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today Jesus is speaking to you my

beloved little child do you watch your

prayers to me are meaningless do you

suppose your anticipate answers are

meaningless do you think your hopes and

me are meaningless

Do You observe your religion in me as

meaningless Do You observe the tears

which you Shed from your eyes are

meaningless if you do not sense at all

as meaningless simply trust me

just due to the fact you don’t see

anything taking place does not mean it’s

going to by no means you may

additionally experience like Heavens are

closed or you may experience like I am

now not hearing you or seeing you watch

that complete video with this miracle

but continually remember I am always

with you and I am hearing your prayers I

understand what’s going on to your life

I realize your hope is me I know you

placed your religion in me I understand

the cause for the tears from your eyes

your prayers your watch for answers your

desire in me your religion in me your

tears that you shared will never be

meaningless Everything In It’s time I

will do what you need to do is accept is

true with me

God says bless someone’s Day by sharing

this video

remember Matthew to to says ask

and it will be given to you searching

for and you may find knock and the door

may be opened to you for everybody who

asks gets the only who seeks finds and

to the only who knocks the door may be


my dearly beloved kid I the Divine pay

attention your heartfelt prayer for

intercession on behalf of those facing

tough times mainly the ones near your

coronary heart your compassion and

empathy shine brightly and I am right

here to comfort you knowing your

kindness is aware of no bounds

rest assured I even have heard your plea

and your intentions are natural your

preference to ease the struggling of

others does now not go not noted I

embody your selflessness and admire your

love for the ones in want if you have

confidence in God please hit the like

button and share this video to people

and your role as my cherished messenger

preserve to send forth your prayers and

superb energies your devotion is a

Beacon of Hope in a world that from time

to time feels dark know that your

efforts make a difference and your love

like a warm in body reaches those who

are looking for solace

as your Divine guy I will watch over you

Anne those you pray for offering energy

and guidance whilst needed together we

shall carry comfort and healing to

individuals who are hurting keep faith

in your coronary heart and your prayers

are heard and your love is felt in each

Nook of the universe

type yes if you think God is my savior

Lord wants to talk to you today try to

stay conscious of me as you pass little

by little via these days my presence

with those each a promise and of safety

my final Nation meant simply earlier

then I ascended into heaven changed into

surely I am with you continually

that promise was for all my followers

without exception the promise of my

presence is a effective seasoned action

as you journey through your life there

are numerous pitfalls along the manor

many voices clamoring your attention

engaging you to move their way

a few steps away from your real course

are tits of self-pity and depression

plateaus and pride and selfful if you

take your eyes off me and follow some

other’s manner you are at grave risk

even nicely which means friends can lead

you off track in case you allow them to

usurp my vicinity for your life the way

to stay at the course of life is to hold

your attention on me awareness of my

presence is your exceptional safety

please type if you agree and hit

the like button if you truly believe in

God don’t surrender do no longer given

to hopelessness or believe there is

nothing left for you your scenario can

be frustrating due to the fact you can’t

see any remedy for the AQ sense and the

setbacks you’ve got continued

but you may make a terrible mistake if

you give up because you believe you

studied your situations will never

change or get higher God can intervene

at any moment in ways that could

absolutely Astound you he has now not

left you neither is he at a loss for

words through the challenges you faced

these have all come in order that he can

display himself robust for your behalf

but you cannot surrender on obeying him

and doing what’s proper due to the fact

if you do you will omit his tremendous


type oh man if you believe in Jesus


God claims you’ve executed an awesome

task surrendering these Giants to me I

am so happy with you child now now what

you’ve discovered the way to do it let’s

check collectively these details that

are troubling your coronary heart every

day embrace my presence to your minor

chores and I bless you with the joy you

had been always searching for child I

long to show you the arena through my

eyes so allow Cross of manage and let me

help you trust me

hold yourself to a better popular day by

day your circle of relatives friends and

Co employees all Look to You for their

cues be aware to lift the vibration in

every room you input

trust me and alago greatness is in your

DNA each day You’ve Got a Brand a new

Hazard to increase new ideas reach for

brand new goals and Conquer New

mountains you have something unique you

have greatness inside you

type I love dearly you father

God says I might be your anchor within

the storm I will get you through your

Valley I will lead you out of the

Wilderness have religion in me and

realize that I will maintain my

guarantees to you I will be your issuer

you have an Almighty Father in Heaven

who loves you

listen up fixating on it which you have

been may not take you to wherein you’re

going obsessively ruminating over past

mistakes disasters or missteps will hold

you stuck and trapped inside the Beyond

at some Factor you should make the

choice to do something needs to be

accomplished to make matters right and

having finished all you realize to do

pass on the enemy will accuse you

relentlessly you will try to bury you in

guilt this Grace regret or condemnation

will make you think it is all over your

completed I’m dropping in to remind you

it’s now not over we all need Grace we

all want Mercy we all need forgiveness

we all need a sparkling begin again and

again and again it’s really tough for

humans to accept the scandalous grace of


make no mistake no one is ideal

no one has stopped sufficient no one is

sin and fastened we all want Jesus every

moment of each day

if you’re convinced enter .

affirm it no rely how exhausted I would

possibly get at attempting I consider

that better experiences are coming I

realize that now and again resting

enables me regain my energy and the

confidence to keep Cohen I will take the

time tornu earlier than I resume the

pursuit of my dreams

immediately The Boar’s father exclaimed

I do accept is true with help me triumph

over my unbelief Mark .

dear listener join this prayer with me

and repeat after me

Rescue Me O Lord how can we ever thank

you sufficient you endured extra ache

more shame greater sorrow greater grief

than we will probably fathom help us

don’t forget why you gave your life

because of love because of Mercy because

we desperately need them both and do now

not deserve it in Jesus name amen thank

you for Heavenly Father

thank you for sending Jesus to chop me

from my sins thank you which you love me

sufficient to ship a super sacrifice so

that we could stay together


I confess that I am a sinner and want

forgiveness I ask you to come back into

my heart and I decide to following Jesus

as my private Lord and Savior and Jesus

call amen

Lord God you loved This Global you loved

us all a lot that you gave your one and

best son that we might be referred to as

your children too Lord help us to live

within the gladness and style of Easter

Sunday every day

let us have hearts and souls which might

be all the time grateful for your

sacrifice let us have eyes that look

upon your grace and have fun deeply in

our Salvation help us destroy in that

strong Grace and tell your properly news

to the sector oh and your glory will we

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