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God is saying my beloved child the

pressure you’re experiencing isn’t

shattering you I’m using it to shape you

child I’ve listened to your prayer I’m

illuminating your authentic self amid

these trials I’m revealing fresh paths

to trust and draw nearer to me

dear one once you surrender your life

back to me the peace you yearn for will

be yours so if you want miracle and

money in your life so watch this

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my expensive child your heartfelt prayer

has reached my Divine ears and I hold

your intentions near my coronary heart

your plea for the achievement of

missionaries who convey the mild of

affection and hope to all corners of the

sectorcinates deeply with my endless


know that I am looking over these

dedicated Souls guiding their steps and

nurturing their efforts to deliver

Solace and positivity to the ones and

want your desire for his or her

triumphal lines with my divine plan and

I guarantee you that your words have no

longer long past unheard if you have

faith in God right amen

as they tread fire hard paths dealing

with obstacles and uncertainties your

religion can help Empower them your

benevolent request has delivered

electricity to their motive and I shall

furnish them blessings of resilience and

unwavering determination through your

faith and devotion you are playing a big

function of their Journey your

dedication to spreading love and wish

mirrors the very essence of my divine

nature together we will uplift the

spirits of infinite souls and the world

shall shine brighter with every act of


rest confident expensive toddler that

your prayer holds huge importance and I

am with you every step of the manner may

your unwavering wish and and the

missionaries Noble Endeavors create

ripples of positivity that touch the

hearts of all they come upon

share this powerful message as ten

people who is closest to your heart

heavenly father I pray for your

electricity to be renewed in me increase

of religion to overcome my Fierce hand a

Splurge of strength in my state of

powerlessness helped me to get returned

on my feet over again and to run the

race this is said earlier than me and

Jesus mighty call amen here are four

things presently God desires you to

recognize this today

one the strength of prayer is so real

don’t ever doubt it Tyrion . God

isolated you because your path is

different you cannot comply with the

crowd three

Jesus is about to open some important

tours in your life four stay robust it

might not be long and you may be able to

appearance lower back and say that to

come nothing but the hand of God

watch this video and the end if you

believe God’s blessings and protection

Heavenly Father your word in Jeremiah to

for I am aware of the intentions I

hold for you declares the Lord

intentions of prosperity rather than

harm to offer you a promising Tomorrow

When You Reach Out pray to me and I will

heed your words when you pursue me

earnestly with all your heart you will

discover me

listen carefully remember that the same

divine power that brought Jesus back to

life resides within you you don’t need

to navigate this journey alone your

strength doesn’t have to come solely

from within no need to artificially

boost your motivation you’re not

obligated to push yourself relentlessly

forward there’s no requirement to

constantly strive for more or to possess

all knowledge nor is it necessary to

toll endlessly or become tougher you can

simply find solace in God’s love knowing

his grace is ample

empowered by the Holy Spirit you can

lead a remarkable existence beyond the

natural our task is to have unwavering

faith in God the one who works wonders

rekindle that gift of faith within and

be prepared to witness the astounding

Feats that God will accomplish within

and through you

Divine guidance cultivate empathy

Endeavor to Envision existing in the

shoes of others and acknowledging life’s

challenges show kindness as not all

possess your blessings my love is with

you God says type y-e-s if you want to

follow my will

avoid rushing or forging ahead God

understands the perfect timing to

respond to your prayers if you find

yourself in a period of waiting continue

seeking him take pleasure in his

presence and observe how you transform

from Mere waiting to moving forward with


acknowledge that he is capable of

achieving the unimaginable for you even

if the path isn’t clear choose to

surrender to his Flawless plan finding

fulfillment in his presence

Heavenly Father you know my coronary

heart higher than all and Sundry you

understand the goals I actually have for

the destiny and the silent prayers I

prayed for years

you understand what’ll am yearning for

searching for and anticipating you

realize my desires Beauty realize you

have a plan you may call matters

stunning of their proper timing you air

faithful to keep your guarantees that

frequently father

I neglect this and develop discourage

while my soul situations do not seem to


and the ones moment’s father it is easy

to forget that you are not accomplished


so as I prepare for this new season of

me existence take me back to the fact of

the grantees you have for me the

presence you’ve given me and the hope

that I have in you and Jesus call amen

as God said only a few loyal people will

stay connected to this video till the


Almighty one I understand that demanding

receives meno hair yet I nevertheless

permit worry intention to devour me in

times along with these Lord one asks you

to supply me a remarkable quantity of

power religion and courage to fight off

the doubt and worry within my mind Faith

casts out worry how worry casts out

religion dot thank you Lord in Jesus

name amen

Jesus declares I understand sometimes

the desperation for exchange consumers

need of endurance I recognize sometimes

the ache and the heart feels inescapable

and changeless but prevent for a moment

inhale and be intentional about your


go for a walk look and pay attention the

birds sing fathom thebush’s Advent

admire the beauty of the sky and clouds

let God’s creation nurture and toughen

your weary coronary heart God created

the magnificence of what we see in six

days he can change that which he choose

you in a second never lose desire

Corinthians to says to walk be using

religion and no longer with the aid of

sight this verse is the epitome of our

journey with God despite what we see or

feel we have to walk this life with him

trusting and believing that our faith in

him will see us through to the promised


God says type yes if you praise my name

today simply have faith have faith in

yourself in your current circumstances

and in your future path believe that the

Universe guides and shapes your journey

bringing and removing people for a


embrace your strengths and abilities

viewing every challenge is a chance to

learn develop and become the best

version of yourself put your trust in a

higher power in its plan its wool and

its bath remember that what already

destined is far superior to anything you

could have scripted yourself

type yes if you think God is my savior

offer compassion and Grace to others

mirroring the boundless love and mercy I

have bestowed upon you by embodying my

character in your interactions you

become a source of Hope and healing in a

world that yearns for my presence

if you watch this video till the end

then type on man if you believe in

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