? God Says; “Sorry” You Ignore Me Now I Will Ignore You‼️|

God says

o my beloved child in the next

minutes I will tell you something that

will help you simplify your life you

pray to me that God help us I have come

to help you today if you’ve time keep in

mind the next minutes are going to be

very important for you listen carefully

and don’t skip it

dear child you are needed on this world

you have presence and Persona that

numerous people desire they’d it is time

so as to Upward push shine and take your

area a number of the greats today I want


I will cause you zedo be located within

the eyes of all of us that sees you

works with you and meet you listen the

complete message if you trust in God’s


my infant your heartfelt prayer for the

success of efforts to promote spiritual

growth and Enlightenment has reached my

Divine ears I am here with you watching

over your journey guiding you through

the path of wisdom and understanding

know that your dedication to this noble

cause is deeply appreciated your

commitment to seeking higher truths and

nurturing your Soul’s growth as a beacon

of light that shines brightly in the


I am here to support you to uplift you

and to shower you with the blessings of

insight and clarity

as you tread upon this path remember

that growth takes time and patience dot

just as a seat Deeds nurturing too

blossom into a beautiful flower your

efforts will bear fruit in due course

Embrace each step with an open heart and

know that challenges are but

opportunities for learning and


God declares if you want my blessings

type yes

I am here to guide you through the

valleys of doubt and the peaks of

inspiration your efforts will not go

unnoticed for I see this sincerity in

your heart

trust in your own potential for you are

capable of great transformation

your journey towards spiritual

enlightenment is a sacred one and I am

honored to walk alongside you

in moments of uncertainty close your

eyes and feel my presence you are never

alone your prayers have been heard and

your intentions have been acknowledged

your success in promoting spiritual

growth and Enlightenment is written in

the stars

and I am here to ensure that you shine

brightly on this path

type Amen in the comments and get

blessed today

here are four things presently God

desires you to recognize this today one

better days are coming or you and your

circle of relatives

two God is set to wire you he’s going

above and past what you asked three

God is ready to open a door for you that

you did not even knock on the benefits

you’re approximately to obtain is going

to blow your mind

for God has already deliberate your epic

comeback get geared up for the birthday

celebration in Jesus call

share this powerful message is people

who is closest to your heart

Hebrews and by using religion even

Sarah who was past childbearing age

become enabled to endure youngsters

because she taken into consideration him

devoted who had made the promise

listen carefully Divine blessings one of

the greatest challenges you’ll face is

to maintain faith in God despite

continuous setbacks disappointments

obstacles and discouragement it’s tough

to persevere on each step forward seems

followed by steps back

giving up feels easier than enduring

shattered hopes again settling is less

painful than persisting in the fight for

victory I understand having been in that

place countless times just want to

encourage you to rise again and press on

although it’s hard to see now your

breakthrough might be right around the

corner in your next attempt you’ll

always wonder what could have been if

you stop here

God is on your side and beside you he

specializes in creating paths where none

seem possible you can trust him even

when his plans are unclear he who made

the promise remains steadfast

if you agree God’s words then share this

video who is closest to your heart

repeat after me

is dedicated toward inventing


embracing New Beginnings prioritizing

physical mental and emotional health

focusing on positivity and distancing

from negativity this year is about

self-improvement and strengthening my

bond with God

I’m prepared

type if you believe no man can

curse what God has blessed the enemy

involves steel kill and break John

however there may be no plan he can

shape on the way to forestow what God

has planned for your Lifestyles from


no weapon shaped towards you shall

prosper Sia it did no longer say

the guns will now not be formed however

they virtually will not Prosper no be

counted what is said about you remember

who your God is and deliver him praise


– if you knew who your God changed and

to You’ll forestall walking from your

Devils the guarantees of God are sure

and amen to Corinthians . he

commenced habitant paintings in you and

he is devoted to complete it Philippians

– your season is coming you want to

head lower back to what subjects

the maximum and middle yourself God is

simply getting ready you for the

following dimension of favor and

advantages do not worry

Lord says type on man if you’re looking

for my guidance

dear listener join this prayer with me

and repeat after me I’m grateful

Almighty For All You’ve bestowed upon me

pardon my wrong doings guide my life as

my master

fashion Within Me Purity and the cracked

Essence while refreshing my thoughts

then my wounds from bygone days I adore

and require you bestow your favor upon

my loved ones and companions Safeguard

all who yearn require and have faith in

you I am grateful for the affection and

steerage of Jesus Christ which empowers

me to walk in faith and spread

compassion to others embracing the

lessons of Jesus Christ I locate

strength in his love

with faith as my guy I radiate kindness

sharing his compassion and style each

day I developed in the direction of his

light Illuminating my course and filling

my coronary heart with peace I am

blessed by way of his presence

and empowered by way of his unwavering

Aid subscribe to channel to growth this


dear heavenly father help us to preserve

our eyes on you and now not at the

actions of others help us not to dwell

on what you acid will be or what might

have been or what we want to occur help

us to turn our worried time into prayer


Lord assist us to be given the things we

can or text change help us to be

emotionally wholesome human beings

please heal our hurts and wounds and

forgive us of our Beyond hairs

please assist us to move on the great

things Yahweh shop for us we love you

and ask this stuff within feckle of Our

Lord hand Savior Jesus amen

teacher with the assist of Silas

whom the eurogard is a faithful brother

I even Havert unto you in short

encouraging you and testifying that this

is the proper grace of God stand rapid

in it

Jesus says type why yes if you want to

experience my peace cut claims in the

Journey of Lifestyles as a intricate

paths hold your gaze upon me let my

presence be your guiding famous person

through the Labyrinth of twists and


with every step you take are trying to

find my nohan insight to light up your

way and watch as your direction will

become unswervingly clear

remember you are never solitary in this

excursion I am your steady companion

taking walks in tandem together we

navigate the depths of valleys where

Shadows May linger and Ascend The

Majestic Pinnacles basking inside the

Brilliance of achievements

when confusion threatens to Cloud your

judgment pause and listen to the mild

Whispers of my guidance these Whispers

keep the keys to unlocking doors you

never knew existed

even inside the midst of tribulations my

hand steadies your root and bestows upon

you the grace to triumph over


never permit to out avert your

development your journey is infused with

motive and importance

in moments of uncertainty turn to me and

witness the transformation of chaos into

hoarder as we Traverse the Landscapes of

Lifestyles you’re unwavering faith and

my guidance will lead you to the top of

fulfillment and fulfillment

together we shall go away an indelible

Mark upon the canvas of time inspiring

others to follow the course of

unwavering faith and steadfast


taipao men and if you believe in

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