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my dear child because you are very

special to me I am talking to you from

the depth of my heart my dear child

because you are very special to me I am

talking to you from the depth of my

heart you will feel peace in this

prepare for a shift you didn’t see

coming suddenly doors will open the

right people will appear and your health

will improve you’ve weathered storms and

and trials but now it’s time for

abundance those who opposed you will

falter and challenges like depression

addiction and workplace struggles will

be overcome the end of your struggles is

near trust in me and I’ll deliver you

even in tough times you’ll find favor

promotion and strength what once held

you back will no longer hinder your

progress God

declares if you wish to feel my serenity

write yes in the Bible voice Mark

for always says therefore I inform you

something you ask for in prayer accept

as true with which you have acquired it

and it is going to be yours my dear

child know that I your devoted father am

am wholeheartedly committed to

rejuvenating healing T enriching your

life with blessings beyond

measure always remember it’s In My

Embrace that you will discover

unwavering guidance profound wisdom and

the Solace to face any

adversity rest assured not for a single

moment will I turn away from you today

let this truth be engraved in your heart

I am Forever by your S no distance or

time can change that even when the

journey seems endless and the nights are


darkest have faith that your actions

grounded in integrity and wisdom shall

flourish I stand beside you offering my

strength and support you’re never alone

in this Voyage just hold on to your

faith and trust in the promises I have

made devoid of any

skepticism should discouragement take

hold because results aren’t immediate

remember that in an unexpected instant

at the perfect time your Miracle will

surface until then continue to live in

obedience and fellowship with me

comforted by the knowledge that my love

and grace accompany Until the End come

let me shoulder your burdens and

concerns I see the heavy weight you’ve

been carrying it stole evident on your

life and well-being but you need not

bear it by yourself any

longer I am here arms open waiting for

you to lay down your troubles at my feet

my presence is constant eager to support

you in any capacity

needed regardless of the magnitude of

your problems or the complexity of your

circumstances I am the solution ready to

lighten your burden there’s no need to

fret about the future or elements

outside your control place your trust in

me allowing me to steer your life I’ve

witnessed your struggle Les and the toll

they’ve taken on you which is why it’s

crucial for you to understand you are

never alone my presence ensures that

nothing can sever the bond of my love


protection despite the daunting nature

of your challenges remember with me all

things are possible including overcoming

the greatest obstacles so do not lose


share this video with the people who are

closest to your heart if you agree with


words never let the hurdles in life

deter you from pursuing your dreams and

Ambitions with me by your sigh worry

becomes unnecessary I am here to Aid you

a promise I make to never Le you to

navigate this journey

solo I’ll be your constant companion

ready to assist you in surmounting any

barrier my love and compassion are

unwavering available to you at all

moments know that you are valued

immensely by

me and there’s no need for hesitation or

fear in seeking my Guidance with any

concerns regardless of their size rest

assured I am here to support you

thoroughly type to now remember I

am your Fortress and your Cornerstone in

me you can place your absolute trust I

will always lead you down the correct

path and provide the necessary strength

to face any

challenge my dear child I implore you

not to lose heart place your trust in my

enduring love for you and I guarantee

you will experience Serenity Joy Joy

tease and calm for I will bear your

burdens and alleviate your

worries I pledge to never abandon you

always ready to lift you whenever you

stumble driven by a love that is

boundless and eternal now is the moment

to entrust me with all your anxieties


Fears let my hands support you let my

love envelop you offering the peace and

calm your heart

seeks do not be consumed with thoughts

on how I will address your troubles for

I have laid out plans encompassing

welfare blessings and prosperity on your

behalf all that is required of you is to

trust in me and follow my

guidance I will lead you on the

righteous path guiding you to your

destined Place simply Harbor faith in my

love my child for it is sufficient for


happiness I vow to never leave your sigh

always there to support you to carry

your burdens and to soothe your worries

I will never disappoint you for I am

your God and Father eternally with you

until the end of time amen right Jesus

is supreme King let’s pray Father in

Heaven I’ve been worrying a lot lately

about things that are beyond my control

please help me to have faith that you

are in control of every aspect of my

life and that I have nothing to be

afraid of or concerned about Amen in the

name of

Jesus little kids I am with you and all

around you and circle in you in Golden

rays of light I constantly behold you

face to face not one in all your

thoughts escapes my note because I am

limitless I am able to love you as if

you and I were the most effective ones

within the

universe walk with me and intimate love

steps however do no longer lose sight of

my Majesty I desire to be your closest

friend but I am also your Sovereign Lord

I created your brain with capability to

recognize me as friend and Lord

concurrently the human thoughts is the

pen Nel of my

introduction however so few use it for

its number one reason understanding

me I speak usually through my spirit my

word and my introduction only human

beings are able to receiving me and

responding to my presence you are indeed

fearfully and surprise fully made type

if you trust Lord I am phrases to

my disciples after my resurrection I

continue to Proclaim this promise to all

who will listen people respond to my

continual presence in various ways

most Christians take delivery of this

teaching as reality however ignore it in

their day by day

dwelling some sick taught or wounded

Believers fear and can even resent my

focus of all they do say and think a few

human beings with you always I spoke

those Center their lives around this

excellent promise and discover

themselves blessed past all

expectations when my presence is the

point of interest of your con choosiness

all the portions of your Lifestyles fall

into area as you stare upon Me Through

The Eyes of your coronary heart you can

see the arena around you from my angle

the reality that I am with you makes

each second of your existence meaningful

come to me with a teachable spirit Keen

to be changed a close stroll with me as

a existence of chronic newness do not

hang to antique ways as you step into a

new months instead are seeking my

face with an open

mind understanding that your adventure

with me involves being converted by the

renewing of your thoughts as you

recognition your thoughts on me be

conscious that I am fully aware of you I

see you with a regular ey because my

attention span is infinite I realize and

recognize AO completely my thoughts

embody you and ever lasting love I

additionally recognize the plans I even

have for you plans to prosper you and

now not to harm you plans to present you

hope and a destiny give yourself

absolutely to this journey of increasing

attentiveness to my

presence comment the Lord is beside me

the scripture says God designed your

life before the Earth was ever created

you were made for a reason and that

purpose was to be successful he already

has important times in your life

scheduled it is at these times when God

steps in their designed to propel you

forward years according to

ecclesiast opportunity and timing come

together for each individual that

implies that circumstances will change

to your advantage at any time good

things like a break mending a promotion

a Brilliant Invention or for restoration

are on the way it will not be even a

moment late when you need it open your

eyes to see the blessings God has in

store for you in the future now give him

thanks for everything that he has done

and will

accomplish give thanks to him for your

heavenly encounters and Destiny moments

because he is prepared and eager to

Grant you every want and hope he has put

in your heart typs and forward this

video to people who believe in the

Lord if you’re ready listen carefully as

I travel and serve across the globe I’ve

never seen anything like that there’s a

genuine passionate desire and fervor for

God people want to be there not be on a

stage experience rather than hypee

worship instead of

output change rather than altering

Behavior do not points but Power truth

and spirit both both labor and Faith

it’s taking place in arenas and Tents

including men and women young and

old God has been preparing us for what

he has planned for us via the the

shaking Reckoning and purification these

are the days to get close stay

close must not back down and keep

pushing to persevere and not give up not

to become sidetracked and to maintain

concentrate the benefit will much

outweigh the

cost I believe that something we have

never seen or experienced before may be

just around the corner when you’re in

the process of moving from one place to

another it’s quite simple to forget why

you moved on it’s in the midst that you

begin to doubt yourself do you honestly

think it was that bad you began to

second guess your choice to go you only

recall the enjoyable moments it’s the

familiarity you miss you believe that

you will never EXP experience Love Again

rekindled Friendship Community once

again regain your

purpose you want to text that person so

bad to

reestablish that connection called them

back to hear their voice once again

return there to have another look at

them yes I am aware I understand but

trust not knowledge is the foundation of

Faith you will find

that he who promised is loyal if you

persevere and have confidence in God’s

Good Will dot its better where you’re

heading than where you’ve been typ our

men if you believe I were crucified with

Christ and I now not live but Christ

lives in me the life I now live in the

body I live by way of religion in the

Son of God who loved me and gave himself

for me Galatians to

dear listeners let’s join our prayers

together down upon me Spirit of our God

Father’s Son and Holy Spirit Most Holy

Trinity kindly Purify Me shape me give

me your soul and put me to use take out

all the bad energies from me eliminate

them completely so so that I may stay

well and carry out good things take from

me Father all hex’s spells curses

witchcraft lack magic demonic encounters

wrongdoing and the evil I all

encroachments tyranny and demonic

possessions all of it is both Wicked and

immoral eliminate all forms of physical

psychological moral spiritual and

demonic suffering including envy and

betrayal father please also remove all

enticing Spirits including those who are

asleep deaf stupid blind and Silent in

addition to these there are Antichrist

Spirits New Age Spirits occult Spirits

religious spirits and other spirits of

death death and

evil I order and bid all the forces that

persecute me Lord through the force of

the all powerful God and the might of

Jesus Christ my

redeemer to never again come into

contact with me or any other living

thing on the planet and to be banished

from me forever and sent into the

NeverEnding Lake of Fire

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