🛑 God Says; Unexpected Surprise Will Be Interesting In Your Life..

today God is speaking to you my dearest

Soul when Peter heard the sounds of the

storms even if he knew who turned into

there and toward whom he turned into

walking on the water he misplaces

religion and tement to

fall in the equal manner on your

existence even when you understand I am

with you and while you walk in religion

firmly there will come a few storms to

distract you or to make you stressful or

doubt over the matters that I am already

on top of

things at that point don’t lose your

Focus From Me Hold on on your faith in

me because the storms will comes and

goes but I could be with you forever I

will continue to be faithful I will

remain keeping you close to my

heart like this video of your faith is

Assurance I will stay guiding you I will

stay protecting you I will remain

blessing you I will continue to be

faithful to what I said or promised for

nothing is not possible for

me always maintain this on your mind

your faith and me matters and also what

what you want always let me tell you it

is real that it smes not possible to

Delight me without faith always don’t

forget your small religion in me can


anything Lord claims write y yes if you

want to follow my

will in Bible verse Mathew always

says great crowds came to him bringing

the lame the blind the crippled the mute

and many others and laid them at his

feet and he healed

them Lord says to you know that I am

aware of every neglected possibility and

every door that appeared to close

earlier than

you life is full of twist and turns my

baby however I guarantee you that I am

always by your side guiding you closer

to New

Opportunities sometimes what might also

appear as a misplaced possibility is

merely a redirection towards something

extra it is essential to consider that

every Revel in both nice and poor shapes

your journey and molds your

character embrace the instructions learn

from Beyond erors and use them as

stepping stones toward a brighter future

do no longer stay on what could have

been but cognizance on what can


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Lord in the comment

box heavenly father is saying to you

today I want you to recognize that I

believe on your potential and your

potential for boom I actually have given

you the gift of resilience permitting

you to Upward thrust above any setback

and seize New Opportunities after they


up in this moment my toddler launched

the load of ignored possibilities and

open your heart to the endless

opportunities that lie ahead embrace the

beauty of second

probabilities for they offer a hazard

for Redemption and

boom remember my baby that point is not

linear in my realm and opportunities can

also gift themselves when you least


them type thank you Lord if you

believe I am a God who heals I heal

damage by bodies broken Minds damaged

Hearts broken lives and broken

relationships my very presence has

colossal restoration Powers you can’t

stay near me without experiencing some

degree of

restoration however it is also true that

you haven’t du two the fact you ask now

not you get hold of the healing that

flows evidence ly from my presence

whether you are seeking for it or not

but there is extra a lot extra available

to individuals who

ask the first step in receiving recovery

is to live ever so near me the benefits

of this practice are too severe to

listenting as you develop increasingly

intimate with me I display my will to

you extra at

once when the time is proper I set off

you two invite for healing of some

Brokenness in you or in every other

character the recovery can be instant or

it may be a season sess that is as much


me your component is to believe me

completely and to thank me for the

recovery that has started I hardly ever

heal all the Brokenness in a person and

sexist even my servant Paul became told

my grace is enough Jo you while he

sought healing for the thorn and his

jewels nonetheless a good deal healing

is available to those whose lives are in

deail interwoven with mine ask and you


acquire understand that my beloved child

allow my grace to convert your coronary

heart empowering you to increase Grace

to others Embrace a Grace gr angle

seeing others through my eyes of

affection and presenting forgiveness and

compassion walk inside the freedom of my

grace and enlarge it to others for it’s

far do through do Grace that hearts are

converted and lives are forever


it’s no longer over there is do greater

for you where you started out is not

wherein you air going to complete I

actually have incredible plans for you

this is most effective as start trust

me all things paintings collectively for

the best for folks who love me things

may not be good all the time but I

promised you I’ll deliver it all

collectively no R what is taking place

it is

properly right I love you

father listen up this time of

months’s pack deal with mixed feelings

for such a lot of I’m especially

deliberating folks that are virtual why

dreading the vacations and those feeling

lonely and

isolated some of you have not been

invited to Gatherings wherein you had

been as soon as welcome and celebrated

others are walking into spaces and

locations that keep painful

Recollections loss and grief strained

relationships or wherein you simply

aren’t seen regarded valued or

esteemed it’s difficult and deeply


whom praying God will so saturate you

with his presence that you’ll be

astounded with the aid of the peace

pleasure and contentment you experience

instead of worry and apprehension I am

believing self-belief and warranty your

God is with you

Emmanuel type if you

believe Lord by such things people live

and my spirit finds life in them too you

restored me to health and let me live

surely it was for my benefit that I

suffered such

anguish in your love you kept me from

the pit of Destruction you have put all

my sins behind your back Isaiah –


to love listeners let’s join our

prayers together merciful god please

pass before us this week fill us with

your Holy

Spirit please cleanse us from our sins

and anything and displeases you help us

to be aware about some in our lives that

attracts us away from you and keeps us

from being the first straight we may be

help us to be willing to say sure

even if it’s

frightening we think about Mary and how

terrified she should have been when the

angel came to her and informed her she

could Supply delivery to Jesus a younger

female who would Revel in some thing no

different female had

experienced something that might no

longer be understood bya others however

she become unafraid great to say sure to

you and her life and all of our lives

were forever modified doubt the apostles

were unafraid to mention sure to Jesus

and their lives and our lives have been

all the time

change once in a while you ask us to do

things that are out of our consolation

zones you ask us to do things that

others might not recognize on occasion

you call us to do things that are so

beyond what we will do on our

own simply so you can show your power

and our weak spot and your strength and

a life yielded to you do help us to be

unafraid and brave as you work in our

lives help us to make the most of our

days assist us to take into account that

you are constantly operating behind the

curtain and it’s far continually for our

proper and with our Pleasant interest in

mind we dedicate Our Lives dot dot at


moment this week to you Lord and we ask

you to have your manner with us that you

would possibly be glorified in us and

through us we consider you with our

every need and thank you earlier for the

bless that we recognize are waiting to

be bestowed upon name of Jesus we pray

Amen to confirmed type I am

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