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God says

my precious child do you know the way

glad I am once I say you are my child I

Am So Satisfied to create you and and

send you to this International for

gratifying my motive Through Your

Existence don’t suppose that you are


don’t get depressed by means of

questioning no one loves you or via

questioning your alone do you understand

one element you’re well worth extra than

something this is why I created you I

love you plenty I am hearing your

prayers and seeing the tears you are


like this video if your faith is strong

from God when I see your tears I cry

loads but even then what makes me robust

is the happiness for the blessing that

you’re going to get through your tears

which I actually have deliberate for you

trust me I actually have a plan for you

which I will fulfill in the right time

and I am so eagerly looking forward to

the day to see you face to face and to

present a kiss on your forehead and to

be with you I love you a lot I will

bless you

God says type amen if you believe in my


Sweet Child in this substantial Universe

I apprehend that life can now and again

sense overwhelming filled with

uncertainties and challenges that take a

look at your spirit

but let me remind you that I even have

bestowed upon you the electricity and

resilience to conquer any obstacle that

comes your way

know that Wish isn’t always lost my

child it may appear elusive at instances

but it resides in the depths of your

being it is a flame that Sparkles ready

for you to nurture it with notion and

perseverance trust in yourself and your

talents for you own the power to form

your own future

write if you agree

optimism my expensive one is a beacon of

light that guides you via the darkest of

nights embrace it with an open heart for

it’ll light up the direction ahead

remember that even in the face of

adversity there’s usually a silver

lining waiting to be located

I am right here to remind you that you

are never buyer myself for your journey

Lean on Me lean on your family and lean

at the Splendor of this International

seek Solace and Nature’s Embrace and

discover Comfort inside the warmth of

human connections

to leave in the magic of existence my

toddler for miracles manifest each day

trust that the universe is conspiring in

your want aligning the celebrities to

Grant your innermost dreams Embrace

every day with gratitude and interest

for inside them lies Limitless


man if you believe

rest confident my treasured baby that I

am here listening and guiding you

alongside this wondrous course referred

to as Lifestyles hold on to all hope and

let optimism be your Guiding Light

together we shall Forge a destiny full

of joy love and boundless possibilities

as almighty God said only a few loyal

people will stay connected to this video

till the end and you are a True Believer

child who connected with God till the

end and now your life will always be

oriented towards progress

in Bible verses Romans to says and

we recognize that in all matters God

works for the coolest of folks that love

him who have been known as in step with

his motive

Supreme Lord says as difficult because

the typhoon is do not leap ship don’t

second bet what God has located in you

too do regardless of the Waves crashing

all around you ignore the lies of the

enemy the enemy needs you to stop and

give up God knows it is tough

he isn’t there for your cries nor blind

to your tears a harvest is coming your

way a harvest of Peace a harvest of

blessings a harvest of healing a harvest

of abundance everything which you were

waiting crying looking and praying for

is about to come your way

a harvest of Peace a harvest of

blessings a harvest of healing a harvest

of abundance everything which you were

waiting crying looking and praying for

is about to come your way the simplest

Factor you must do isn’t always

surrender don’t throw inside the towel

persevere and remember all that pleasure

you will reap the entirety that you have

sown in religion if you faint no longer

enter to now

to the only struggling proper na to the

one who may be having a tough day week

or even year so far too the only who

appears like the typhoon will never quit

to the one who is hanging directly to

Faith by using a thread keep fighting

for you

don’t worry approximately your buddies

or your own family proper now focus on

you keep holding on due to the fact deep

down you listen to whisper that assert

you had been supposed for a long way

greater than this disappointment and

pain you are feeling

keep preventing due to the fact the

enemy doesn’t get to win not these days

not ever

keep fighting due to the fact you’ll get

there and it will all be worth it

if you have faith in God type amen

dearest child of mine and the widespread

sea of life with its Heaven doe with the

flow I am your steadfast anchor When

Storms rage and waves threaten to pull

yundernath find Solace within the

unyielding love I hold for you this love

isn’t just promise

it is a tangible force that centers and

grounds you and every breath each

heartbeat since my presence reminding

you that regardless of how too mulch was

the waters you are continually anchored

in unwavering love

I need to remind you that I made this

world with the intention to enjoy take

care of this beautiful creation of mine

and always recollect to wish for it this

world is a get from me to you and it is

important what you cherish it and admire


I want you to know that if I can create

the world then I also can wreck it in

seconds if you do not take care of it so

I urge you to be accountable and

conscious of your moves towards this

world I understand this month has been

tough there were days when you felt like

giving up it can seem like the world’s

weight is on your shoulders remember I

am here for you share your burdens and

I’ll provide rest I’ll support you and

pave a path forward

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today’s scripture says one element we

have to understand is that God isn’t

going to Deliver Us from every problem


is not going to maintain us from every


if he did we would never develop

the scripture says our faith is

attempted within the Hearth of Agony

when you’re in a tough time that’s an

opportunity in your religion to shine

anybody can get negative and sour blame

God or lose their harder that’s easy

but in case you need to pass the check

if you need God to take you to a brand

new level you cannot be a weakling you

should be a warrior

you should be a warrior take your heels

and and say as the Apostle Paul elk and

take care of it I am geared up for it

I’m saying to it I realize God continues

to be on the throne he is combating my

conflict and on the alternative facet at

this issue it’s a new level of my future

man if you accept God blessings

listen carefully I want to offer

encouragement to those grappling with

disappointment and various aspects of

life to those who suddenly find

themselves blindsided by circumstances

or individuals

you had envisioned a different outcome

to leave certain people were in your

corner yet they’ve left you feeling let


abandoned or betrayed that unexpected

blow feels like a punch in the gut

leaving you winded disoriented and


it’s undeniably challenging to muster

the strength to press forward when you

didn’t foresee such a turn of events

it’s not that you lack the ability to

rise again it’s more about the

apprehension of what might lie ahead

fearing a recurrence

even if it takes a different form

the enemy seeks to rob you of your

courage and confidence I implore you not

to allow it make a Resolute choice to

maintain trust in God firmly believing

that he is by your side and for your


March boldly into your future refusing

to permit the disappointments of today

to deprive you of the Divine

appointments awaiting you down the road

keep forging ahead with unwavering


type I love you Almighty Lord

dear listener join this prayer with me

and repeat after me dear God and Haven

today is a day to consider your son’s

pain and demise he needed to go through

a lot of discomfort and pain and it

became in his pain that he known as out

to you

assist me in following this example when

life hardships and sufferings in

addition to the demanding situations I

am experiencing end up too much for me

to handle please strike a chord and me

to call on you

remind me to name on you whilst grief

overwhelms my spirit and by him broken

please don’t abandon me my hour of want

look down on me with sympathy and

provide me the courage to persevere

strengthen my religion and confidence in

you in order that with you through my

aspect I may additionally optimistic

declare that its miles completed thank

you Father for hearing my prayer amen

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