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today Lord is speaking to

you my beloved child in Christ you’ve

finished a great job surrendering those

giants to me I am so proud of you kid

now that you’ve found out a way to do it

permits check collectively these details

which can be troubling your coronary

heart each

day embrace my presence for your minor

chores and and I bless you with the joy

you’re usually seeking child I lengthy

to expose you the world via my eyes so

let go of manage and allow me assist

you like this video if your faith is

determination my kids I am your God who

Els I heal broken bodies damaged Minds

damaged Hearts damaged lives and and


relationships my very presence has vast

recovery Powers you cannot stay near me

with without experiencing some diploma


restoration however it is also genuine

that you have not due to the fact you

ask not you receive healing that flows

evidently from my presence whether or

not you searching for it or now not but

but there is extra tons more available

to people who

ask the first step in receiving

restoration is two life ever so close to

me the advantages of this exercise are

too numerous to list as you develop

increasingly intimate with me I screen

my will to you more

immediately when the time is

right I activate you to ask for healing

of a few Brokenness in you or in every

other person the healing may be instant

or it is able to be a season sess that

is as much as me your part is to

consider me

absolutely and to thank me for the

restoration that has

begun I hardly ever heal all of the

Brokenness in someone’s life even my

servant Paul became in form my grace is

sufficient to you whilst he sought

recovery for the thorn in his

jewels nonetheless an awful lot

restoration is too dead to the ones

whose lives are intimately interwoven

with mine ask and you may

acquire type I love you

father always keep in mind beloved child

I have pulled all those who fall and

lift up all who are B down sometimes you

and I are the only ones who know you’ve

got Fallen it’s tempting at such

instances to gloss over what you have

got completed or fail to

do you won’t be crushed by using

feelings of disgrace however you

experience restless and unsettled mildly

guilty even at instances like this I

preserve to like you

perfectly sometimes I display my love

for you and surprising ways humbling and

delighting you

simultaneously this deepens your

attention of your sin intensifying your

choice to confess and draw near me as

you settle into your rightful function

my redeemed one your restlessness yields

to calmness

this is how I raise you up when you’ve

stumbled remember that I can make all

matters including your failure paintings

together for excellent because you me

and are known as in step with my

cause realizing how whole lot I cherish

you even when you’re not living well

deepens your courting with me it also

enables you loosen up and have a good

time in my steadfast

Love play com men to make it

happen listen carefully I regularly

attempt to rush God’s timing from me I

get irritated with him for forgetting

approximately me because he hasn’t

opened new doorways in my life or

replied my prayers how I assumed they

must be spoke

back the factor is though if you look at

Jesus to say existence inside the Bible

he never ran he never worried about what

God’s subsequent step become for him or

if he became going to reduce to Rubble

or omit out on finishing the father’s W


him if something Jesus bog down to heal

humans and even take a snooze on a boat

within the middle of a typhoon we can

examine from jesus’ instance inside the

Bible that perhaps we need to for stole

striving and begin striding and step


God have you concept to Hope

approximately the entirety earlier than

dashing into something that God didn’t

have deliberate for you have you asked

God if that job become proper for you

how approximately earlier than marrying

a person person to ask God if they are

the one God wants for

you ask God if selling your private home

Zen the first R Financial hobby for you

maybe if we took the time to foresto

rushing into things and seek God’s

steering even though it may feel like

you are stuck and even awkward at

instances to slow

down might not pass into things that

weren’t planned for us and turn out to

be landing gracefully in which God want

us to

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Lord in the comment

box my dear child I realize your ache

has been wonderful I know you have been

via so much I recognize the hate has

been so actual and the affection has

been so

Fox but you maintain shifting ahead I am

so pleased with you because of your

faith and perseverance I am going to

bless and prosper you everything can be

okay don’t

surrender you’ve been awaiting this step

forward for years now at instances it

appeared as although it was now not

going to appear but I kept it alive

whilst it seemed all but lost you did

not give up you saved the Faith No One

surely is aware of how a whole lot you

have long gone through to to

it now it is your due season I trust in

you don’t fear I might not fail

you in this hard time I realize the way

you sense you’ve cried yourself to sleep

questioning how you may make it through

your prayers are heard via me you are

not forgotten give me a hazard to assist

you you do not need to worry

approximately something it will all work

out inside the

quit dear listeners let’s join our

prayers together dear heavenly father as

I bow my head in prayer I need to praise

amplify and adore you for your steady

love and

mercy you love me so much what you made

salvation available to me via Jesus and

dispatch the Holy Spirit to lead me

right into a deeper relationship with

you I worship you with a coronary heart

of gratitude I thanks and praise you

with my entire coronary heart mind and


You Are Holy faithful and beneficiary in

the direction of me as your infant you

will no longer withhold any excellent

element from me and I am grateful God I

do now not want anything to stand

between my courting with

you so I ask you to forgive me for sin

and help me forgive everyone who has

sinned towards me please please remove

any hindrances that maintain me from a

deeper relationship with

you I want to stay my existence

surrendered to will however every so

often I fall quick please help me as I

try and stay my Lifestyles and step with

you may I confess my sins and I thank

you for

forgiveness by religion I accept as true

with that is Jesus this again to you he

dispatched the Holy Spirit to be with me

forever as your toddler I recognize that

the holy spirit is available to help me

develop spiritually but the enemy has

tried to stop me from knowledge that I


him I ask you to teach me to be led by

way of the Holy Spirit teach me your

methods deliver me the power to do your

will and change me a good way to live a

Christ stuff day existence and step with

your kingdom

reason if you’re convinced enter

all of my natural talents and might

can’t conquer the enemy I want the holy

spirit’s help fill me up God I want to

worship you in spirit and fact I am

thirsty for more of you God please

furnish my request

I want to undergo witness and convey

fruit as a lifestyle is modified by

means of your love but I need your

spirit to help me Father please ship

your Holy Spirit to reside and and

Through Me For Your Glory thank you for

listening to me after I

pray I lay all Chad I am at your ft and

I consider the plans which you have for

my existence I trade my will for yours

knowing that your way is better than

mine I yield my life as I surrender in

obedience and love in jesus’ name I pray

amen thank you for your faithful time

and allowing us to share God’s message

with you and type than as Savior if you


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