🛑 God Says; Watch This My Child Before It’s Too Late‼️

God says my dear child I as a Divine

being have heard your heartfelt prayer

for spiritual growth and enlightenment

I am here to assure you that your desire

has been acknowledged and embraced with

immense love and compassion your longing

for spiritual growth is a beautiful

reflection of your Soul’s yearning to

connect with the deeper truths and

Mysteries of existence know that the

path you have chosen is profound and

transformative as you embark on this

journey trust that you are not alone I

as your Divine parent will guide you

every step of the way my love for you is

infinite and I am always by your side

ready to offer guidance support and

boundless wisdom my beloved remember

spiritual growth is a lifelong process

it unfolds gradually like a flower

blooming Under The Gentle Touch of the


patient with yourself and embrace the

lessons and the experiences that come

your way

seek knowledge for it is a powerful tool

that will illuminate your path

open your heart to the beauty and

diversity of the world for it is in

embracing the tapestry of existence that

you will find profound connections and


nurture your spirit through practices

that resonate with your being meditation

self-reflection and acts of kindness are

like nourishment for the soul cultivate

gratitude and compassion and you will

find that these qualities will expand

your Consciousness and deepen your

spiritual understanding

type yes to claim this blessing

my child you are a Divine being and your

spirit holds incredible potential for

growth and enlightenment

trust in yourself and the power within

you I am here guiding you and together

we will embark on a wondrous journey of

self-discovery and spiritual expansion

may your heart be filled with love your

mind with Clarity and your soul with

Everlasting might trust in the unfolding

of your spiritual journey for it is a

path that leads to infinite Beauty and

profound wisdom as God said my child if

you desire to hear my voice and receive

my blessings I encourage you to watch

this video to its conclusion

Lord says you didn’t accomplish

everything by yourself I was by your

side supporting you and helping you

reach where you are today please

remember to acknowledge my contribution

and give me the recognition I deserve I

have so much more to offer in your life

listen up when someone hurts you and

does you wrong it’s important to

remember that dwelling on the pain

allows them to continue hurting you

instead it’s crucial to let go and not

give them power over your emotions give

your burdens to God for he witnessed

what you went through the tears you shed

and the anguish in your heart

he promises to exchange your ashes for

beauty however in order to see the

beauty you must first let go of the pain

and release the ashes

this requires forgiveness and moving

forward with your life by surrendering

the hurt to God he will bless you with

something magnificent and rewarding that

will make you forget what you have lost

plans he has for you the new

relationships opportunities promotions

healing and influence he will bestow

upon you will surpass your wildest


remember that this is just a slight

adaptation of the original script aiming

to maintain its Essence God says type

why yes if you want to be a light in the

darkness a delay does not equate to

denial for every circumstance I have a

plan for every situation I have a

purpose at this moment you may not

comprehend the workings of my hand in

your life but in due time understanding

will come you will Express gratitude for

all I’ve done for the groundwork laid

and the growth nurtured and for the

ultimate blessings bestowed upon you old

and wavering faith in me my child in

Proverbs to to says place your

complete trust in the Lord let not your

Hound understanding guide you in every

aspect of your life surrender to him and

behold he shall guide your paths


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you may feel like you’ve made mistakes

but those mistakes do not define you are

you may have faced failures but that

doesn’t make you a failure it’s

important to remember that we serve a

loving and compassionate God full of

grace mercy and kindness as love knows

no bounds and his mercies are renewed

every morning

sometimes we find ourselves running away

from God believing that we have sinned

too much for his grace to reach us we

may live in fear shame guilt or

condemnation unable to

comprehend how God’s love could still be

available to us after everything we’ve

said thought or done however I want to

remind you that nothing can separate us

from the love of God that is found in

Christ Jesus

God says I am always with you your past

does not have to determine your future

you can find forgiveness for your past

start a new today and have hope for the

future it’s time to stop running away

from God and instead turn towards him

come home to him knowing that his arms

are open wide ready to embrace you in

Jesus name I encourage you to make this


Jesus said for many are invited but only

a few are selected Jesus answered you

shall love the Lord your God with all

your heart with all your soul and with

all your mind this is the foremost and

the Supreme commandment

God says I’ll give you three reasons to

have hope one I split the Seas so Moses

can cross two I brought Lazarus back to

life three I healed many from leprosy

have hope because anything is possible

with me

heavenly father I come before you with a

humble heart seeking your guidance and

protection as I prepare for the coming

week I ask that you take away my worries

and regrets allowing me to enter this

new Week With A Renewed sense of hope

and positivity please recharge my soul

filling it with your divine presence and

granting me the strength to face any

challenges that may come my way I place

my trust in you Lord and ask that you go

before me clearing the path that lies

ahead protect me from any harm or

obstacles that may hinder my progress I

pray for your divine intervention that

you would bring the right people into my

life those who will support and uplift

me on my journey likewise I ask that you

remove the wrong people out of my way

those who may hinder my growth or

distract me from your purpose

please guide me with your unconditional

love Lord Illuminating my path and

showing me the way to go fill my heart

with your joy that even in the midst of

difficulties I may experience your peace

and find comfort in your presence

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