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Lord wants you to hear this now lovely

child remember one element I already

wrote your story the story of the

greatest cause Ur story has a topnotch

cause with the intention to do for

me everything which are occurring in

your Lifestyles is molding you and

preparing you for that greatest reason

to be fulfilled so whilst a few things

takes place don’t pass at the back of

that but at that point make yourself

recollect that everyone the on things

are happening for my high quality reason

and also come to me with your robust

faith and your coronary heart to satisfy

that greatest reason with a purpose to

do for

me let me remind you one greater Factor

it is not just one step method there are

quite a a few steps you’ve got to take

with the aid of trusting me in this

procedure to meet my

cause but for each steps in this

technique there are numerous outstanding

and First Rate blessing watching for

you if positive thoughts are coming and

your life then hit the like

button Bible vce Matthew minus

always says when evening came many who

were demon possessed were brought to him

and he drove out the spirits with a word

and healed all the

sickness this was to fulfill what was

spoken through the prophet Isaiah he

took up our infirmities and bore our

diseases Lord says write on man if you

believe in my

words in this adventure my baby be I

apprehend that life can present us with

boundaries that appear insurmountable

but worry now not for I am here to

stroll beside you every step of the

manner you ‘t by myself on this battle

for I am your unwavering source of power

and Aid lean on me when the weight feels

to heavy and believe that I will provide

you with the resilience and res solution

to overcome any

hurdle finding wish and motive inside

the face of adversity is a testament to

the energy of your spirit remember that

inside you lies a Wellspring of

resilience and courage ready to be


into take solace in prayer and

meditation for they will connect you

along with your inner self and and help

you find out the profound reason that

lies within your

heart type yes to

airm in addition my baby do now not

underestimate the energy of looking for

assist from those around you they are my

vessels of compassion and empathy

located for your life styles to offer

love and

expertise open your heart to their

presence for they are able to provide

you comfort guidance and a reminder that

you are never alone in your

struggles moreover don’t forget to take

care of yourself amid existences

demanding situations prioritize your

properly being and concentrate to the

desires of your mind frame and

soul nurture yourself with moments of

joy and laughter for they will

rejuvenate your spirit and remind you of

the beauty that also exists in the

global type I love dearly you

father the almighty said behold you

cannot worry and Worship On The


time when the Satan brings you thoughts

of worry tension and worry to don’t

consider them instead permit the one’s

thoughts be a reminder to you to thank

God that the solution is on the manner

that’s what king Jehosaphat

did the people of Judah had been

surrounded via three essential armies it

failed to appearance as though they’d

risk this Godly king became probable

bombarded with mind of fear and

anxiety but he acred the people together

lifted his eyes in the direction of

heaven and prayed the easy prayer in

modernday verse Joseph’s prayer changed


responded God informed the people to

March properly into the enemy’s Camp

singing and shouting Praises on their

way notice they were not stressful they

had been worshiping and God delivered

them today select worship over worry and

flow forward into

Victory if you’re prepared

TPS and send this video to three

individual and

Lord sweet kids it’s now not

approximately that I am being an element

of your story it’s about you being a

part of my

tale it’s no longer about who is for you

or Tower Shou it’s about who you are for

you aren’t simply a person who has

Authority you are the only who has

Authority you also are the only who is

dwelling under

Authority when you are waiting on me for

Solutions you aren’t losing your time

but you are becoming organized for what

you are watching for in different words

I am making ready

you placing your desire in something

that can be long gone the following day

will set you up for

unhappiness so pick to accept his true

within me for the whole thing and your

Des iind me could be

Everlasting subscriber to the channel if

you truly believe in

God affirmation I am smart and S

princible I am learning from my mistakes

and developing into the man or woman

that I actually have usually dreamed I


be I be given that the best manner to

examine and to develop is to make errors

I’m open-minded and excited too keep to

adapt as a

person trust me dear beloved in

closeness to me you’re secure in the

intimacy of my presence to your

energize no matter where you’re in the

international you recognize you belong

when you sense my nearness ever since

the fall Kai has skilled the gaping tin

that simplest my presence can

fill I designed you for near communism

Cas along with your creator how I loved

taking walks in the garden with Adam and

Eve earlier than the evil one deceived

them when you commune with me in the

lawn of your coronary heart e you and I


blessed this is my manner of living in

the world via you together we will ward

off the darkness for I am the light of


world typ man few

agree listen up for those who’ve had a

hard day and rering to be grateful

please realize that God see you and


you perhaps that man or woman didn’t

display up the invitation wasn’t

extended that conversation went South

you were not at your exceptional or the

day simply failed to go as you would

hop whatever the motive in your

unhappiness or discouragement take it to


don’t obsessively ruminate rehash the

whole lot again and again or maintain

second guessing

yourself cast your cares upon Him due to

the fact he cares for you God neither

Slumbers nor sleeps so go away it with

him and visit

bed there’s no need each of you staying

wakeful let him paintings even as your

relaxation your are so loved by

God praise the Lord my soul all my

inmost beings praise His holy

name praise the Lord my soul and forget

not all his benefit who forgives all

your sins and heals all your diseases

who redeems your life from the pit and

crowns you with love and compassion

Psalm to –

heavenly father as I bow my head in

prayer I need to praise enlarge and

adore you for your regular love and

mercy you loved me a lot which you made

salvation available to me through Jesus

and dispatch the holy spirit to guide me

right into a deeper dating with you I

worship you with a coronary heart of

gratitude I thank and praise you with my

entire coronary heart mind and soul You

Are Holy trustworthy and beneficiary

closer to me as your baby you will not

withhold any exact element from me and I


grateful God I no longer need anything

to face between my relationship with you

so I ask you to forgive me for sin and

assist me forgive everybody who sinned


me please take away any stumbling blocks

that maintain me from a deeper

relationship with you I want to live my

life surrendered to your will but

occasionally I fall short please help me

as I try to stay my lifestyles in

keeping with you

will I confess my sins and I thank you

for your forgiveness

by religion I agree with that as Jesus

returned to you he dispatched the Holy

Spirit to be with me

forever as your baby I understand that

the holy spirit is to be had to assist

me develop spiritual Aid however the

enemy has try to foresto me from

expertise that I need him I ask you to

train me to be led by by using the Holy

Spirit teach me your methods give me the

energy to do your will and trade me a

good way to stay a Christ fill their

existence consistent with your kingdom

cause all admirable talents and many not

overcome the enemy I need the holy

spirit’s help fill me up God I want to

worship you in spirit and fact I am

thirsty for extra of you god. please

provide my

request thank you for watching this

video and sending your precious time

with God I hope this message cheers you

up and if you what you can donate us

through super thanks

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