? God Says This Will Be Happen In One Day Please Don’t Skip Me!! ✋

heavenly father is saying to you today a

little child you need to recognize that

within the remaining days mockers are

going to have a heyday

reducing the whole lot to the level in

their Petty emotions Dale mock so what

is befell to the promise of his coming

everything’s taking place simply as it

has from the first day of Advent

nothing’s changed at that point don’t

deliver your ears to them instead trust

in me

and allow me inform you if I stated

something I will make it happen I will

never exchange like people I maintain my

phrase and could fulfill it make sure

that you are organized for that terrific


God says right why yes if you want to be

a light in the Darkness

and Bible verse Jeremiah

– says for I know the plans I have

for you declare the Lord plans to

prosper you and now not to harm you

plans to give you hope and a future

lovely kids I want you to know that I

see the goals of your heart and I feel

your goals and aspiration however

sometimes our goals won’t align with the

motive I actually have designed

specifically for you

in the ones moments it’s miles critical

to surrender and agree within my Divine


know that my love for you is unwavering

and boundless I will usually guide you

closer to the root as a way to lead to

your closing success and happiness

while the street may also seem unsure at


relaxation confidence that I am taking

walks beside you retaining your hand

every step of the way

remember my baby that surrendering to my

will does no longer mean giving up on

your goals it approach having religion

in my ideal plan on your existence

embrace the unexpected twists and turns

for they will shape you into the man or

woman I even have destined you to be

type of man if you believe in God

I promise to provide you with power

courage and awareness to navigate VIA

existences demanding situations trust

that each detour and set back as

impossibility for growth and


Your Surrender permits me to paintings

miracles on your ex’s tents molding you

into the Masterpiece I envision

so my toddler launch your concerns and

fears into my fingers embrace my plan

with open fingers for it’s far full of

blessings Beyond degree surrender to my

will and collectively we can create a

life a ways greater Brilliance than you

may ever dream

if you believe in the divine plan of God

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God plans God is shaking matters up

shifting matters and those around on

your life he wants to deposit your

benefits but a few situations banned

relationships ought to trade not anybody

can go with you on this subsequent stage

of your adventure

there are no longer equipped to guide or

encourage you a few advantages to liver

out jealousy in people you’d in no way

notion possible on this level you need

only those who can cope with seeing you

prosper your season has come

my gospel has been tragically

misrepresented some of the critical

truths I reveal whilst on the planet at

the moment are overlooked or unknown

with the aid of many

in an attempt to make my gospel extra

accept in a position a few have set

aside my truths that make people


many have proclaimed that the Kingdom of

Heaven offers an open door to all and

Sundry respective of how they stay their


how tragic I am the manner the fact and

the life no one involved the father

except through me they’re not any

different paths to God my sheep follow

me and I lead them on a very slim route

of affection righteousness and reality

mine is the best route to Heaven even

even though other paths may also seem

right they result in death child do you

no longer be afraid to Proclaim all my

truths no matter how difficult or

unpopular they will be

follow me alongside the slim path and I

will lead you to the house I even have

organized for you

to receive it type then send this

Divine video to eight people who believe

in God

dearly adored child of mine I even have

a high quality plan on your Lifestyles

plans to prosper you plans to heal you

plans to bring you out of that demanding


you are approximately to walk into the

entirety you’ve got been waiting and

praying for your personal and

professional darkish days are coming to

an give up don’t lose wish don’t

surrender my plans can be fulfilled

trust me I stayed with you via every

typhoon to your life I’ve given you all

that you need I even have and usually

will protect you your family and

cherished ones

things can be hard for you proper now

but simply accept is true within my

timing alternate in your occasions is

coming trust me and enjoy this new day

if you have faith in God right amen

God declares do you accept as true with

everything it truly is taking place

around you as a part of my plan for a

great cause if you trust then consider

me always don’t forget the whole thing

that is going on isn’t due to your

destiny however it’s because of my plan

for an incredible reason

listen up the reminder that God has not

given us a spirit of fear acknowledges

the existence of fears influence in our

lives fear and its various forms can be

pervasive and hinder us from fulfilling

our purpose

this includes fear of failure fear of

others opinions fear of challenges fear

of criticism fear of change fear of the

unknown fear of disappointment fear of

embarrassment and fear of inadequacy

among others

however we’ve also been granted a

Measure of Faith to counteract fears

grip on us at times you must consciously

activate the gift of faith and push

forward even when you’re overwhelmed by

the feeling of fear it’s crucial to

understand that feeling fear is not the

same as succumbing to a spirit of fear

keep taking steps even when you’re

type yes to claim this blessing

and we realize that in all things God

works for the best of individuals who

love him who’ve been referred to as

consistent with his reason Roman .

do you comprehend that the god of the

universe who created heaven and the

Earth who adjustments the sky day after

day who determined that the ocean should

supplest come thus far up the shore

calls you light he looks at you and sees

your Brokenness and longs to heal it

he spoke and the sector came into life

and but he goes and intimate and private

dating with you surrender he wants not

anything but the absolute first rate for


whereas humans trade God stays The

Identical the day prior to this nowadays

and all the time greater he will never

leave you nor forsake you they may

additionally destroy their promises to

you but God in no way does

attention listener joined this prayer

with me and say it with me merciful Lord

look down on me this morning with

sympathy for heal much

I even have a headache and my again

hurts I did not sleep well and I did not

sleep long sufficient I am involved

about my fitness I am worried

approximately my cash I am worried

approximately my circle of relatives my

home wishes maintenance people do not

deliver me the respect I deserve

nobody listens to me there is a positive

individual who’s writing me loopy I do

not have as a good deal power as I used

to and I’m now not certain I have enough

to get the whole lot executed today that

I need to do or maybe that I need to do

to loopy or even damaging matters people

say inside the media and the political

mess my locality and my country make me

depression how can people be so stupid

it just seemed to get worse and worse

the ass of a is administered by using

morons how can humans fail to elect

people with a few minimum of competence

and honesty even in the church buildings

human beings cannot see or apprehend the

maximum fundamental matters

approximately you

and the hypocrisy of so many Christians

makes me half ashamed to name myself

when every now and then and then Lord

Christ I realize the world isn’t


there is handiest one location and

fastened from Pain fear frustration and

all the nonsense and harm that the human

mind can create and that is in your

bosom hold me tight to concure enter to


Lord Jesus provide me the strength to

Bear thee Supply me the understanding of

Hope to keep away from the tension

Supply me the Blessed expertise of your

coming again that I won’t be confused

out approximately the matters of This


for they shall pass away quickly enough

and within the interim permit me

developing you that I would possibly see

my personal wrongdoing and with the help

of your spirit truly dissolve JT the way

it is in this world that Satan and

discover his prey

the fertile soil thy kingdom come thy

may be achieved brilliant Lord help me

myself I pray within the call of your

love amen

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