🛑 God Says Today ✝️✝️ Don’t Skip If You Want The Haven‼️


says grating my children you usually say

you consider me you even recognize that

I actually have a plan for you but while

a few things get delayed or while a few

things that you predicted did now not

happen or whilst sure matters that you

face do not

trade you get worried and harassed

approximately it is a substance itute of

having religion in me at that time you

could say I am now not hearing your

prayers you might also day L now not

seeing you you may additionally say I

don’t care approximately you you get

worried and harassed approximately it is

a substitute of having religion in me at

that time you could say I am now not

hearing your prayers you might also they

L am now not seeing you you may

additionally say I don’t care

approximately you if you are feeling a

positive vibe then hit the like button I

recognize that at least as soon as for

your existence you’ve got stated or

notion approximately the above noted

things where did your faith go at that

time if you have become harassed or

concerned or if you forgetting mind

about the above referred to things once

more recollect I even have a plan for

the whole thing that has befell and

going on and that is going to manifest

for your life pray about the entirity

and still have religion in me please

type if you agree and hit the like

button if you truly believe in God my

loving child I am with you cradling you

in my Divine embody your well-being as

of utmost significance to me and your

faith has touched my Divine heart know

that I see your struggles and the pain

you bring I well known your strength and

looking for my recuperation touch I am

the source of all recuperation both to

your frame and your mind I will manual

your steps towards

recuperation bringing you the

electricity to stand any

project as your loving parent I need you

to understand that restoration can take

time have persistence and Trust in my

plan continue to care for your physical

health through right nutrients and

relaxation and on your mental well-being

via meditation and looking for help from

those around you type

if you believe Jesus remember my

child that you are in no way by myself

in this journey I am by your aspect

keeping your hand through each trial

your religion and your prayer were heard

and my love and restoration are on their

manner keep your coronary heart open to

my steerage and collectively we will

restore your Fitness and

happiness in Bible verse Matthew

says for in case you forgive other

people when they sin in opposition to

you your heavenly father may also

forgive you but in case you do not

forgive others their sins your father

will not forgive your sins as God said

my child

if you love to listen to my voice and

receive my blessings then I urge you to

watch this video till the end let’s pray

dear God I claim to observe you but at

instances I behave as if I do not even

understand you I’m sorry because surely

I love you and I know your word is real

please forgive me I apprehend am Sinner

and that I actually have wronged you I

accept as true with you god and I

promised that I might be better today’s

the scripture says your father sends

Reign at the simply and at the unjust

being a person of religion would not

exempt you from difficulties Jesus

instructed a parable approximately a

wise guy who constructed his residence

on a a rock this man Anor

God another guy foolishly constructed

his house on Sand he did not honor God

then the rain descended the floods got

here and the winds Bev beat at the homes

of each the simply and the unjust be

after the hurricane become over the

residents constructed on the Rock become

nonetheless standing the residence built

on the S and turned into completely

ruined you may get knocked down and

undergo a few darkish stormy times but

this is just a part of existence start

it rains on

everybody the distinction is that whilst

you honor God when you stay in religion

you have got God’s promise that while

the typhoon clears you may not be th

sufferer you’ll be the Victor you’ll

nevertheless be St

stus type I love you heavenly father if

you’re fighting the entirety you do not

like you need to have this new attitude

it’s all correct whether it is a grouchy

boss and contamination you’re recing

with or a dream it is taking forever to

be fulfilled you may say I’ll don’t like

how this has long gone however God is at

the throne he promis that he could use

what has come towards me to my advantage

all matters work together and you’re

cracked they may not be suitable at the

time we go via them it’s painful to

undergo a loss it hurts whilst people do

us incorrect it’s discouraging while the

dream doesn’t work out by themselves

they will not be proper however the

hassle is that your separate in these


activities God guarantees he’s going to

carry all of it

collectively what appeared like a

setback turned into a setup for God to

reveal out to your life one day you will

look back and say that it become all

right typ our men if you

believe are you discouraged do you stay

in survival mode just attempting to make

it via the day Satan your adversary is a

th he desires to thieve your life fro

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