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God is saying to you today grading my


sometimes humans will say that if you

need to understand your reason

appearance inside but what you should

keep in mind is that you cannot tell you

what your purpose is due to the fact you

didn’t create you

only the only who created you may say

what motive you were created for you

will never ever recognize the purpose of

your Lifestyles until you consider me

because I created you today so many

humans are pressured approximately their

identification and their reason

they say I do not know who I am and I do

not know what I am alleged to be doing

with my existence

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that’s because they’re looking inside

the incorrect locations they’re as

simplest one region to locate your

identity and purpose in existence and

that is through according with me always

keep in mind it is in me which you

discover who you’re in what you’re

residing for

God says type yes if you want to

experience my presence

my dearest child of mine I apprehend the

demanding situations you are going

through the worries that preserve you

and sleeping at night but let me

guarantee you my pricey child that I

actually have already sat and motioned a

plan to offer for your wishes

trust in my timing for I recognize

what’s exceptional for you and moments

of Doubt keep in mind that I am the god

of abundance I can flip scarcity into

abundance and absence into masses have

religion in my potential tool work

miracles to your Lifestyles for I am the

only who can open doorways You by no

means concept viable

Lord knows that only few loyal beliefs

will watch this video Until the End if

you watch the whole video without

skipping it then you will see unexpected

miracles in your life

I need you to know that your struggles

do now not define you they are simply

brief and I will use them to form you

right into a more potent and extra

resilient individual through this

journey you will study valuable classes

about perseverance gratitude and

Reliance on me

in the midst of this economic battle are

seeking awareness and discernment in

managing your sources be diligent for

your efforts for I will bless the

paintings of your fingers

look for opportunities that align with

your passions and capabilities for I

have geared up you with unique presence

to thrive on this International

remember my precious infant that I am

constantly via your facet Lean on Me in

times of uncertainty and locate solace

in my unconditional love for you

together we are able to overcome this

hurdle and revel in the Breakthrough you

are seeking for

Thai pound man if you believe in God

in Bible verse Romans says may the

god of Hope fill you with all pleasure

and peace as you trust in him so you may

additionally overflow with hope by using

the electricity of the Holy Spirit

God is saving you for a person unique

there is not any need to trade yourself

until it is for healing or no longer

fascinating to God have persistence in

your singleness do you realize how a

whole lot heartache and heartbreak you

can save yourself from if you just wait

on God and rest in him

God is writing and Paving a way for your

own love story he doesn’t want you to

have pointless trials it in the region

of relationships because Yao chose to go

in advance of him he desires you to have

a testimony on the way to be used to

encourage others to experience the

weight and consider him greater

receiving it by typing .

this season of my Lifestyles is

virtually a religion stroll I do not

know why positive matters are occurring

or why each door is closing a massive a

part of me is crushed and pissed off due

to the fact I don’t see how any of this

is operating for my appropriate

even via the sadness and discouragement

I maintain pushing through my reward and

My Worship Is sporting me I am

definitely taking walks with the aid of

fatal and not by means of sight and that

is the motive why I am a worthless

strolling this race

if you’re prepared Thai PS and send this

video to seven beliefs in Lord

God says today is your day for a miracle

Yahweh preserve searching up and ahead

you are blessed and highly favored by

way of a terrific God you will not allow

poor mind occupy one ounce of your

existence you are secure and complete of

joy you are transferring ahead

this day will be an afternoon of great

opportunities a good way to outweigh any

and each obstacle that could try to

restrict your purpose get prepared the

nicest but to come

to now not be discouraged by way of the

storms of Lifestyles I am your anchor

holding you company I am the god who

hears your each prayer pour out your

coronary heart to me I am the god who

offers strength to the weary

find renewal in me

write thank you God if you believe

God declares do now not be conformed to

the patterns of this world but be

converted by way of the renewing of your

mind I am the Good Shepherd I will lead

and guard you at some stage in your life

do no longer underestimate the strength

of your prayers

they have the capability to circulate


let me remind you about one thing the

matters you have got been praying aren’t

vain your prayers answers may be your

testimony to be used to show my glory

and how merciful and full of grace I am

if you have faith in God right amen

listen up this morning I woke with a

profound feeling that God is ushering in

a new chapter and I am determined not to

overlook it amidst the Myriad of

mysteries and justices

disappointments and heart issues in our


God’s voice remains his presence

persists and prayers are answered he

beckons us to deepen our connection with

him I’ve resolved to keep following

advancing questioning seeking and


instead of fixating on what eludes my

comprehension I focus on the one I know

adore and Trust Jesus unwavering in his

faithfulness we stand at the threshold

of something rejuvenating let’s not

stagnate Forge ahead with determination

affirm with me I deliver myself to the

existing second and sincerely Revel in

the existence Seth that I am dwelling I

am allowed to take a wreck once I

experience its miles essential I let go

of any self-limiting ideals and permit

uplifting completely satisfied energy to

waft through me

I am at the right route and recognize

that the whole thing is running in my


love the Lord your God with all of your

heart and with all of your soul and with

all of your thoughts and with all of

your energy Mark .

type how man if you believe in Jesus


attention listener joined this prayer

with me and say it with me o God the

writer of all desirable I come to you

for the grace any other day will require

for its

responsibilities and events I step out

right into a wicked International

I bring about with me an evil heart I

realize that without you I can do

nothing that the whole thing with which

I shall be worried but harmless in

itself may show an event of sin or Folly

unless Lam stored by using your energy

hold me up oh God and I will be secure

preserve my under

status from subtlety of mistakes my

affections from love of Idols my person

from stain of ice my career from every

form of evil may I interact and nothing

wherein I cannot implore your blessing

and in which I cannot invite you all

very inspection

Prosper me an old lawful undertakings or

prepare me for disappointments give me

neither poverty nor riches feed me with

meals suitable for me lest I be complete

and deny you and say who’s the Lord or

be bad and Scott’s borrow and take your

name and useless

May every creature be made accurate to

me by using prayer and your will teach

me a way to use a sector and now not

abuse it to improve my capabilities to

redeem my time

to walk in information towards those

without and in kindness to the ones

inside to do desirable to all guys and

in particular my fellow Christians and

you o God be the dignity amen

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