? GOD SAYS TODAY ✝️✝️ Attention! Something Very Serious Is About To Happen

God says

creating my beloved child when your

faith is shaken when others harm or

abandon you when you cannot see the


you need to give into the last

complicated course of temptation all

around you when you feel misplaced and

alone and feels like it’s going to never

get better whole unto hope

when you feel misplaced and alone and

feels like it’s going to never get

better hold on to Hope always bear in

mind you’ve got a promise I am with you

I am usually for you and will never

depart you

I am sufficient for something you are

going through

sometimes you simply must launch your

fears expectations and hurts to the one

who knows better like this video If you

believe Almighty father

the one who Beyond it all that one as I

am cast all your tension worry in fact

the whole thing on me due to the fact I

cares for you the equal god of the Bible

continues to be alive and moving today

that remains I am

I know why you wouldn’t have query Every

Soul often whether or not I will come

through for you or not it is good enough

my grace is sufficient to your dots I

will come by for you

Lord says type why yes if you seek my


lovely child you held on in the course

of the toughest of times it gave you

strength to undergo that at times you

did now not even know it become me when

things modified for you a lot left you

and wrote you off but now not best did

you endure the typhoon you grew within

the storm

you are special

I did not create you to in shape and I

created you to face out now I am about

to bless your faithfulness I am

approximately to take you to levels you

in no way even notion were possible

receive it in my call

type yes if you agree and share this

video with seven individuals who trust


remember in Bible verse Matthew

says come to me all you who are weary

and stressed and I will come up with

relaxation take my yoke upon u n

examined from me for I am gentle and

humble and coronary heart and you will

find rest for your souls

for my yoke is simple and my burden is


let’s pray dear God as I’m walking into

this subsequent week I am going to

absolutely put my accept is true within

you Lord I realize that you’ll provide

for all my needs such as you constantly

have your word says not to worry about

whatever but two pray approximately the



thank you for your unconditional love

this week allow me be reminded that you

are my issuer and my protector and I am

so grateful in Jesus name amen

if you have faith in God right amen

affirm l a m a grateful and thankful

person I take time to comprehend the

abundance in my existence and and

continuously reminded of the numerous

blessings I even have received I am

thankful for the prevailing moment and

all that it brings

I am thankful for the love and guide of

these around me and I am determined to

pay it ahead I consider within the

strength of gratitude to draw positivity

and abundance into my Lifestyles and

only am grateful for the possibility to

stay a glad and satisfying lifestyles

if you desire Miracles watch this video

all the way through to the end

here are four things presently God

desires you to know this today

one something proper is about to

manifest for you healing blessings

Miracles and desire are headed to your


two your subsequent big benefits is

going to Triple your ultimate loss watch

and spot


God heard prayers keep praying and be

affected person don’t stop praying

for you cried so frequently and personal

but now God is approximately to bless

you publicly receive it

type Lord is Jesus and you’ll be safe

dear son as your heavenly father I am

here to keep you shut at some stage in

this time of grief and loss I need you

to know that I am here to offer you with

the affection and support you need

in moments of Sorrow it Smiles natural

too since beaten and by myself but I

want you to understand that you are in

no way alone for I am usually by your

fast maintaining you and my loving


I see the pain on your coronary heart

the tears that Glide and the heaviness

that weighs upon your spirit please

realize that I am right here to share

your burden and provide you the

consolation and Solace you are seeking

for if you have faith in God please like

and share this


grief can be an extended and hard

journey filled with moments of

unhappiness and learning but take into

account my infant that it is through

these dark times that we discover ways

to admire the light

allow yourself to experience each

emotion to mourn and grieve for your

personal way know that it is to not be k

for healing takes time

in times of deep sorrow locate solace in

prayer meditation or any practice that

brings you in the direction of your

internal Divinity open your coronary

heart to me pour out your a and sorrow

and permit my love to soothe your

wounded soul

trust within the power of my divine

presence too convey you peace and


if you are concur comment amen

know that grief is a completely unique

and personal Journey there is not any

right or incorrect manner to grieve and

there is no timeline for Recovery be

mild with yourself my child and Grant

yourself the grace to heal at your very

own pace

seek support from loved ones for their

right here to stroll beside you on this

course of recovery

remember my liked toddler that even

within the midst of grief and loss there

is still Beauty in life look for the

small moments of pleasure the symptoms

of waste that surround you allow

yourself to locate solace in the

Recollections of your loved one

and allow their Spirit manual you

towards healing I love you

unconditionally my toddler and I am

right here to provide you consolation

and Solace at some point of this time of

grief and loss

Lean on Me trust in my divine presence

and understand that I will carry you

through the darkest of days you aren’t

by myself my child for I am here

holding your hand to him guiding you

toward recovery and peace

God declares if you want my blessings

type yes

and we understand that in all matters

God works for the good of people who

love him who have been called in step

with his motive Romans

Sweet Child I am restoring all which

Yahweh misplaced resurrecting dreams

that appear dead reversing Fitness

conditions that doctors name me

irreversible and lifting you up your

budget will multiply and your needs will

be met

your life might be full of advantages

and New Opportunities I am bringing out

first-rate testimony sand beautiful

testimonies from each ugly scenario

you’ve got Ben through your step forward

is happening now

you’ve recently had doubts about your

strength and worthiness to fulfill the

purpose I’ve set in your heart let me

reassure you that with Christ you have

the ability to achieve anything don’t

allow fear to deter you from your



keep in mind that I am by your side and

yah will succeed you are capable of

accomplishing this


if you agree

God will astonish you with blessings and

breakthroughs he will surpass all your

expectations and imaginations your life

is about to undergo a significant

transformation everything you’ve prayed

for is on its way stay resilient and

have faith in him

listen carefully a few live the darkest

night deep suffering long-standing ache

has God abandon you where is he where it

why does he allow the harm manifest

what purpose does it serve all your

suffering and as or enefs dot why oh

Lord why you best apprehend if you

believe for the spirit of God will raise

you up because the father did for the


he will increase you up resurrected

believe on this first don’t watch for a

change to trust believe first and then

cry out cry out throw all your coronary

heart and soul into your cry type


hold not anything back know that your


absolutely relies upon upon God Almighty

nothing else can save you he is the Lord

Our God and before the change earlier

than the miracle you’ll see Christ upon

the goal you will be one with him in

spirit and Truth

upon this Union

of accept is true with hopan love all of

your future will be constructed upon

your conflict addendance on him he will

screen to you his guarantees and provide

you with electricity do not loaf for the

easy manner Out The Superficial Michael

instead look to be one with him and this

will soothe your soul for all eternity

weapon formed towards you may Prosper if

you are feeling a positive vibe then

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