurting upset lost barely getting Viet

struggling there as molden the ceas of

the tunnel happiness and internal peace

or feasible all personalities All

Occasions we’re all capable of having G

fulfilling happy

existence but the best manner to get

theirs to keep going some sit inside the

pain and wallow wondering existence will

never get higher but we can get through

hard instances to get to the light it’s

a system God doesn’t wave a magic W and

make all of it

ideal he does but preserve our hand walk

beside us ship us guide we take one step

after every other transferring ahead

treasuring the method locating cost

even so if you’re in a darkish spot only

only for nowadays or it’s been ongoing

don’t suppose it is for all time nothing

Remains the equal the mild is just

around the corner keep

going stay faithful in the wilderness

lovely Soul there is a praise past the

damaged season it would possibly

appearance ugly but the God we serve can

turn it around and and immediately don’t

give up

hope a mustard seed of religion is all

you want to flow the mountain o of

Hope can spark a miracle he’s the god of

Miracles your prayers and Silent Cries

are bottled in heaven and sealed with

smooth love and care as he works it out

write amen if you accept God

blessings therefore go and make

disciples of all countries

baptizing them in the name of the father

and of the son and of the Holy Spirit

and teaching them to obey the whole

thing I actually have commanded you and

certainly I am with you constantly to

the very cease of the age Matthew –

dear listeners join me in prayer

and speak loudly Almighty Father in

Heaven thank you for giving me this job

I speak benefits onto my profession I

pray that your Divine shoes follows me

each step of the adventure fill my

workplace with pleasure and

Delight let me jump each impediment that

I face bless my work and permit or not

it’s incredible help me rise and upward

thrust by other ranks remove any

troubles which can purpose me to lose my

activity seal any traps which can

anticipate me in my company and

Adventure bless me and let me Behavior

myself with atmost admire and

professionalism promote me and push me

to break ground in this business

Enterprise make me the high quality and

all L do remove arrogance from me make

my Lifestyles better and higher through

this activity in jesus’ name

amen I need a miracle in my life proper

now I never notion will ever place my

accept as true within anybody or

whatever I need to lean on you I want to

agree with that you are there and which

you care about me thoughty

rely please guide me me regularly out of

the pain and confusion that has been my

life and into a brand new LIF styles of

promise and

wish I simply and humbly ask on your

protecting and to be on my existence

please maintain me secure and from the

unfavorable conduct that I’ve regarded

so well I’m Yours God

Amen we appreciate you watching our

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