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God is saying to you today sweet kids

when you pray there is often a struggle

how it will be reply while you’re in the

waiting room Satan begins throwing darts

at you the dart of doubt the dart of

discouragement the dart of

disappointment theart of delay the dart


Despair answered for some time and he

changed into started out to get

discouraged there became an extreme

conflict to receive the solution for his

prayer as he in no way foresto praying

because of that his prayers have been

answered by means of prevailing over the

battle the same component is from time

to time going on while you are waiting

on your answer from me like this video

If you believe in God then wavering you

can’t understand what kind of excessive

conflict is going over your prayer but

you could do not forget this a delay is

not a denial when an answer to prayer is

behind schedule it doesn’t suggest it is

no longer going to be

reply it just approach I am fighting for

you be aware that he’s going to try and

get you down you recognize a proxim Ely

Daniel Daniel had a prayer that wasn’t

so do not be discouraged keep praying

your prayer can defeat

anything Lord claims type why he ask if

you want to be a light in the darkness

in Bible verse Hebrews – always says

keep your lives loose from the affection

of money and be content with what you’ve

got because God has said said never will

I depart you in no way will I forsake

you my liked child you possess within

you a First Rate electricity a power

that could triumph over any impediment

that life offers Temptation May

additionally lure you however bear in

mind that it is simply a test of your

character a threat for

increase I am right here to manual you

to Empower you with a awareness to

discern proper from

wrong know that making wonderful choices

is not constantly easy in the face of

adversity doubts may additionally Cloud

your mind however trust inside the

goodness that is living within you you

are capable of greatness my infant

believe in yourself to your ability is

aware of no bounds

when Temptation Whispers on your ear

urging you towards Darkness pause and

take a breath listen to the mild voice

within the voice that Echoes my love and

guidance it will lead you towards the

direction of righteousness and

success I encourage you to subscribe to

this Channel and became a part of this

community of believers remember my child

that mistakes are herbal part of

existence embrace them as lessons and

develop more potent from them seek

forgiveness whilst wanted teach from

others and from yourself allow my

unconditional love to scrub away any

guilt or shame that could burden your

heart as your Divine parent I am

continually here for you lean on me when

you feel weak and I shall bolster your

spirit trust in our connection for its

far unbreakable together we shall

navigate the complexities of existence

and have fun the victories of your


selections rest assured my valuable baby

that I have heard your prayer and could

for all time be through your facet your

ch cherished beyond measure cherished

for the stunning Soul which you are have

religion in yourself and within the

strength I even have bestowed upon you

if you’re convinced enter

five prayers that will protect your

life one Faith burn each bridge that

leads my existence again to a two if

there’s no cause in in it father please

free from it three father help me

release what is stealing my peace four

father defend me from something that

wasn’t sent with the aid of you five

father please assist me wck loose from

the things that are breaking me type

thank you God if you love Jesus the God

Jesus are keeping watch

you may additionally have things coming

towards you now and also you do not see

how you may keep going you should live

concerned and

disillusioned however God is announcing

to you today I’m going to carry you I

have you closed to my coronary heart he

knows what you’re going via the

struggles the lonely nights and the

unfair conditions you’re about to to

experience strength that you by no means

felt tease when you will be burdened and

favor so to make things appear that you

couldn’t make take place you’re going to

appearance again and think how did I

make it through that it turned into God

maintaining you God is about to carry

You Out On Eagle’s Wings you’re now not

going to just make it via you are going

to jump to tears You by no means

dream if you’re prepared typ ask and

send this video to six believes in

God heavenly father is saying my timing

is perfect you’re going to be amazed

actual soon at how things will exercise

session you’ll realize that your modern

State of Affairs became handiest me you

to a blessing trust me with all of your

heart Greater is Coming I am the god of

awareness seek my guidance in all your

choices and plans I will supply you

discernment and

readability trust in me lean now not for

your very own

expertise and Renown me in all your

ways I’m making all matters new my loves

for you is aware of no bounds all things

are working together for your proper you

aren’t forgotten or forsaken be me I

actually have heard your prayers keep

your eyes on me don’t listen to the

voices of

discouragement You’re simply around the

corner from a step forward type yes to

claim this

blessing listen carefully letting move

of the old so as to include the new is

not an easy factor to do mainly if

you’re sentimental T swerving or

genuinely prefer

predictability and

routine it takes each a thoughts shift

and the laser targeted commitment to

loosening your grip on what became so

your hands are free to embody what’s and

what the future may

be it is tough to try this when our

hearts are involved our feelings are

involved or our minds have mapped out

the path we idea God was going to take

us through you ought to allow yourself

while to alter to a new regular and

surprising human beings places and

things but sooner or later you should

decide that you are going to move in

which Jesus is G and no longer continue

to be in which he as soon as become it’s

time to Embark into a new component God

is with you and for you in this new

season every precise and perfect present

is from above coming down from the

father of the Heavenly lights who does

not trade like moving Shadows James

type if you

agree dear listeners join me in prayer.

Almighty one thank you for this new day

please furnish us KN how that we might

recognize your will and be

Discerning please open our eyes that we

may see others and our instances through

your eyes help us to die to ourselves

and go away at the back of all of the

matters which can be self serving and

self-seeking help us to love with your

love may others see you in Us by the

phrases we communicate by our individual

by using our Alternatives by means of

our movements and within the way we live

for you it’s so clean to feel

overwhelmed with the whole thing that

goes on inside the world mainly while we

are going through problems ourselves

it’s tough no longer to sense

heavy-hearted by the things we hear and

spot help us to take into account what

you have given you as your spirit to

consolation us and to help us too

overcome help us to pray and go away

matters in your fingers please lead and

manual us and help us navigate the

adjustments we all are

facing help us to have have a legitimate

mind and take our thoughts captive may

we grow spiritually mature so we look to

you earlier than others so we turn our

worries to prayers and hand our burdens

and cares over to

you please educate us and guide us on

matters we will do to assist ourselves

bodily emotionally mentally and


help us to be top stewards with our

health our time our price range and our

abilities help us to capture this day

and to rely our advantages and recount

your goodness faithfulness and miracles

we are so grateful that you are not

through running in Us by us or in our

instances thank you for all you do and

for all that is to come please use us

for your glory and can your may be done

in the name of Jesus we ask these items

amen it is very important that you

become a subscriber of our Channel our

goal is to improve your life as soon as

possible and develop devotion towards

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