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day God is speaking to you right now my

beloved child I realize that on every

occasion you fall to Temptation you are

discouraged hell and saddened you have

concept how may want to God forgive me

this time

how ought to he nonetheless love me

child let me inform you it does forgive

you and he loves you so much he gave me

as a sacrifice to pay the whole debt of

your sin but often you face Temptation

needlessly instead of avoiding the

supply of a Temptation you put yourself

near it

you wander into paths that result in

Temptation often your only wish of

heading off the sin is to avoid the

course stay away from the sources of

Temptation like the video if you have

truly faith and Lord

sin is sort of a magnet the nearer you

get to it the more potent its appeal if

any interest places you in proximity to

Temptation keep away from that activity

when possible your soul is to pray

clashed a problem it to the non-stop

attack of Temptation

as King David located hiding my word in

your coronary heart is your high quality

manner to keep away from the direction

that leads to temptation

God says type our man if you’re looking

for my guidance

in Bible verse Romans says for I

am convinced that neither death nor a

existence either angels nor demons

neither the prevailing nor the destiny

nor any powers neither top nor depth nor

whatever else in all introduction

may be capable of separating us from the

love of God that is in Christ Jesus our


lovely kids I want you to understand

that I cherish your desire to cultivate

meaningful and harmonious connections

with others

relationships may be complex and it is

herbal to us searching for know-how and

understanding and nurturing them

know that I even have granted you the

gift of and fastened will and


for you to empower you to make

selections that align with your highest


through the experiences and demanding

situations you come across you’ll

Advantage the discernment you are

seeking Embrace those moments as

opportunities for boom

receiving it by typing .

trust your instincts for they may be a

reflection of the information I actually

have located inside you seek inner peace

and clarity through meditation and

self-reflection in instances of

uncertainty flip to me in prayer and I

will offer the guidance you want

remember my kid you’re by no means alone

to your journey through Lifestyles as

relationships I am here continually

geared up to provide my Divine

information and love to help you

navigate the difficult tapestry of human


have faith in yourself and within the

root I even have said earlier than you

for its miles of root of growth love and


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let’s pray heavenly father I ask what

you bless everybody looking this video

proper now to protect them Place desire

and spirit heal any problem they will

their lives boom their funds mend their

damage hearts and have of their health

Lord let them recognize that you could

bring them through any State of Affairs

due to the fact you’re an awesome God

and in case you carry us to it you may

Deliver us via it forgive us for our

sins we thank you in advance in Jesus

name amen right Jesus is supreme King

God claims My Sweet Child you recognize

the ones instances whilst the entirety

seems like a shadow and your kinda lost

just don’t forget it’s whilst my love

shines brightest darkness is simply only

a sign that a new day is about to start

tough times think of them because the

universe’s men are prepping you for

something top notched up so hold tight

believe in the trip and constantly

recollect to forgiven your back each

Dawn and sundown

life can occasionally feel like an even

sea proper one minute it’s calm the

necks you’re facing towering waves but

here’s the helmet every wave large or

small is a part of the journey

embrace them research from them and

recognize that I’m proper right here

assisting you Journey them out you’ve

got the energy and the heart to navigate

VIA and agree with me smoother Waters

and sunny days are continually at the


it’s a new day I failed to carry you

this alone wait to depart you forget

approximately what came about the

previous day I’m doing a brand new thing

you will overcome that mountain which

you are going through always recall that

I am large then each situation and

trouble you will ever face

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God has an exciting manner of rerouting

your plans rearranging human beings and

making the whole lot come together

whenever you experience like things are

not going nicely cling and they’re a

touch at the same time as longer ease

are on your behalf believe that

you should research that some humans are

not going to like you and that’s okay

some people aren’t going to accept you

and that is great everyone is now not

speculated to be for you sometimes we’re

trying to change humans as Minds which

are by no means going to be for us

you keep honoring God being your first

class and God will motive the people you

want to be for you and heal contend with

your critics when it’s the right time

much like he closed the mouths of hungry

Lions he’ll close the mouths of the ones

trying to discredit you

that’s no longer your war that war is

the Lord

type if you truly believe in God

the blood of Jesus is sufficient for the

Forgiveness of any and all sins because

the cross become thousand years ago and

all of our sins were still to come

therefore all of our sins whether or not

we devoted them the day gone by or these

days or have not begun to commit them

day after today

are included by means of his blood

Beyond sins gift sends Destiny sins

massive sins small sins or medium-length

sins it makes no difference

praise God for the blood of Jesus that

is sufficient to cow all of our sins all

of them big sins like murder little sins

like gossip medium size sins like

closing your mood they are all under the

blood of Jesus and we’re loose simply to

enjoy our forgiveness

we will never be held chargeable for the

guilt of our sins because Jesus has

taken the punishment for us

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listen carefully walking by faith not by

sight to comes truly evident when You

Face a moment where you can’t see plan

or prepare for what lies ahead

taking that daring leap of faith can

sound exhilarating until the very moment

arrives for you too

step out into the unknown and embrace

the risk it’s completely normal to be

overwhelmed by doubt fear insecurity or

second guessing yourself during this

pivotal moment

understand that such feelings are

expected the adversary aims to keep you

stagnant hesitant or swayed

this is precisely when you must summon

strength and unwavering courage trust in

what you do know about God must surpass

your uncertainties about the future if

you don’t take that step you’ll never

truly discover if it’s aligned with

God’s will

remember your call to a life beyond

Comfort ease Safety and Security you’re

invited to embark on a faith adventure

with Jesus pleasing God is impossible

without faith but with faith all things

are possible in him keep in mind the

righteous live by faith


if you agree

to love listener join this prayer with

me and repeat after me dearest father

God who loves us constantly whose

information is extensive and deep

because the universe who create all the

stunning matters that surround us that

wonder and Fascinate us

wonderful and breathtaking and colorful

nature I thank you o God due to the fact

your loving kindness is new each morning

every day I can rejoice in my salvation

irrespective of what the situations are

my coronary heart can sing at

Thanksgiving Melody due to the fact you

dealt bountifully to me and my loved

ones although from time to time you

appear So Silent and our prayers seem to

be unheard but still

we will hold on Hope based upon your


the faithfulness that rain will pour

while we’re scorched dry the solar will

rise in our Darkness your provision will

come to fulfill our desires needs of

love and comfort shelter and energy food

and water healing and deliverance

the worthy of your presence inside the

midst of powerful than our enemies with

you o God Victory Is Ours irrespective

of what this Global is bombarding us we

can place Tower agree within your word

that stands all the time father prays

thee thy holy name in Jesus call I

deliver thank you and pray amen

thank you for your unwavering support

hour goal is to improve your life and

develop devotion towards God and if you

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