to love kids I am your heavenly father I am watching you and I know you are very

disappointed at this time but don’t be disappointed I am preparing to send a

big gift in your life very soon and you will receive it soon and will free you

from the influence of the devil in your life if you watch this video till the

end it will definitely happen I am planning every aspect of your existence

I am putting the steps in sequence for you nothing occurs spontaneously

coincidences don’t occur I held you back that season out of concern for your

safety this is the time of year when I am holding doors open I’m eliminating

the wrong individuals from your life and adding the appropriate ones throughout

this season I will keep you safe from harm and give

you a prompting in your spirit to tell you when it’s time to go out in faith as

long as you seek me out every day believe me I am aware that you are now

going through a trying period in your life life and you’re coping with a

number of situations as well as intense emotional suffering it seems like something new

Rises just when you think you’ve overcome the last issue sometimes I still the storm raging

inside of you but not always the storm around you remain strong I am fortifying you in

places that are now invisible to you together you and I shall overcome this

dot as we always do and everything will work

out like the video of assurance and supreme

god in the Bible versus Proverbs always says whoever offers heed to

practice flourishes and blessed is the one who trusts inside the

Lord today the Lord have a message for you this is my plan for your life coming

to pass sometimes you have to force yourself to slow down because the path

the head appears to be closed or opens up very slowly when the timing is right the path

in front of you suddenly clears on its own without any of your own work I

freely provide to you what you have yearned for an told for a true gift you

see my power and my glory and are amazed at how effortlessly I go about the

Earth your weakness is the pl platform on which my power and glory shine the

most therefore don’t be afraid of it you should expect to witness Miracles as you

continue on the route I have laid out for you relying on my power to keep you

going you will though they are not always apparent to the uned eye Miracles

are evident to people who have trust in God you may Glimpse my Glory when you

live by faith rather than by sight I have my day my D today as you

Delight in this life it will return to you in the form of useful instruction

and many presents you will discover all the yours I have prepared for you and

you stroll with me along the high path of thankfulness you have to keep in mind

that you live in a sinful world where Joys and sufferings coexist in order to

guard your thanks many Christians are defeated by a persistent emphasis on

hardship all they see as they stroll through a day full of Splendor and

brightness is the greyness of their thoughts their thoughts have become

Bleak as a result of neglecting the habit of offering gratitude my children

are so wonderful because they always remember to thank me because they still have the light of

my presence beaming on them they may have joy even on the darkest days and

joy the day I have created since I am your loyal

companion enter yes if you agree and share this video with people who

trust Lord Lord Lord claims from the depths of

Eternity I speak to you I am even before the Earth was created I live in the

depths of your being and there is where you hear me Christ the hope of glory is

inside you within you I am alive Christ the lord and

savior seek me out in Stillness to become attuned to my living presence

Rejoice your rebirth in into everlasting life as much as you rejoice the miracle

of my birth in Bethlehem my only reason for coming into

your world of sin was to give you this eternal gift accept my gift with

humility and amazement give my love some time to explore its many

facets give yourself permission to Express gratitude from the bottom of

your heart for my magnificent gift be grateful and allow my peace to Prevail

in your heart awfulness should take over in your heart something wonderful occurs when

you Express gratitude to me for all your benefits your I seem to be cleared of

scales allowing you to Glimpse and increasing amount of my magnificent

wealth now that your eyes are opened you may help yourself to everything you need

from my Storehouse of treasures let your gratitude glorify my name each time you

receive one of my precious gifts the language of Heaven is hallelujah and you

may learn to speak them with your heart a life full of gratitude and

praise leads to a life full of Wonders you pay attention to me and what what I

am doing not to yourself and your tempet

control the power of praise lies in concentrating your whole existence

around me because I built you in my image this is how I intended for you to

live live a life full with plenty by being very grateful and full of

praise God says WR why yes if you want to experience my

peace always keep in mind beloved child the Flaming strikes on your mind are not

to be taken by surprise do not give up when you find it difficult to live in my

peace and to discover me spiritually speaking you are involved in heavy

combat the devil detests your connection with me and his demonic henchmen are out

to ruin our relationship in the midst of conflict invoke my name and say Jesus

help me that’s when the struggle becomes my and your only job is to put your

confidence in me and let me fight for

you when utilized correctly my name has boundless ability to protect and blast

when my name is announced at the end of time every knee will bow in heaven on

Earth and under the ground on that amazing day those who

have used Jesus as a crude profanity will collapse in fear however there will

be an unfathomable and magnificent joy for everyone who has approached me by

obediently pronouncing my name as you wait for my return this is your greatest

hope blessed is the one who perseveres beneath trial due to the fact having

stood the take a locat that character will receive the crown of existence that

the Lord has promised to folks that love him James

to conquer right my dear one remember your future is

securely held with then my powerful and caring hands I am your God and my love

for you is endless patient and comforting trust in my plan for you

knowing it will unfold perfectly in your life do you trust in my constant love

for you can you find peace instead of worry when faced with uncertainty and

unsettling news your heart felt prayer touched me

deeply and with the faith you hold we joyfully welcome you back it’s clear

you’re moving forward in life’s journey finding it easier to share all your

thoughts with me this honesty is leading you to

ReDiscover life’s happiness even as you confront long buried emotions daily

conversations with me will strengthen you and enance your faith and fill you

with a new found sense of power enter

if you believe in the Archangel I’m here to lighten your load

brighten your spirit and bring joy into your life listen to my voice and let

your heart speak to me fearlessly my love for you knows no bounds and nothing

can help the blessings I have for you you with my protection and the Vigilant

care of my angels no harm will come your way the hurtful words of others will

disappear like Dust in the Wind leaving no trace of sadness allow me to be the

dominant voice in your life silencing those who wish to mislead

you I communicate my love for you in countless ways encouraging you to stand

firm and confident and affected by the opinions of others remember I see the

goodness within you even when others throw harmful words your

way you have a unique purpose filled with love forgiveness and support your

actions will highlight my love touching the lives of many through your

influence I’m elevating your faith to to unprecedented levels stay focused on me

I’ll guide you through various signs and words fear not for I am with you

offering my love and support continue in your faith for my

presence is a constant in your life my love provides you with strength and hope

playing to it during challenging times I’ll Grant you wisdom and the resilience

to overcome adversity safe under my shelter no enemy

can reach you when weariness sets in I’ll be there to uplift and soothe you

with my vast love renewing your spirit and

ambition to confirm type to for your wellbeing immerse yourself

in my presence daily it’s what you need most to get together we’ll Turn the page

on past hardships and start crafting a joyful narrative it’s my heartfelt

desire for you to recognize your true identity as my beloved a Victorious

spirit with a significant purpose let nothing not even age deter

your happiness you are a blessing to many possessing the ability to make a

substantial impact with the seeds of potential in your grasp rise and heed

the call of those who depend on you you’re held in high regard by many hearts both young and

old despite the adversaries attempts to diminish your spirit and trap you in

bitterness your resilience shines through the enemy’s efforts to convince

you of your worthlessness through incremental hurts have failed hearing my call you acknowledge

your missteps and sought forgiveness a beautiful Act of Faith that we

celebrated in heaven in life’s ongoing battle your progress is

evident my body is full of inner Serenity and power giving me all the

caling energy I need to overcome any difficulty every breath is a chance for

me to replenish my energy with natural healing bringing my body Mind and Spirit

back into balance and fortifying me from the inside out I intentionally release

all tension and stress with each breath enabling my body and mind to enwind

peacefully typs if you trust Lord the Divine message saying this text shows us

that the Lord’s judgment and chastisement are not punishments based on his anger or spiteful Justice what we

should see instead are gestures of kindness and compassion like a father disciplining

his children out of genuine concern for their spiritual health the Lord wants us

to repent learn more about our our transgressions and resolve to live

according to his will and he tries to do that via these

difficulties the point of God’s rebuke is not to condemn us but to help us grow

spiritually and ultimately reach heaven even if everyone else will be judged and

Damned for their wicked ways we who are children of God are being lovingly

disciplined by God this discipline will lead us back to the

correct way to live rescuing us from the damnation that awaits those who refuse

to repent when we are down and out May we keep in mind that the Lord chastens

us like a loving father who wants what’s best for his children redeem and

sanctification we pray that we would see his rebuke as an expression of his

affection and dedication to our sanctification guiding us away from

Damnation and toward everlasting life in his presence be at peace because the

punishment of God as a proof of his everlasting love for his children is and

objective is our spiritual growth regeneration and salvation so let us

Embrace that knowledge do his humble and grateful

correction comment Lord is stand with me today’s message and ever it says to

wait for the Lord it indicates to put your faith and confidence in him

particularly when things are hard or challenging this also pertains to

everyone who decides to put the ire confidence in the Lord while feeling

helpless guilty or in need of assistance for humans This Promise is

still valid today to wait on the Lord is to put your confidence in him depend on

him for assistance and make use of the resources he has made available it

doesn’t imply vivity rather it means putting our faith

and trust in him and contributing by making the most of the tools and chances

he has provided us God says that people who wait on the

Lord and this manner will be strengthened Equip to meet spiritual

obstacles overcome personal shortcomings and carry out their duties throughout

history Christians have seen the Fulfillment of this promise

they shall run and not be weary this verse implies that people will be strong

and full of Vitality they have faith in God it was first written to inspire

faith and God Among the Jewish prisoners in Babylon however everyone May relate to

it now type if you needed this many individuals

have seen firsthand how leaning on God strengthens their hearts validates their

faith and reduces their passion for material

possessions God grants them the to face adversity headon to complete

challenging jobs without giving up to live long restful lives and to find

Serenity even in the face of death these passages highlight how excellent

God is at rescuing people from hardship and how they need to recognize and

express their gratitude for it they need to confess and Proclaim God’s goodness

and his amazing Deeds to others because he fills the spirit that

is hungry he satisfies the needs of the hungry and the thirsty by providing for

their food and drink needs likewise he meets the most profound spiritual needs

of individuals who yearn for a connection with Christ and his love and

he gives wonderful things to satisfy the Soul’s need he envelops them in the

abundance and kindness of his favors with the profusion of blessings kept in

reserve in Christ and his Covenant with the gospel’s benefits and good

[Music] news with God’s kindness and mercy is

shown in Christ refer to Psalm – as we consider these lines let us

not forget to express thanks to the Lord for both the material sustenance he

provides for us and the spiritual satisfaction he

grants let us do great deeds in our life and

spread his grace and love to everyone recognize his kindness and affection for

others scripture goes beyond a mere knowledge or comprehension to say that

God knows the path of the righteous it highlights the intimate and

personal connection that God has with those who follow in righteousness God is

fully aware of every nuance and tension and motivation behind the thoughts and

deeds of The Virtuous God is able to perceive the

whole of their life and the root they have chosen because of this knowledge

which covers not just the present but also the past and

future if you are coner comment

amen our comprehension of God’s sovereignty is based on this information

it reaffirms that everything of creation including Christians lives is under the

whole Rule and direction of God God’s choice and grace are closely related to

his knowing of the virtuous God has a sovereign plan in which he

selects a people for himself this Divine choosing is made independently of human

Merit or deservingness rather it is all due to

his favor God creates a special bond with The Virtuous by selecting them and

bestowing upon them his undeserved favor and

Gifts God God’s knowledge of the righteous is imbued with a profound love

and concern for his chosen ones making it neither passive nor aloof God takes

great pleasure in the obedient and law actions of the righteous and he knows

this and is steadfast in his commitment to their eventual

Redemption he kindly keeps an eye on them guards them and makes sure that his

Flawless knowledge and provision are what they follow as Christians the

knowledge that God is aware of the path the righteous chuth gives us comfort and

encouragement this scripture talks about avoiding getting in the path of those

who sin it is crucial to remember that because of Adam’s Disobedience and their

own sins everyone is a sinner even those that God has chosen

were Sinners before Christ died for them and even after being converted they

still sin but in this instance it’s used to describe well-known transgressors who

boldly and publicly practice immorality the term refers to those who

fall short of God’s standard and stray from it they choose their own ways

reving in Abominations and moving on from one evil to another without

stopping typi adored Jesus the way that is being discussed

here is not just their corrupt views and attitudes but also their immoral style

of living it’s a road filled with dear corruption ruin and Gloom the one who

does not continue to stand in this manner is the one who is really

fortunate they do not stay on this root even if they could stumble upon it by

accident this is consistent with what Romans teaches even if the Pharisees

did not seem overtly immoral during the day of Jesus they were still immoral on

the inside they obstructed their own

self-justification by using the legal system but the individual who does not

stand in that manner but rather believes in Christ Jesus and the road of life and

righteousness through him like the Apostle Paul and others is the one who

really finds pleasure another thing this passage says

is to not sit at the seat of scorners this is a reference to arrogant and

conceited people who are against the downtrod and meek they look down on

others and are arrogant because they are proud of their innate skills intelligence wealth and

accolades it could also includ include those who are firmly committed to

immorality and have no chance of turning around a really fortunate person would

never sit with or hang around with such people they do not participate in their

covert meetings and do not share their beliefs thoughts Deeds or

attitudes during the time of Jesus the scribes and Pharisees were recognized

IED for mocking Jesus his teachings and his disciples some on the other hand

chose not to follow them and treasured Christ his representatives and his

teachings acknowledging him as the Divine

Authority enter I love you Jesus if you believe listen carefully maintaining a

faith-filled mindset in the face of of dissatisfaction discouragement and

certainty despair or disillusionment requires a tremendous deal of

intentionality you will typically be taken by surprise by at least some of

these factors if not all of them when you are about to make a breakthrough the

opposing side wants you to lose confidence in God by undermining your

belief in his kindness and Fidelity he wants you to give up and

accept much less than what God has in store for you recognize it for what it

is and choose to continue moving forward on faith rather than sight recall that

faith is based on trust rather than comprehension Jesus is trustworthy

because he keeps his promises it’s it’s normal to find yourself under assault in

one area of your life after making significant progress in another whether

it be professionally or emotionally share this video to help us

spread the message the enemy would like to erode your self assurance and reclaim the

territory you’ve gained he doesn’t want you to bask in the glory of your

accomplishment or rber recognize and use the tools that the enemy has don’t give

him any space have no fear keep moving forward

don’t question your own actions have faith that no weapon created to harm you

will be successful have faith that God is watching over

you recognize that kindness and compassion are coming your way grin at

what is ahead God is in your midst God is on your side I want each and every

one of you sitting at home alone and grieving this evening to know that Jesus

sees and loves you I am very compassionate to those of

you who are experiencing a breakup or breakdown in a relationship that you did

not want or anticipate you feel as if someone has given you a k to the belly

and you’re not quite sure why you become caught up in a

NeverEnding cycle where you go over every letter again replay every

discussion in your mind and hope you could somehow make sense of it all a

portion of you find itself mired in a loop of remorse Desiring to have said or

done something differently I hope that the God of all

consolation main Gulf you and his love but I have no solutions for you he is

for you and on your side keep going listen your donation is your step

of faith believing when something leaves your hand to God something leaves his

hand to you thanks to all those who have watched

this video till now and I pray to God to give them happiness in their life and

please share this video with more people who need it

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