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Jesus says my greating beloved child I

understand your worries but remember

nothing is too hard for me even though

you may not see it now rest assured that

everything will eventually work out hold

on to your faith

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you might on some special blessings that

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God is speaking to you reminding you

that when you hear the sound of thunder

it signifies rain when you see something

you have the ability to identify it when

you taste food you can express how

delicious it is when you touch something

you can share your feelings about it

however God asks if you can understand

the reasons behind the current events

happening in the world

despite reading his word daily can you

comprehend why these things are

occurring God assures you that these

events were already prophesied for the

upcoming great day he has already

revealed through his word what will

happen before you see him face to face

therefore do not be confused or worried

about these happenings instead prepare

yourself and spread the word about that

day if others do not listen pray for

them remember if you do not prepare now

one day you will regret realizing it is

too late this is a gentle reminder from

God my child

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my beloved children I have some

blessings that are coming your way that

will help you overcome what you’ve been

through heal from the hurt recover what

you lost and move beyond what wasn’t

fair you faced challenges but now double

dose of favor is on its way to you your

setbacks will pave the way for a

remarkable comeback to negatives in your

life will transform into positives and

as you stay steadfast in faith and

follow my guidance I will grant you even

more than what you prayed for

my child may your life be abundant with

happiness love laughter and blessings

God says type yes if you praise my name

speak five lines every morning one God

is healing you first more powerful and

improved than ever before you are


two wait patiently for what God is

Planning the weight will be worthwhile

three a noteworthy Miracle is enroute to

you for the situation that has been

causing you tension is being resolved by


type thank you God if you agree God’s


listen this carefully if you’re waiting

for everything to be perfectly aligned

before stepping out to obey God’s call

chances are you might never take that

step faith is about trusting even when

you don’t fully understand

it may not make sense to others and it’s

not based on feelings

circumstances or convenience sometimes

you have to step out to discover if it’s

truly God’s plan you’ll encounter

challenges obstacles and difficulties

but it’s in those moments that you’ll

witness the miraculous power of God it’s

time to stop procrastinating and step

out in faith leaving the safety and

comfort behind the rewards of obedience

are beyond your imagination do it for

the glory of God

if you desire Miracles watch this video

all the way through to the end

God has spoken waiting on God may be

challenging at times we may feel

impatient and anxious when we don’t get

what we want when we want it however

it’s crucial to trust God’s plan and


sometimes we ask for things that may not

align with his will for our lives

mistaking what appears good or Pleasant

is a blessing but in reality not

everything that looks or feels good is

meant for our future

it’s essential to avoid anything that

might become a burden because we weren’t

ready for it instead find Peace by

focusing on God and being content with

his guidance remember God is looking out

for you and has your back

for just as the sun rises with scorching

heat and Withers the plant its Blossom

Falls and its beauty is destroyed in the

same way the riches of this world will

fade away even while people go about

their business trust me . I’ve been by

your side through every season of your

life I have consistently provided for

and protected you although things may be

challenging at the moment

have faith in my timing I see the bigger

picture and the changes on the horizon

trust me wholeheartedly and embrace this

new day with hope and anticipation as

God said only a few loyal people will

stay connected to this video till though

end my beloved child as a new month

unfolds I want to remind you of the

beauty found in fresh Beginnings each

month presents a new opportunity to draw

nearer to me strengthen your faith and

experience the wonders of my love and


just as the sun rises with the dawn of a

new day the start of a new month fills

you with hope and anticipation

God is saying to you today my purpose

for you will never fail I have a plan to

accomplish it and as you read my word

you’ll see how others face struggles but

still found their way to the blessings

and purpose I had for them

similarly my purpose for you will never

falter I know you inside out and I’ll

provide exactly what you need at the

right time every challenge you encounter

has a reason so be patient have faith in

me and trust that I am working things

out for your good God declares

if you want my blessings type yes today

I speak to your heart inviting you to

embrace the Journey of Faith that lies

ahead as you open your heart to me rest

assured that I am by your side every

step of the way guiding and leading you

towards a purposeful and fulfilling life

have faith in me even when you cannot

comprehend my ways my plans surpass your

understanding and I assure you that

everything is working together for your

good your loyalty and trust in me will

not go unrewarded Embrace a life of

faith knowing that I extend my grace

towards you rest assured I am with you

at all times

let no one wall some talk come out of

your mouths but only what is helpful for

building others up according to their

needs that it may benefit those who

listen Ephesians for

God says type amen if you believe in me

God is saying to you today I want to

remind you of something as Jesus was

sitting on the Mount of Olives the

disciples came to him privately asking

about the signs of his coming and the

end of the age Jesus answered them see

to it that no one misleads you many will

come in my name claiming to be the

Christ and they will mislead many

many will come in my name claiming to be

the Christ and they will mislead many

you will hear of wars and rumors of wars

but do not be alarmed for these things

must happen Nation will rise against

Nations and Kingdom against Kingdom

there will be famines and earthquakes in

various places but all these things are

just the beginning of birth pains then

they will hand you over to tribulation

and go you and you will be hated by All

Nations because of my name

many will fall away betray one another

and hate one another false prophets will

rise up and mislead many because

lawlessness will increase most people’s

love will grow cold

but the one who endures to the end will

be saved and this Gospel of the Kingdom

will be preached and the whole world as

a testimony to All Nations and then the

end will come

so let us take these words to heart my

child let us not be confused or worried

about the current events happening in

the world instead let us prepare

ourselves and spread the word about that

great day that is to come

and if others do not listen let us pray

for them remember if we do not prepare

now we may one day regret realizing it

is too late this is a gentle reminder

from God to you my child


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