???? I Know You Wants Ignore Me But Please Don’t Avoid Me ‼️| God Says Today

Lord is speaking to you right now my

precious kids one of the most important

battles you may must face every

unmarried day of your existence is the

conflict to hold on that specializes in

me and not getting distracted from what

I have called you to be and do to

overcome this distraction you must read

mediate and obey my phrase

it will show you in which to stroll and

the way to live on the path it will

display you while you get off the path

and how to get back at the

path it will display you while you get

off the path and how to get back at the

path when you operate my word Tas show

you where and the way you need to stroll

it’s going to give you the instruction

and information you need to change your

Lifestyles don’t ever neglect to read

mediate and obey my

word like this message if you believe


God lovely son in times of melancholy it

is crucial to keep in mind that wish is

a beacon that can manual us through the

darkest of storms your willingness to

attain out and joy through prayer

indicates Splendid energy together we

will nurture and restore that desire


you as I concentrate to your heartfelt

plea for desire I need you to understand

that hope isn’t a solitary present but a

shared one it flows through the

compassion and love we have for one

another and it is through those

connections that wishes re

rekindled know which you are not alone

on your conflict and there are humans

for your life who care deeply for

you keep religion in the opportunity of

brighter days ahead for desire is the

mild that pierces through the darkest

clouds trust in yourself in the love

that surrounds you and within the

enduring energy of hope I am here and

your prayer has been

heard together we will discover the

direction to renewed wish and the

electricity to triumph over even the

most Hard

Times Lord says right why yes if you

want to experience my

peace in Bible vce Psalm says lay

these phrases of my mouth and this

meditation of my heart be desirable on

your your sight Lord my rock and my

redeemer the voice of Despair says I

send over and over again after infinite

guarantees to myself and others to do

higher next time I locate myself and

return again within the antique darkish

places forget about seeking to

change I actually have tried for years

it did not work at

in no way will work it is higher that I

get out of humans’ manner be forgotten

no longer round useless this

unusually appealing voice takes all

uncertainties away and places and stops


war it speaks an Ambiguously for the

darkness and gives a clear-cut terrible

identification but Jesus came to open my

ears to every other voice that announces

I am your God I even have molded you

with my own arms and I love what I even


made I love you with a love that has no

limits because I love you as I am

cherished type if you

agree do not run away from me come back

to me no longer once now not twice but

usually again you are my child I am your

God the god of mercy and compassion the

god of Pardon and love the god of

tenderness and

care please do not say that I have given

up on you that I cannot stand you

anymore that there’s no way back it is

not ru iot want you to be with me I want

you to be near me I recognize all your

mind mind I listen all of your phrases

all your

movements and I love you because you are

stunning you in my own photo an

expression of my maximum intimate love

do no longer choose ourselves do not


yourself do you no longer reject your

coronary heart and reveal to you your

personal Splendor a beauty which you

outsight of

however a good way to become visible to

you want more inside the yourself let my

love contact the innermost most hidden

corners of light of my

Mercy come come let me wipe your tears

and permit mouth comes near your ear and

says to you I love you I love you I love

you typ our men if you believe God says

you’re lovable this is so crucial

because you cannot fulfill God’s

commandment to love your neighbor as

yourself till you consider this if you

don’t feel lovable you cannot love each

person else our verse These Days say a

pair of things about God’s love for you

ask God loves you consistently he

doesn’t love you someday and not the

father KN he would not love you on your

right days and no longer for your


days God is a % constant in his love

for you God loves you unconditionally he

says I will always love you and it’s far

unconditional you do not earn it he

would not say t love you if you’re

suitable or in case you do these matters

or due to the fact you look this way You

by no means have to awaken within the

morning and say God are you going to

love me these days did I study my Bible

enough did I pray

enough he loves you continually

respective of who you are or what you do

what is the end result while you really

recognize this Daniel says God

loves you so don’t allow something fear

you or frighten you when we don’t need

to fear or be terrified of something

then we’re unfastened to give love to

all people around us type I love dearly


father the supreme god claims La am able

to do just what I said I might do I will

satisfy each promise to you the matters

I actually have spoken to you are now

now coming L am freeing you from the

whole lot it’s holding you returned I am

lifting you up stay near me and watch me

pass in the midst of the

storms I saw what they did to you in

I felt you handling it in silence

and hurt I watched how they hated you

and attempted to destroy you I heard

once they talked approximately you had

lied on you I knew it all but I kept you

and watch over you in

I have organized a table within the

presence of your enemies

can be your step forward

months it’s now not too overdue to

emerge as all that I actually have

created you to be I have not forgotten

about the desires I put in your coronary

heart you’re not jogging out of time you

are strolling in at time I’m ordering


steps to receive it type then send

this video to five individual who

believe in

God listen up life often takes

unexpected detours and delays but they

don’t signal the end of your purpose

God’s plan doesn’t always follow the

path we expect

disappointment and discouragement can

creep in when we’re not where we imagine

but that doesn’t mean God isn’t guiding

us even if it’s tougher or takes longer


anticipated it doesn’t mean God isn’t

involved loneliness doesn’t equate to

abandonment and the impossible can

become possible

God’s ways are beyond our comprehension

but his promises hold true if he has

spoken it he will make it

happen impossible situations are where

God begins his work and miracles are his

specialty keep your faith alive it’s not

over yet life twists and turns are part

of a greater plan and God is with you

every step of the

way dear listeners let’s join our

prayers together dot father within the

name of Jesus I thank you that you

desire to talk to me each day guiding me

in spirit and in truth who obey your

word and enjoy a considerable life thank

you that you have referred to as me your

buddy and that I can also come boldly to

the throne of grace to locate assist

whenever I have a want in my life Lord

your word says that once we draw near to

you you will drawn close to us so I draw

Close to You

nowadays I seek your face your truth and

your phrase for my life I need to

recognize you greater listen you greater

and Obey you more your word says your

sheep understand your voice

and we cannot comply with the voice of a

stranger help me to recognize your voice

and not be deceived via some other voice

help me to protect my coronary heart

from the impacts of this world and the

human beings around me help me no longer

to be deceived through the devil and his

lies however to view all mind and

decisions through the lands of

righteousness as I are seeking to pay

attention you these days for guidance

correction and guidance assist me to

verify your voice through your

word you should if I’ll ask for no how

you will provide it too me liberally so

I am inquiring for understanding in the

name of Jesus to listen you really and

always nowadays and every

day help me to sense confident in

knowing that I listen your voice I

reward you and thank you for it in

jesus’ name

amen I be appreciative you still

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