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the almighty God declares my dear one I

know you’ve got been deeply wounded

through the words and deeds of others I

heard the Cry of your heart when you

wondered how can this be there were

times whilst you were devastated by way

of folks who abused you or even by a few

whom you cherished

but I need you to understand this you do

not must pursue virgins or even Justice

For The Wicked don’t waste a moment

fretting about how they appear to break

out with it realize that nothing escapes

the eyes of your father

nor has he been deaf to your cries he

will bring about his perfect Justice in

his perfect time like the video if you

needs Lord’s Direction

there could be a day of the evil ones

will don’t have any area to hide and no

advice to store them from his righteous

indignation in instead of crying out for

justice I want you to hope for his or

her Redemption that they’ll come to

recognize me the manner you have got

come to recognize me

be a mirror of your Father’s Love mercy

and Beauty remember me on the cross once

I prayed for you

and follow my example

God claims type why yes if you want to

experience my peace

in Bible verse Romans to to always

says do you no longer comply with the

sample of this International but be

converted by means of the renewing of

your mind then you’ll be capable to test

and approve what God’s will is his top

fascinating and best will

gun wisdom never underestimate how big

you are to God or how critical he wants

to be to you you were created to realize

him to fellowship with him and represent

him to others

sadly while you handiest understand

facts about the Lord as opposed to

actually experiencing him you could no

longer fully hold close How Deeply he

loves you are the first trait plans he

has for your Lifestyles you’ll

additionally feel an abiding boy for

your life that not anything can fill

so recall are you looking for records

about the father or are you sincerely

gaining knowledge of him are you

pursuing God to receive a blessing or is

your interest intimate Fellowship along

with your creator

the father needs you to apprehend some

distance more about him than simply what

he can do for you he needs you to

experience as Eternal all sufficient

loving presence

he wants to fulfill the deepest parts of

your being and heal the wounded

locations of your coronary heart so

surrender yourself to him with a

complete and intimate consider be

susceptible with him keep not anything

back and find out the one your soul

honestly dreams

taipao man if you believe in God

my son in times of Doubt recollect that

religion isn’t always approximately

having all the answers or in no way

questioning it is ready trusting in my

love and know-how even when you cannot

see the course beforehand truly

embrace the uncertainty as impossibility

for boom and deepening your dating with


know that doubt is a natural part of the

human Revel then and it does not make

you any much less worth or loved I

encourage you to discover your doubts

and are trying to find knowledge for it

is through wondering that proper Faith

Can emerge more potent and greater


type yes if you agree and share this

video with seven people who trust God

when doubt Creeps in flip to me in

prayer and meditation open your heart

and percentage your issues with me for I

am usually listening trust that I will

provide you with the steering and

Clarity you want and approaches that may

Marvel you’ll

surround yourself with a community of

believers who can support and uplift you

all through times of Doubt seek solace

in their testimonies and studies

understanding that you aren’t on my own

in your adventure together you can find

electricity and sharing and learning

from one another

remember my kids that faith is not at

what time event however a Non-Stop

method it calls for nurturing and

tending similar to a lawn allow yourself

the grace to develop in faith at your

own pace understanding that I am

affected person and information

I encourage you to subscribe to this

Channel and became a part of this

community of believers

my dearly beloved child are you

struggling or striving to make something

happen maybe you want to step forward to

use budgets or an according

it’s properly to do the whole lot we

realize to do within the natural however

we ought to usually recall that Victory

would not come by means a Maynor

electricity however with the aid of the

spirit of the Living God one translation

says it’s by the breath of almighty God

when you understand God as inhaling your

direction and dare to take a sore of

faith and say yes that is my time whom

going to accomplish my desires that is

when you’ll sense a wind underneath your


that’s why you may sense a supernatural

Elevate an anointing to help you

accomplish what you could now not

accomplish to your personal right I’m

ready to shine God

today recognize that the wind of God is

blowing this is your season this is a

while to accept as true with once more

to leave that God can open doorways that

no man can shut believe that he is

running backstage in your Jews

believe that it’s your season it’s at

slow and get ready to embody each

blessing he has in store for you

type if you agree

God declares don’t give up I understand

you’ve got Ben below a lot stress I

realize you felt beaten you are so near

you’re a step forward my phrase is final

so rise up and stand in religion eyes

now not over

I actually have a motive on your life

you aren’t right here by way of accident

seek me and discover the particular

calling and purpose I actually have

located inside you as you align your

existence with my plan you will

experience fulfillment and joy beyond


type thank you Father

preem Lord says you made it through this

months you will mackite through

subsequent year I am ranging matters to

your desire all of your tears are

visible to me and I pay attention your

prayers if you allow me I will do away

with all the ache for your heart hold on

don’t surrender

I nonetheless with you even via the

years which you’ve misplaced I will

restore all of it I will come up with

power whilst you feel worn out and

luxury how you lose wish better days are

beforehand don’t surrender

if you’re convinced enter

listen up dropping into remind a person

these days that the enemy is a liar he

comes best to steal kill and spoil he is

the accuser of the Brethren and is doing

what he does high quality with Splendid

Fury due to the fact he knows his time

is short

so many are feeling defeated weary

depleted hopeless discouraged frightened

disillusioned and at the verge of giving

up I realize it appears darkish proper

now and you experience that not anything

will ever alternate and you’ll in no way

get back up however increased you can

and will

don’t ever neglect we are an actual

religious conflict it’s not imaginary

the enemy is after your religion and

does not want you to step into the

promise and reason that God has for your

Lifestyles he wants you to stop and walk

away dots so don’t

greater is he that is in you than he

who’s within the international

type Jesus our savior if you believe in

Jesus Christ

to your listener join this prayer with

me and say it with me Lord thank you for

being a good and faithful God that hears

our prayers your phrase tells inside the

Book of James that the prayer of a

righteous person is robust and Powerful


I come to you now desperation that I may

be righteous earlier than you and

confess my sin so you listen my prayers

You Are the Healer of the arena and I

will boldly method your throne I pray

for a whole recovery for my power

I pray that you could reach down and

contact them and eliminate the most

cancers from their body I pray that it

would be your will for them to enter

entire remission thank you which you

steady our souls and that you are with

my buddy via this trial

thank you that although we may

additionally face trials and

tribulations of This Global we recognize

even destiny full of wish in you I pray

for your consolation and peace while

they procedure this diagnosis

I pray that the peace that passes all

understanding would fill my buddy right

now I pray for emotional recuperation as

well as bodily recuperation and that you

would defend my body’s heart mind body

and soul I pray all of this in Jesus

name amen

if you watch this video till the end

then type Jesus our God if you believe

and supporting our channel to make a

donation to us via super thanks

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