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God says

dearly cherished child when you are

ready on me take into account that you

are inaccurate accompany if you’re

inside the ready room you are not by

myself in fact if you are inside the

ready room proper now perhaps you are

ready in a process on the solution or on

a Prayer

think approximately Hannah who had two

waiters to have the toddler that she

became praying I might deliver her think

approximately Joseph

who had imaginative and prescient given

by using me of being ruler from a

totally younger age however spent

years in a prison for a criminal offense

he did not dedicate think of Moses

who wandered in the desolate tract for

. use whilst he waited for his

subsequent Venture and to know his

purpose in the existence if you love

watching content then like this video

think of Abraham who waited years

before he had his the child I had

permised him years earlier than think

about Noah who waited

years before it rained for the

entirety there’s a cause and a cause

without a plan I will never do whatever

if you are anticipating a solution do

not worry because nothing will take

place apart from what I say on your

Lifestyles if I made you wait which

means I actually have a plan for you be

an affected person on your ready and

consider me

after waiting patiently Abraham received

what became promised in The Identical

way in the right time the Lord will give

what you need as in step with my plan

God claims type yes if you want to

experience my presence

lovely child I understand your silently

experiencing pain you should tears as

you fall asleep each night preferring

not to burden anyone you’re uncertain

about your next steps I’m aware of the

situation I’m here and I’m actively

supporting you rest assured I’m guiding

you through

tomorrow you’ll awaken rejuvenated with

Newfound wisdom and insight

have faith I’ve been by your side

through every storm in your life Dot and

I single quotes V provided all you

require I have and always will shield

you your family and dear ones times

might be tough now but I have confidence

in my timing a shift in your situation

is near

believe in me and Savor this fresh day


if you believe in the father Jesus

remember Isaiah says when you

undergo deep Waters I could be with you

when you undergo rivers of trouble you

will not drown when you stroll through

the fire turned now not consume you

let’s pray dear God work on my mindset

teach me how to be more loving

compassionate patient

obedient and humble strip aways anger to

bitterness my cost approaches laziness

my pleasure and complacency dot help me

turn out to be extra like you and help

me to exercise what I preach

type amen if you believe

six reasons why you should trust Jesus

he is always with you Matthew and .

he thinks about you

psalm –

he knows you by name Isaiah . he is

your Refuge psalm –

he will fight you Exodus .

he has plans for you Jeremiah to .


thank you Father

Sweet Child Life can be packed with

demanding situations and boundaries my

pricey but do not forget that I even

have bestowed upon you the gift of

energy and resilience you own inside you

the energy to triumph over any adversity

that comes your manner

trust in yourself and accept is true

within me for I even have equipped you

with the tools essential to navigate VIA

Lifestyles as problems

in times of uncertainty near your eyes

and experience my presence surrounding

you I am always here ready to guide you

through the darkest of times seek solace

in the knowledge that I am being

attentive to your prayers and will offer

you with the information you are looking


share it with seven people and watch

these blessings multiply

remember my toddler that information

isn’t solely acquired through ease and

luxury it is through dealing with

challenges head on that one in reality

grows and profits expertise Embrace

every struggle as in possibility for

increase and mastering

trust in the system for I am guiding you

closer to a greater expertise of

yourself and the world around you

when you feel misplaced or overwhelmed

take a second to quiet your mind and pay

attention to the Whispers of your heart

that is wherein you’ll locate the

solutions you searching for trust your

instinct for its miles effective device

that I have talented you

know that I love you unconditionally my

child I am always right here to guide

and manual you dot trust in my divine

plan on your existence for its miles

full of cause and which means Embrace

every Warfare as an opportunity for boom

understanding that I am right here to

walk the Sigh you every step of the


comment amen if you receive today words

God is about to shift some things to

your Lifestyles he’s going to cause

provision to come seeking out you you

could not have made it show up you

didn’t have his connections the Revel in

or with the Heritage but you have kept

God first area you’ve been trustworthy

you’ve commemorated him with your

existence now he’s going to cause the

winds to blow in your path a shift from

borrowing to Lending

a shift from renting to awning a shift

from worker to organization a shift from

not sufficient extra than sufficient a

shift from getting by using to abundance

God is going to do something new in your

existence get equipped

to accept it with belief right amen

dear child you are robust and now for

the battles in advance don’t be afraid

you’re no longer on my own you are not

preventing alone I am with you via this

battle dot it’s the simplest transient

stay in prayer keep the faith keep

transferring forward

I need you to prevent thinking all freyr

as a chore as a part of your dick list

let me include Yao and what you are

going through rejoice in understanding

that I take super Delight in you simply

talking to me trust me you do not must

be fancy together with your words simply


pour your coronary heart out I am

listening listen the complete message if

you trust in God’s Direction

God claims no reply what has took place

to you with them the Beyond or what is

going on on your ex’s stands proper now

it has no power to stop you from turning

into who I actually have called you to

be trust me walk by way of religion I am

with you through this

attention listen carefully for those

currently experiencing deep heartbreak

in a friendship those left wondering

about the sudden and unexplained end of

a closed Bond it’s natural to replay

conversations and moments

you had genuine investment in the

relationship and believed the other

person did too it’s okay to feel

abandoned hurt and unsure remember that

you’re not alone Jesus observes and

cares offering constant support although

answers might elude you Jesus remains


it could be an opportunity to release

and progress

if you have faith in God right amen

attention listener join this prayer with

me and repeat after me Divine Lord

father who is ideal and wealthy and

mercy and style fill us with the choice

to listen to you as we open our eyes

every morning during the path of the day

and earlier than we near our eyes at

night time

after that allow us to dream your

desires and be at peace I pray that we

can not use our treasured time on social

media synthetic us away from you or

meditate at the carers of this world

help us to take note of your steering so

that we will have precise judgments

thank you that your word is a light unto

rft and a mild onto our Direction

let us no longer simply pay attention to

thy words father however be obedient no

counter what it cost us because in the

end the rewards could be Exquisite make

us robust and courageous I pray that we

can now not pull away from the light of

your words

not to the proper or to the left simply

look and advance to the desires that you

set before us in order that we can be

successful anywhere we go dot in Jesus

call I pray amen

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