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God says my beloved children I hear your

expectations and I want you to know that

I have Abundant Blessings in store for

you even beyond what you anticipate

sometimes these blessings may take time

to unfold but remember that a delay

doesn’t mean denial I am preparing you

for the best that is yet to come reflect

on your past experiences

and you will see how certain situations

that initially cause tears eventually

led the good blessings for which you

were thankful When you pray for things

like love or job opportunities

remember to surrender your desires to my

will and trust that I’ll lead you from

my glory just like Abraham Esther Jacob

David and Joseph believed in me and were

not disappointed

have faith in me and I’ll provide

exactly what you need in the right time

trust me my child

type yes to claim this blessing

Jesus speak I wish to emphasize the

profound power of strength that emanates

from me during moments of vulnerability

and exhaustion I am your sanctuary and

the Wellspring of your fortitude

whenever you feel insufficient or

burdened rely on me and I will support

you with my unwavering hand it is

through your weaknesses that my strength

finds its fullest expression have faith

in my capacity to guide you through

every trial and obstacle

if you desire Miracles watch this video

all the way through to the end

I cannot diminish the calling I have for

your life despite any and holy past I am

offering you another chance to get back

on track right where you are your

purpose on this Earth remains intact

Embrace this opportunity

for I love you dearly

Romans and we know that in

everything God works for the good of

those who love him who’ve been called

according to his purpose don’t dwell on

what you’ve lost instead focus on what

you still have remember no one can take

away blessings that have been bestowed

upon you

you are blessed in every situation

whether it’s in the city or the country

during success or challenges the key to

understanding this is that the blessing

comes from a higher source making it

secure and Untouched by others

Jesus says type yes if you want to

experience my presence

God is saying to you today I see your

heart work in raising those children and

making sacrifices I see your

perseverance during treatment

maintaining a positive attitude and

praising me despite the challenges

take heart the answers you seek are on

their way I am about to restore the

years you’ve lost

and an incredible and explainable

blessing is headed your way keep holding

on and don’t give up God says I

understand the heavy burden you carry

with worries about your family health

loved ones finances and career you’re

not alone I’m here for you

trust me with your concerns and I will

send you help healing and the resources

you need you can rely on me and now make

a way for you Heaven’s resources are by

your side don’t worry I have your back

as God said only a few loyal people will

stay connected to this video till the


Jeremiah to for I know the plans I

have for you says the Lord plans to

prosper you and not to harm you plans to

give you hope and a future God’s message

to you today is remember the battle is

not yours tits mine when you feel like

giving up and can’t find the strength to

carry on draw from the strength I

provide don’t give up I have incredible

things planted for you to the person

whose situation may seem dead and

hopeless hear the spirit of the Lord

proclaiming that midnight Miracles are

on the horizon

the resurrected power of Jesus is coming

and within the next hours expect

these miraculous blessings to be

delivered to you hold on to hope for

divine intervention is on its way

taipao men if you believe

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