🛑 God Says; You Are So Blessed If You Found This Video‼️

God says

my precious child I have shown you the

way that you should follow I have given

you the wisdom to choose right from


you know about Samson I warned him the

thing that he should not do but he

ignored my voice later you know what had

happened to him and how he suffered

like this video if you love God

likewise there were times where you had

disobeyed what I have said there were

times where you had sinned even when you

knew it was a sin

later you have realized those were

mistakes by seeing where they LED you

and at that time you had complained to

me for the consequences of your actions

when Samson repented his sin he cried

out to me and I forgave him and granted

his request similarly when you have

confessed your sin and when you sought

me for help I have forgiven you and

given you a fresh start

but are you still repeating the same

mistakes again do not think that it is

fine to do it by thinking you can ask me

for your mercy after doing it

I will forgive you you do not have to

doubt on me but those mistakes will

bring you towards unwanted troubles

so always pray and live a faithful life

according to my plan there are many

things in this world which can separate

you from me but your prayer can prevent


if you desire Miracles watch this video

all the way through to the end

God says read this daily five Bible and

keep your mind

one I can do all things through Christ

who strengthens me Philippians .

for God has not given us a spirit of

fear but of power and of love a hand of

a sound mind to Timothy –


trust in the Lord with all your heart

and lean not on your own understanding

in all your ways submit to him and he

will make your paths straight Proverbs

to .


. be strong and courageous do not be

afraid do not be discouraged for the

Lord your God will be with you wherever

you go Joshua

. therefore do not worry about tomorrow

for tomorrow will worry about itself

each day has enough trouble of its own

Matthew .

taipa man if you believe

listen up when you have a burning

passion it’s natural to want to pursue

what you feel as you’re calling you may

feel an urgency a conviction and a sense

of purpose

it can be frustrating when you’re doing

everything you know to do but no doors

are opening no new opportunities are

coming your way and no one is calling

you’ve been faithful consistent and

diligent yet you may feel discouraged

disappointed and alone I want to

encourage you to keep believing in

yourself and hold on to your dreams and


you may be in a season of anonymity and

obscurity because you’re still being

prepared for what lies ahead you may

feel unseen by others but remember that

you’re never truly alone keep striving

towards your goals and never give up on

your dreams

God says type amen if you believe in me

God says sometimes life leads us to part

ways with certain individuals to

safeguard our well-being Embrace this

reality and resist the urge to chase

after them pleading for their presence

if the divine plan has shut that door

accept it as a sign and maintain its

closure the past can offer novel

insights or Solutions in order to heal

and progress you must Bid Farewell to

those people and circumstances that

caused you pain

if you are a great comment how men

may the Lord bless you and keep you may

the Lord’s countenance shine upon you

and be gracious to you may the Lord look

upon you with favor and Grant you peace

numbers –

God says I have a plan for you

Jesus declares I am your provider do not

worry about the needs of tomorrow for I

shall care for you

seek me first and have faith that I will

provide all that you require

your worth is not defined by material

decisions but by your connection with me

my dear child today I want to remind you

of the power of gratitude

amidst life’s challenges and

uncertainties cultivating a heart of

gratitude can truly transform your

perspective and bring immense joy to

your soul

take a moment to pause and reflect on

the Abundant Blessings I have bestowed

upon you


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