? God Says; Your Wait Is Over… This Is What Will Happen Tomorrow…

God says

God is speaking to you today my beloved

Christian people I am opening a door

that no one can shut I have not

forgotten about you I have heard your

every prayer and seen every tear prepare

yourself for the blessing and

breakthrough ahead and please watch this

video till the end

my loving child don’t lose hope if you

think I am not listening to your prayers

it is a sign that you need more faith in

your life

remember how Peter sank when he walked

on the water because he was afraid of

the storm he forgot that I was there

with him you may also forget me

sometimes when things don’t go your way

or when you face challenges you may get

distracted by other things and lose your

faith but you need to change that

attitude because I have a purpose for


sometimes I delay answering your prayers

or I allow you to go through some trials

because I want to shape you to prepare

you for the blessings that I have for

you to make you ready for the things

that you ask according to my will

I hear your prayers I see your situation

but trust me I have a plan for you

everything has its time have faith in me

God declares

if you want my blessings type yes

God is saying I appreciate your kind

words and I’m here to assist you

whenever you need help feel free to

share your thoughts or any questions you

may have and I’ll do my best to provide

you with the information you seek

my loving child this this powerful

blessings only for you so listen

carefully don’t waste your strength

energy or emotion on pointless arguments

activities or distractions

you and I are here to fight the good

fight of faith and the enemy will do

everything to Sidetrack you from this

purpose if you exhaust yourself on

things that do not matter you will have

nothing left to give when you truly need

to exercise your faith taken inventory

of where you are expending your time

talent and treasure refocus your energy

on the things that matter most in light

of Eternity you need strength to believe

in me energy to follow me and emotional

bandwidth to trust me do not waste these

resources on things that ultimately hold

no value

the fight of faith is not for the fate

of heart you must decide to focus and

resist those things that will pull you

away from your purpose and Christ you

have the ability to do hard things

Lord says type on man if you seek my

guidance and abound it

give yourself these five things out loud

in order to succeed one dear Lord please

assist me in overcoming any

procrastination or laziness that impedes

my progress to Dear God lead me to

realize my full potential and bring joy

and peace to my perplexity and grief

three I beg you God to take anything

that is not meant for me and take it out

of my life give me the real story of

those who aren’t supposed to be on my

journey for Lord keep me on the right

path and give me the stamina to keep

going without giving up

five I beg you bad to use my mind bend

my heart and remove my concerns amen

type amen if you believe dear God I am

incredibly grateful for all that you

have done for me sometimes I feel

hesitant to ask for your help because I

worry that you might be weary of hearing

me but I know these thoughts are not

real and I trust in your infinite love

and understanding

God intends a blessing for you it will

always be destined with your name on it

you can’t do anything to alter at As

Long as You Follow The Path God wants

you to walk

therefore it’s essential not to

overthink or dwell on how things unfold

in your life every situation has its own

timing and purpose as you learn to rely

on faith and not solely on what you see

you’ll understand that your

circumstances are working in your favor

not against you God says type amen if

you acknowledge my grace

dear Lord as I begin this day I want to

express my gratitude for your unwavering

goodness and faithfulness even when life

is challenging you remain constant in

your goodness I am thankful for your

love and steadfast provision

amidst life’s trials you have given me

countless reasons to smile your

blessings and the gift you provide are

beyond anything the world can offer or

take away I entrust this day and

everything in it into your caring hands

in Jesus name I pray amen I set my

rainbow in the cloud and it shall be for

the sign of the Covenant between me and

the Earth this symbol of my promise

serves as a reminder of my faithfulness

and love for all of creation Genesis

type thank you God if you believe my

child as you step into this new month

remember to seek me in prayer and let my

word be a lamp to guide your path trust

that I am the god of new beginnings and

to me you will find the strength to face

whatever lies ahead let this month be an

opportunity to deepen your relationship

with me discover new truths in my word

and experience the fullness of my


surrender your plans to me and watch as

I unfold opportunities and blessings

beyond your imagination reminding you

that praying to the deceased and hopes

of Salvation is futile

it is important to remember that I

created them from clay and just because

they lived a life that pleased me does

not mean you should rely on them for


there is only one mediator between you

and me and that is my one and only son

Jesus he is the path the truth and the

source of life no one can come to me

except through him type why yes if you

want to be a light in the Darkness

my dear listener nothing can stand

against me whatever you face in life if

you will just hold your peace and remain

at rest I promise that I will fight your

battles I will make a way even when you

don’t see a way trust in my unfailing

love and guidance throughout your


we are filled with gratitude to God for

you to love brothers and sisters who are

loved by the Lord it brings us great joy

that you were among the first to

experience salvation a Salvation that is

brought forth through the sanctifying

work of the spirit and your unwavering

belief in the truth your faithfulness

and commitment are a true blessing to us

to Thessalonians to .

God says if you agree my words then

taipa man

to love child this upcoming week holds

great promise for you expect

breakthroughs in your health finances

profession business marriage

relationships spiritual walk and all

other areas that challenge you embrace

the wonderful opportunities Miracles and

favor that will come your way

trust in the journey ahead

Lord says I just want you to know that I

love you a lot nothing can separate you

from me I am always there with you you

can trust me I will never fail you I

will bless you I will prosper you I will

guide you

I will always protect you you know one

day you will see me face to face I am so

eagerly waiting for that day subscribe

to channel to growth this community

today God is speaking to you saying I’m

opening a door that no one can shut I

have not forgotten about you I have

heard your every prayer and seen every

tear prepare yourself for the blessing

and breakthrough ahead type out man in

the comments and get blessed today

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