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says my beloved children you may think

like I am nevertheless writing your tale

but one thing you need you know earlier

than I formed you I wrote your story

when you need to Born who ought to be

your mom and father to whom you have to

be called brother or sister to whom you

want to be

friend what must appear while must show

up why should it take place the way you

need to get Tano about me how whilst you

will maintain your faith in me when you

may ay whilst you will snigger while

you’ll pray for what you’ll pray whilst

to hen the way will I solution your

prayers if you are feeling a positive

vibe then like this

video who should be your husband or your

spouse how many many children you need

to have for what you should wait how

long you have to watch for that at what

age you ought to die nothing appear

other than what I say to your life so

don’t worry everything already befell

Chang into as in line with my plan

everything which are occurring now as

additionally as per my plan everything

which might be going to manifest might

be as in keep with my plan what you need

to do is accept as true with me Lord

claims type amen if you acknowledge my

grace in verse Romans

do not pay off anyone evil for evil

be cautious to do what is right in the

eyes of anybody if it Smiles viable as

far as it depends on you stay at peace

with anyone let’s pray pray dear God

sometimes I experience lonely and

rejected sometimes I am lonely and have

experienced rejection however I’m

reminded this is there is no greater

love than yours my mind is overwhelmed

with such a lot of

issues I need readability peace and root

help me to recognition for your word due

to the fact your word comes the storms

in my thoughts in jesus’ name

amen if you have faith and Almighty


amen sweet kid I actually have a plan

and a cause for your existence and I

will paintings all matters collectively

to your good trust in me and do no

longer be afraid I will never leave you

nor forsake you I even have the power to

do whatever and nothing is not possible

for me I can heal your sickness repair


relationships provide to your desires

and Supply you from your enemies I can

make a way in which there appears to be

no Manner and open doorways that no one

can shut I can flip your mour into

pleasure and your sorrow into peace I

can do more than you could ask or

imagine imagine in keeping with my will

end my timing type to if you agree

dear child all you need to do is to

accept his true within me and observe my

commands seek me first in the entirety

you do and I will manual you and bless

you pray to me without ceasing and I

will pay attention and solution to you

praise me in every situation and I will

fill you with my pleasure and power obey

me in all matters and I will reward you

and protect you love with all your

coronary heart soul mine and strength

and I will love you lower back with an

everlasting love you are my valuable

baby and I am happy with you you are my

masterpiece and I even have incredible

plans for you you are my light and I

Delight in you do not lose hope for I am

devoted and proper do now not surrender

for I am with you to help you and uphold

you do no longer fear for I am your God

who loves you

unconditionally type onen if you believe


Christianity and share this video video

with people who trust almighty God

affirm this now I am excited for the

abundance and boom that they will carry

into my life I am open and receptive to

all of the opportunities and blessings

which are coming my way I trust that the

universe is conspiring in my favor

guiding me toward my maximum

precise this month I choose to permit

pass of any prescribing ill ideals and

step out of my consolation sector enter


if you

affirm as God said only a few loal

people will stay connected to this video

till the end today’s God’s word if

you’re preventing the entirety you do

not like you want to have this New

Perspective it is all suitable whether

it’s a grouchy boss an infection you are

handling or a dream it really is taking

forever to be fold you can say I do not

like how this has long gone however God

is at theone he promised that he might

use what has come in opposition to me to

my game all things work Collective Alito

your good they may not not be cracked at

the time we go via them it’s painful to

undergo a loss it hurts whilst human

beings do us wrong it’s discouraging

whilst a dream would not exercise

session by themselves they will no

longer be good however the problem which

you’re isolating these unmarried

occasions God guarantees he’s going to

bring it all together what gave the

impression of a setback change into a

setup for God to show out to your

Lifestyles one day you will appearance

return and say that it became all good

type thank you God and if you believe in

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icon Lord declares I realize you’ve got

been struggling for a long time

financially spiritually and emotionally

you have a terrific coronary heart and

people have abused you in lots of

approaches the devil has tried to make

you lose your thoughts

typically you were betrayed in many ways

but you stand in the midst of your

storms you are still right here due to

the fact I am with you I will no longer

allow any weapon that is fashion in

opposition to you to prosper fear no

longer I am going to turn things round

and bless you in the presence of your

enemies hold on for your

religion God claims there are six things

that I hates seven which might be

detestable to me hoty eyes a mendacity

tongue arms that shed innocent blood a

coronary heart that devises depraved


feet which might be quick to rush into

evil a false witness who pours out lies

and a person who stirs up conflicts

inside the

community type I love you Almighty

father now lovely child have faith in me

remember in case you do know longer

stand company in your religion you may

not stand in any respect I realize what

I doing in your reistance pray

approximately the whole thing in faith

remember your prayer with faith and me

can alternate Your Existence a person

something have religion in me child dear

listener join this prayer with me and

repeat after me dear heavenly father I

come to you now asking that you forgive

me for my sins Lord I need your assist

these days my braveness and religion are

vulnerable and I want your energy Lord

for the courage to preserve preventing

maintain trusting you even if my eyes


see strengthen my religion in you and

forgive my weakness you tell me that the

arena might be against me due to the

fact LA and yours the global did now not

love Jesus and it’s going to no longer

love me but you also inform me that my

battle isn’t towards Flesh and Blood

however it is a spiritual struggle I

want your braveness and religion to

fight this conflict father help me put

on your armor and be sturdy and brave

like you have commanded

me you have now not given me a spirit of

fear I can have confidence knowing that

you are constantly with me you have

promised in no way to leave me or

forsake me thank you Father thank you on

your love and faithfulness to me thank

you for reminding me that religion is

the substance of factors was hoping for

and evidence of factors not seen I don’t

should see you to recognize you exist

and work in me

Lifestyles please keep to provide me the

braveness and Faith too consider your

word is actual and the courage to

observe you all days of my life it is

foremost that you continue to support

our Channel and we will try to make you

feel good for always and you can

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