???? “HELL CAN’T TOUCH YOU!” – JESUS | God’s Message Today

my beloved

child in this hour a dense fog of

confusion blankets the hearts of many

who believe they are on the path of

righteousness misinformation swirls like

a storm obscuring the glow of genuine

truth throughout the realm of belief and

Beyond voices of misguidance whisper

seductive falsehoods leading many

astray even the core principles that

should sustain and nourish the spirit

are are often manipulated losing their

Essence until they become but Shadows of

their intended

selves amid this storm of betrayal and

confusion how will you find your way how

will you stand firm as the ground

crumbles Beneath Your Feet there is but

one path one light to guide you through

the darkness cling to me and immerse

your soul in the Wellspring of my word

for I have not left you orphaned and

alone to wander in this Wilderness I am

with you closer than your next heartbeat

my word is alive a crackling current of

power ready to reignite your spirit and

anchor you unshakably to what is real


true but this rooting this reconnection

will not come without intention and

effort on your part you must choose each

day each moment to turn and walk towards

me I am unlocking within you new

reservoirs of focus and discipline

but it falls to you to drink deep from

them the seeds are planted will you tend

the garden of your soul so that they may

flourish the fruit of my spirit love joy

peace patience kindness goodness

gentleness faithfulness and

self-control These Are Not Mere

decorations they are essential

nourishment the very lifeblood that will

sustain you in the battles

ahead and battles there will be surely

as the sun rises the enemy prows and

plots to isolate you in fear to paralyze

you with pain from the past to lock you

in the squalid prison of self but I tell


this kindness will be your key yes even

in the face of Cruelty and

Malice when every Instinct screams to

lash out to return evil for evil you

must draw instead from the deep well of


compassion for it is in these very

moments of hardship when the pressure is

greatest that your true nature will be

revealed What flows from you then will

show what dwells within bitterness and

rage or gentleness and Grace So when

your own strength falters lift your eyes

to me let my love be the lens through

which you see transforming your vision

as you persist in goodness obeying my

commands not with gritted teeth but with

childlike Joy you will reflect me more

and more until the world glimpses

eternity in your eyes this is the narrow

road and it leads to life

abundant do not think the way will be

easy the enemy’s schemes are not idle

threats the weapons he forges in the

foundaries of hell are all too real but

they are no match for me no power in

heaven or on Earth can stand against the

almighty I’ve equipped you my Valiant

one with all you need for this good

fight my word a blade of indestructible

truth to cut through falsehood is always

within your reach when you are knocked

down bloodied and trembling the author

and perfector of your faith is already

stretching out his nails scarred hands

to raise you up by my stripes you are

healed by my stripes you will Triumph

there will be days even Seasons when the

weariness feels too much to Bear when

the licking flames of depression and

anxiety threaten to consume you searing

away hope but this is no time for

surrender and

retreat in these very moments when you

are gasping choking on the ashes of

Despair I call forth a holy Defiance

from deep within your

spirit for I placed eternity inside you

Warrior one and Hell itself cannot

quench that flame so rise rise in your

weakness rise in your fear stare down

the Gathering darkness and declare to

the heavens I will run this race come

what may I will cross that finish line

into my destiny I will seize the

fullness of the life my savior died to

give me and with each step each

declaration I will Infuse your being

with courage and strength you never knew

you had know this beloved You are not

alone in your suffering your brothers

and sisters across the Earth groan and

travail under the same

burdens draw closer to them and let your

shared battles knit your hearts together

be generous with the comfort you receive

from me lavishing it on the weary and

brokenhearted as you pour yourselves out

for one another in my love you will find

your own soul

replenished for such is the Glorious

mystery of my kingdom

economics in due time in my perfect time

you will see the Harvest of all you have

sown in tears the tiny seeds of faith

and obedience planted when all seemed

hopeless will yield a bounty Beyond

imagining so fix your eyes on the Unseen

for that is what

endures as you abide in me and my words

abide in you the illusions of the enemy

will no longer ens snare you for my

truth will Blaze in your spirit like a

bonfire and all the shadows will flee

before its

light yes fight on precious one not in

your own flailing strength but in

wholehearted dependence on mine for I am

your unshakable foundation and my grace

is the wind at your back I will not let

you fall even now I am filling your

being with my glorious power the

dynamite that demolishes strongholds and

moves mountains you need not beg for a

trickle as you align your life with me

you will discover a Rushing River of

blessings that never runs dry I will be

your constant supply for I am your Alpha

your Omega your beginning and your end I

am the author of your story and I

promise you the ending is better than

you can possibly

imagine though you catch but fleeting

glimpses now one day you will step back

and weep at the Staggering beauty of the

whole on that day every scar will become

a marker of Triumph every stumble a

testament to Amazing Grace so walk on

Valiant one eyes ahead the sword of my

word drawn feet firmly planted in my

love as long as you have my word as long

as you remain rooted in my spirit you

have all you need no weapon formed

against you will prosper nothing and no

one can snatch you from my hand I will

not urge you to anything I have not

equipped you for the same power that

spoke galaxies into existence dwells

inside you do not underestimate what I

can do through a yielded vessel stay in

your assigned Lane keep your hands to

the plow and leave the outcomes to me

whether I entrust you with a multitude

or a few your single task is to

represent me

Faithfully out of that abiding obedience

I will weave wonders you cannot

fathom remember always my cherished one

that my commands are not heavy chains of

Duty but a sacred trellis for your

spirit to flourish

upon I am not a harsh Taskmaster

cracking a whip I am a devoted Gardener

training you with gentle and skillful

hands every redirect every pruning is

motivated by my fiery love and passion

for your highest good your growth and

freedom are my great

Delight so come away with me to that

secret place to the sanctuary where no

enemy can tread let my gaze be your true

mirror defining you more than any

Earthly Accolade or failure for when you

learn to be still and receive the

fullness of my love when you embrace

your identity as my beloved child fruit

will pour forth effortlessly from that

quiet Center the Wellspring within will

Bubble Up and spill into every corner of

your life hydrating the world with

Heaven’s pure

water dearest child if you remember

nothing else remember this there is no

sin no stain no Brokenness beyond the

reach of my Fierce and tender Grace

where you see only ruin I See Fields

ripe for

restoration I specialize in Beauty for

Ashes gladness for mourning life from

Death nothing is too hard for me so run

to me crawl to me drag your weariness

and your questions and lay them at my

feet I will quiet you with my love and

rejoice over you with singing as you

take my hand and step out once again

into the unknown you can be sure of this

I am with you and for you forever and

always I am the god who sees you I am

your very great reward I am and that is

enough beloved child do not look back at

what lies behind you for it is no more

that chapter has been sealed the ink

dried upon the pages of the past

instead lift your gaze to the Horizon

stretched out before you shimmering with

promise for I your lord have charted the

course of your journey with utmost

care my angels have already taken flight

soaring ahead to prepare the way their

wings stirring The Winds of

Destiny and my word alive and Powerful

has been released to guide your

footsteps a lamp poost Illuminating the

path through the

Shadows you are not a drift precious one

nor have you strayed beyond the

boundaries of my grace even now in this

very moment your heart turns towards me

in Humble

repentance I hear you beloved I see the

earnest plea etched upon your

soul this day I declare over you you are

Unshackled liberated from the chains

that have been snared you far too long

the bondage that has echoed through

generations coursing through your

bloodline like a bitter Elixir its power

is broken its hold vanquished for there

are fruits blossoming within you that

have yet to be unveiled gifts that lie

dormant awaiting my Divine breath to

awaken them as you Steward these

precious endowments walking handin hand

with my spirit you will become a blazing

beacon in a world cloaked in

darkness a world that is fading away its

Colors leeched by the ravages of sin

but you my Remnant are

rising the scales are falling from your

eyes and your ears are attuning to The

Whispers of heaven so fix your gaze upon

the path I have set before you let not

your resolve waver nor your faith

falter for even when fear nips at your

heels causing you to hesitate and

stumble my love for you remains

steadfast I do not not recoil in anger


disappointment but rather extend my hand

to lift you up to pluck you from the

Meer that threatens to drag you under

like I did for my servant David I will

be your rock your Fortress though you

may slip I will be there to catch you to

set your feet upon Solid Ground once

more and as you press on you will find

the struggles grow less intense the

battles less frequent but remember my

child there will still be seasons of EB

and flow so steal yourself now with the

truth of my word with the power of my

presence for when you step fully into

your God ordained Destiny aligned with

my thoughts and purposes you will move

with a holy confidence you will stand

tall among the multitudes anointed by

Heaven’s oil but do not despise the

humble beginnings the small steps of

obedience for it brings me great joy to

watch you rise up and take hold of all I

have ordained for you to see you plant

seeds of righteousness and establish a

foundation build upon my unshakable

promises for I need you precious one I

need your yielded heart your willing

hands in your workplace in your

community amidst the Brokenness and pain

let my love flow through you unhindered

rise above the chaos and the clamor and

let your life be a Living testament to

the transformative power of my

spirit and when The Whispers of the

enemy come to cast doubt on my word to

minimize its significance pay them no

heed for my words carry the weight of

Eternity and I do not speak in vain

every syllable is pregnant with purpose

every phrase a catalyst for

Redemption as you embark on this journey

of Faith know that I am with you in

every trauma every painful memory that

has held you captive I am there gently

untangled Ling the knots of your soul

uprooting the weeds of bitterness and

fear and in their place I am sowing

seeds of Truth my word alive and active

a balm to your weary

Spirit immerse yourself in the pages of

my Revelation even if it is but one

verse at a time let the words Linger on

your tongue seeping into the crevices of


being meditate upon them day and night

allowing them to rewire your thoughts to

reshape your perspective for it is in

The Quiet Moments of reflection in the

Stillness of your soul that you will

taste the first fruits of freedom and as

you lift your voice in Praise as

Melodies of worship fill the atmosphere

my presence will envelop you like a warm

embrace the anointing will flow like

honey breaking every yoke shattering

every chain for there is power in your

praise a force that the dark n cannot

withstand so let your Hallelujah rise

let your thankfulness Ascend as a

fragrant offering and watch as Heaven

invades Earth as my spirit moves with

unbridled might revelation will flood

your being Illuminating truths that have

long been hidden your spiritual eyes

will be opened to see Beyond the Veil to

perceive the mysteries of my

kingdom take hold of this mandate this

Divine Commission let not fear or doubt

hinder your steps but press on with holy

audacity for courage is not the absence

of fear but the decision to advance in

the face of it when your knees tremble

and your heart races when the path ahead

seems shrouded in

uncertainty trust in me keep your hands

firmly on the plow your gaze fixed on

the Harvest that awaits for I am

releasing provision from Heaven’s

storehouses a deluge of favor and

blessing it will rain down upon you

saturating every fiber of your being

cleansing refreshing

restoring and as my blood flows through

your veins as my righteousness becomes

your covering you will approach my

throne with unshakable confidence for I

your savior and Redeemer sit at the

right hand of the father interceding on


behalf it is my great Delight to call

you by name to claim you as my

own you are a warrior a champion

handpicked by Heaven your name is

inscribed upon my heart etched into the

fabric of Eternity so rise up beloved

and as you walk in obedience as you

yield to the leading of my spirit you

will discover a peace that surpasses

understanding a joy that knows no

bounds for in my presence there is

fullness of Life an abundance that

satisfies the deepest longings of your

soul so come my child come and drink

deeply from the wells of my grace let my

love wash over you healing the wounds of

yesterday and fortifying you for the

battles of tomorrow for I am your

strength your Shield your exceeding


reward and though the journey may be

marked by trials and tribulations though

the enemy May rage against you fear not

for I have already secured the victory I

have already written the final chapter

of your story and it is a tale of

Triumph a testament to the power of my

redeeming love so fix your eyes on me

the author and finisher of your

faith trust in my goodness in my

unfailing love for I Am With You Always

even to the End of the Age my grace is

sufficient for you my power made perfect

in in your weakness for you are chosen

you are cherished you are

mine and nothing can separate you from

my love not height nor depth not

principalities or Powers not even the

darkest of nights or the fiercest of

storms so stand firm my beloved stand

firm in the faith rooted and grounded in

my word let your heart be filled with

courage Your Spirit infused with the

boldness of Heaven

for you are destined for greatness

called to leave an indelible mark on

this generation and

Beyond embrace the adventure that lies

ahead the Uncharted territories of my

grace for I am with you every step of

the way guiding you empowering you

cheering you on from Heaven’s

grandstands and when the day comes when

you cross the finish line and step into

my eternal embrace you will hear my

voice resounding Through the Ages well

done my good and faithful servant

enter into the joy of your Lord for this

is your inheritance your Birthright as a

child of the king and Eternity spent in

my presence forever basking in the

radiance of my love so run the race with

endurance fight the good fight of faith

for the prize that awaits you is beyond

compare a crown of righteousness

reserved for those who love me and in

the moments when doubt Creeps in when

the Echoes of the past threaten to drown

out my voice remember my promises

remember my

faithfulness for I am the god who speaks

life into dead places who breathes hope

into Broken Dreams I Am The God Who

Parts the Seas who moves mountains who

sets captives free and I am the god who

has called you by name who has engraved

you upon the palms of my hands you are

mine forever and always and nothing

absolutely nothing can change that truth

so Let Your Heart Take courage let your

soul find rest in me for I am your

anchor in the storm your refuge in the

night and I will never leave you I will

never forsake you my love for you is

Everlasting my commitment to you

unwavering and as you cling to me as you

abide in my

love you will find the strength to soar

on wings like eagles to run and not grow

weary to walk and not faint for I am

your sustainer your provider your all in

all so trust in me my child trust in my

goodness in my faithfulness in my


love and as you surrender to those plans

as you yield to the gentle Whisper of my

spirit you will discover a life beyond

your wildest dreams a destiny that that

surpasses your greatest

imaginings for I am able to do

immeasurably more than you could ever

ask or imagine according to the power

that is at work within you so let that

power flow freely let my spirit move

unhindered in and through you be a

vessel of my grace a conduit of my love

and watch as I transform the world

around you as I bring beauty from ashes

and joy from

mourning for I am your God and you are

my child so let your light shine let

your life be a testament to the power of

my love and know that I am with you now

and forever

more amen

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