? God Will Surprise You Tonight If You Open This Message

day almighty God declares my beloved

child in Christ do now not be afraid and

you no longer Melancholy when the path

you stroll becomes difficult and and

steady I will assist you with my sturdy

right hand

I promise to manual you via every trial

I actually have not left you alone and I

by no means will don’t permit the

uncertainties of this existence reason

doubt to brush You Away confusion spends

the whole lot so that even what’s

regular seems volatile

but my peace brings each chaotic idea to

relaxation and even the unruliest messes

come back into order I easy out the most

hard roads with my grace my Mercy fills

in each crack alongside the way like

this video if you follow through in


you will not be misplaced to Darkness

for I am light and I am with you I bring

readability teach mystery and confident

guarantee with my faithfulness trust and

too now not dismay whatever comes I see

it all Annie am by way of your side

I promise to work all matters to benefit

you however you will ought to accept is

true with that my approaches are better

than your very own as lengthy as it is

known as nowadays I even have forgiven


God says type amen if you believe in me

in Bible verse Philippians says do

now not be concerned about approximately

anything but in every scenario by prayer

and petition with Thanksgiving

gift your requests to God

my cherished infant within the vastness

of existence I pay attention your

heartfelt prayer and I am here to offer

you consolation and Assurance your

request for the healing of damage

desires and aspiration resonates deeply

with me

know that I even have usually watch over

you guiding you via the pains and

tribulations of Lifestyles I’ve

witnessed the moments when your dreams

appeared shattered and your aspiration

felt distant but my love for you is

boundless and I want to not anything

more than to see you flourish

life is an adventure packed with

demanding situations and now and again

goals to ruin but recall my infant that

from the fragments of broken desires new

or even more beautiful aspiration and

stand up

I even have the power to respire

existence into your aspiration another

time two men what was fractured and to

reignite the fires of Desire inside you

if you agree God’s words then share this


closest to your heart

believe in yourself as I agree within

you have religion that your goals can be

restored and your aspiration and be

found out your prayers had been heard

and I will guide you alongside this root

of rediscovery and renewal

In This Moment discover solace in the

understanding that you aren’t by myself

for I am here your ever loving Dad or

Mom embrace the adventure beforehand

with braveness and resolution for

collectively we will make your dreams

shine brighter than ever before

Lord knows that only few loyal beliefs

will watch this video Until the End

if you watch the whole video without

skipping it then you will see unexpected

miracles in your life

always keep in mind despite great crowds

coming to listen Jesus and to be healed

latest scripture says he frequently left

the crowds and went away to relaxation

and pray

I’m sure meaning at times there had been

still many needy humans looking forward

to prayer disappointed that their needs

were not met Jesus wasn’t overlooking

their wishes he turned into taking care

of himself he needed to break out to get

quiet and pray so he can be refreshed

and restored

Jesus failed to let different human

beings run his Lifestyles and neither

have to you there will always be folks

who need you someone who desires

rescuing or cheering up

if you try to meet everybody else’s

desires try and keep them fixed you’ll

turn out to be run down and eventually

suffer burnout don’t be compelled into

doing matters that are going to wear you


if Jesus walked far away from people to

defend his peace you want to study to

stroll away from things which can be

stealing your peace

type I love dearly you father

affirmations for life I entice the

proper human beings at the right time

healthy connections that support my

increase and happiness are aligning for

me I Mighty my real self around them

we will accept each different for who

where and where and where the quality

people will result easily surround me

God claims I am going before you making

your crooked places directly I already

lined up the right human beings right

opportunities and solutions to all of

your issues no man or woman no illness

no disappointment can stop my plan what

I promised you’ll come to bypass

in the midst of uncertainty I am your

rock and your anchor trust in my

unchanging nature and faithfulness I

will in no way abandon you or forsake

you rest inside the assurance that I am

constantly with you even till the quit

of age

type our man if you believe in God

God says l-a-m going to repay you for

the years the enemy has stolen yours you

spent lonely the years you spent being

mistreated you are going to have plenty

of Joy plenty of Peace plenty of

resources and plenty of opportunities

trust me I am making a way

when you are complaining about your

situation you’re usually forgetting

approximately the miracle which you are

alive to whinge nothing takes place

aside from what I say in your existence

everything is on your correct

God says right yes if you trust me

listen carefully I need to inspire those

who experience depleted weary weak

exhausted numb or shattered you don’t

know if you may hang on anymore you’ve

taken one hit after the alternative and

taking the subsequent step seems


you do not understand what to do what to

mention or even what to think anymore

you’ve come to the stop of yourself are

aware of it’s hard I know it’s painful I

realize it’s disorientating I know it’s


I additionally recognize that God has

now not left you God has not forsaken

you God is not dissatisfied with you God

is not waiting for you to get over it

and get on with it God is with you for

your weakness God as with you on your


allow the Holy Spirit to Foo you afresh

to fill up and repair you those that

wait upon the Lord will renew their

energy when you don’t know what else to

do don’t do something get within the

presence of God and allow him do what

handiest he can do he is for you

whatever you do paintings it with all

your heart as operating for the Lord not

for human Masters coliseums –

taipao man if you agree and by taking

comfort from those people increase your

faith and Lord

attention listener join this prayer with

me and say it with me Lord there is no

one like you you realize when I Rise and

whilst I sleep you guard me through the

night time and manual me in the morning


I am blessed redeemed and

loved will walk in integrity and you may

now not permit my foot to slip I have

everything I need to be successful and

feature an abundant existence in you

teach me to give greater pray greeter

and press into you so that I may be

completely geared up to do your work I

will now not depend by myself strength

however yours who’s amazing to keep I

will not consider the lies of the enemy

that say your promises aren’t genuine or

that you do no longer heal these days as

you’ve got achieved in instances past

I name my body to line up with God’s

word that Sizzle am healed I am strong

and I am greater than a triumph over I

will no longer listen to silly speak or

communicate of evil for I will declare

that my God is a rewarder of people who

love him

he can move mountains or component

Rivers for me too accomplish his

paintings and me search my coronary

heart oh God and if there is any

depraved element in me forged it out for

not anything can stand within the manner

of what God is doing no pressure of

Darkness will succeed

my enemies will fall at his Exquisite

call I’m surrendering at the present

time to the Lord to use me to be his

vessel to show this world his great love

I’m excited to look how he will perform

Miracles and open doors no guy can hear

I will wait and humble expectation due

to the fact my God is first straight and

he chooses me each time amen

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