? God Says; This Is Your Last Lifeline To Receive My Message

God is saying to you today

my precious child I have placed an hedge

over you to defend you from all harms

but every so often I will open that

hedge to test your faith in me and to

reveal how obedient and sincere you are

to me to the devil

you know approximately what passed off

in the life of Job you realize what

passed off before starting the heads

that I had put in job’s life even while

the ones things had occurred job did not

purse me he trusted me but he puzzled me

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if you believe in God

when he wondered me I did not solution

him instead I made him apprehend who I

am why I am doing everything and for

what I am doing the whole thing by way

of fasting him some questions

when he knew his mistakes her repented

it to me after that I restored his

fortunes at times as much as he had


even in your life the things that have

befell within the lifestyles of job can

show up but it may not Smash Your


when such things show up have confidence

in me and also bear in mind I have a

plan for the entirety even once I take a

few things from your Lifestyles I will

replace them with the higher matters in

which you had

even in the midst of those struggles

should the Satan Howe obedient and

truthful you are to me I will by no

means forsake you I will bless you have

a faith in me

God declares if you want my blessings

type yes

remember Mark says therefore I

inform you something you ask for in

prayer accept is true with that you have

received it and it is going to be yours

God declares don’t give up I understand

you are under assault in your budget

your health and your relationships that

is only a signal that you are close to

your Leap Forward the enemy has declared

war against you and your circle of

relatives but I have declared peace

Victory Healing and advantages over your

Lifestyles and my word is very last so

stand up and begin your day be advocated

because the blessing you’ve got been

praying for us at your step just open

the door if you agree type .

here are four things presently God

desires you to recognize this today

one today is a breakthrough day for you

expect unexpected phone calls top news

and advantages to come back your manner

this begins now in Jesus name

two I declare the curses damaged your

Fitness will improve and your finances

will start to multiply

three God is pronouncing to you today

it’s your winning season

no more losses no greater debts and no

extra disappointments

for God is announcing why he has for

your prayer request he is going to give

you more than you requested for

if you have faith in God right amen

my little one recognize how difficult

it’s far too stand the challenges of

this International and how traumatic it

could be to worry about money and

payments but I need you to consider me

and now not to be anxious approximately


can open doorways that nobody can close

and I could make a manner in which there

seems to be no way enter to if you


but I also want you to be trustworthy

and smart with what I actually have

given you do you no longer spend your

cash on things that don’t satisfy or

matters that do not honor me do no

longer be grasping or selfish but be

beneficient and sort

do no longer be lazy or idle but work

tough and diligently do not be dishonest

or deceitful but be honest and


do no longer be proud or boastful but be

humble and grateful

and especially seek first my state and

my righteousness and all these items

could be added to you

seek me with all your coronary heart and

you may locate me you light yourself in

me and I will give you the goals of your


obey my instructions and you will get

hold of my blessings honor me with your

wealth and I will bless you abundantly

I am with you continually my toddler do

not worry for I am your God I will

fortify you and help you I will uphold

you with my righteous right hand cast

all of your cares on me for I take care

of you and don’t forget that I am able

to do

immeasurably extra than all you ask or

imagine consistent with my energy this

is it work within you I wish this

message comforts you and assures you

that I actually have heard your prayer

you are my liked child and I am your

loving God Amen as God said my child if

you love to listen to my voice and

receive my blessings then I urge you to

watch this video till the end for I am

aware of the intentions I hold for you

proclaims the Lord intentions of

advancement rather than detriment

intentions of bestowing upon you

optimism and Prospects Jeremiah

minutes and seconds

subscriber to the channel if you truly

believe in God

attention listen carefully today the

more profoundly we allow God to heal us

the more God seems to be capable of

utilizing us for his glory god adores us

and others for too much to permit our

request for increased influence and

impact to be prematurely granted

we frequently despise the forging

process that must occur in anonymity and

obscurity but in that very Place God is

genuinely getting you ready for what he

is ready for you

don’t attempt to bypass or evade the

process because you will discover that

you will lack crucial muscles at

critical times in the future these will

be spiritual muscles you require to

assist you in clinging to the promises

of God when all the forces of hella

oppose you

if you don’t learn to have faith in God

and the Darkness you’ll rely on your own

strength when it’s bright you’ll never

realize you weren’t having faith in God

until it becomes dark again

it’s frequently by keeping us unseen

that Jesus educates us how to proceed

with faith and not based on what we see

God isn’t attempting to make you

frustrated he is safeguarding and

equipping you

share this powerful message is people

who is closest to your heart

dear listener repeat this positive

affirmation dear father God I thank you

for waking up today another day of life

you have given me any other Sunrise to


thank you Lord God for the Fantastic

Sounds of Nature and the Cool Breeze

brushing is the bushes making the birds

sing-stinning Melodies you are

outstanding father Lord constantly full

of grace and mercy I reward you father

for allowing me to live some other

lovely day in your kingdom foreign

Father for they deserve all the goodness

you have got given to me if I may

additionally do something incorrect

today please forgive me I also thank you

for continually being the motive in my

head why light comes to Choice making in

Jesus name I pray amen

seek my guidance

Jesus is telling tell him right now



been believe in my promises and stand

Corporation inside the truth of my word

with me whole matters are feasible

I want you to understand that I care for

you deeply there is nothing that can

come between us I am by your side always

you can have faith in me I won’t let you

down I will provide you with blessings I

will bring you success

I will offer guidance your protection is

assured you’re aware that one day you

will meet men person I’m eagerly

anticipating that moment

type how man if you accept God blessings

God claims

give me the trouble and movado’s sleep I

will make a manner for you I did it

before and I will do it once more when

you wake up you will be refreshed

renewed and prepared for the new day

everything is going to training session

things are going to get better your life

can be better than ever earlier than

this Warfare will not ultimate for all

time there’s a milled on the quit of the

tunnel stand company

your faith healing peace and benefits

are coming your way if you watch this

video till the end then type thank you

God if

and supporting our channel to make a

donation to us through super thanks


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